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A colossal piece of news struck my attention this month. The Financial Times reported that SoftBank is teaming up with Saudi Arabia for a USD 100bn fund to be deployed within the next five years in start-ups and / or later-stage tech companies.
At $100bn, the new fund would be the same size as all funds raised by US venture capital firms over the past two and a half years, according to data from the National Venture Capital Association, the FT says. 45% of it would be provided by Saudi Arabia - just some months after the announcement of Saudi Arabia’s $3.5bn investment in UBER. What does that mean? For the UBER investment, an investment banker told me that probably the company got better terms compared to what they could have raised in an IPO. To some extent, I understand that line of reasoning; especially when one considers the company is judged by quarterly results, while it burns cash and aggressively invests in growth. I also understand that if a state invests $3.5bn it may have a say and could push the company’s activities in (Saudi Arabia’s) home markets. This makes sense if you think of women not being allowed to drive cars and the desire of the rulers in Saudi Arabia to tap into the female workforce as well.
But - with a $100bn fund you need 30 "UBER investments". I just do not see those companies. Could it be, that someone in Saudi Arabia is both overestimating himself, fearing that the country’s economy is not transforming quickly enough and is also badly advised by hordes of consultants and investment bankers who cash in before success which looms on the horizon off to the far far far east? Yes, the sun rises earlier in Japan, the home of SoftBank. And yes, it is brave and impressive of SoftBank to seed the fund with a total of $24bn. I just wonder if the founder of SoftBank has forgotten the market footprints of 2001. He lost a fortune, so he probably hasn't forgotten it.
At b-to-v, we do not think that "this time everything is different". Markets exaggerate in both directions and yes, zero interest rates do adjust those valuation corrections but not infinitely. Having said that, I will stop speculating and address another very extreme country much better known to me.
Dear Switzerland, being slow very often has its advantages - I know. You, however beat all measures and you finally must get your homework done too. I am talking about the "Future Fund" initiative which Henri B. Meier launched many years ago with tireless effort, talking to decision makers all over the country. This privately funded initiative aims to set up a Swiss fund of fund which would participate in venture capital funds investing in Swiss tech start-ups. Dear Switzerland, we need this. The EU created the European Investment Fund (EIF) a long time ago. This institution is superbly and professionally run, generates positive capital returns and creates hundreds of thousands of jobs, mobilising entrepreneurial energy as well as private capital alongside state money. If you do not back the "Future Fund", why not ask the EIF for its supporting services? Especially the sectors of MedTech, BioTech and Hardware are capital underserved and the world-leading Swiss tech universities offer plenty of opportunities. Many strong entrepreneurs will embrace your decisiveness. And we definitively do not need $100bn in five years to move the needle; 0.5% of it will do.
Kind regards,
Florian on behalf of the b-to-v Team
Check out the latest news about b-to-v and its portfolio companies.


Exosome Diagnostics teams with Amgen
The Cambridge, Massachusetts-based b-to-v portfolio company, Exosome Diagnostics, just announced that it will be partnering with biotech titan Amgen. While closer financial financial details have not been released, the companies did disclose a joint statement, indicating that that they plan to work together to create a test that uses Exosome’s liquid biopsy technology to spur drug development.
Please click the button for the full press release.


“If everyone says they are a consultant, how does one identify the good ones?”
PT Magazin sat down with Jan Schächtele and Christoph Hardt, co-founders of the b-to-v portfolio company, COMATCH. The informative interview covers a wide range of topics from the conception of the business idea, the company’s growth to have completed over 200 projects and include 1’500 highly qualified consultants to their favorite books.
We invite you to read more by clicking on the button below.


SumUp launches all-in-one “Air Register”
London-based b-to-v portfolio company, SumUp, has just unveiled its all-in-one register product, “Air Register.” The new offer allows POS software providers to extend their hardware portfolio with a solution that is compatible with existing EMV card terminals payment processing platforms and risk & anti-fraud systems. With a single integration that takes just a few hours, software providers can take payments in over 15 countries on three continents.
Click on this link for a short video introducing the Air Register. Please find the company’s press release by clickling the button.


This month, Europe’s largest frequent flyer program, Miles & More announced that its members could also begin collecting further mileage points when travelling with Blacklane. The Berlin-based b-to-v portfolio company offers clients the ability to book a customized, convenient and discreet limousine service. Blacklane’s professional transportation services are currently available in more than 200 cities and 400 airports in 51 countries. Jens Wohltorf (Co-Founder and CEO) remarked, “since we seek to offer an integrated and consistent service worldwide, it is as if the Blacklane product was made for international frequent flyers.” 
For more on the story, please click on the button below.


Raisin on track to reach EUR 2bn invested by year’s end
Over 50'000 customers around Europe have trusted Raisin with their savings, earning more than five-fold the interest they would have earned if they had invested at average interest rates since the launch of services. This milestone also coincides with a second important milestone, namely the partnering with Raisin’s 20th bank: Haitong Bank from Lisbon. Dr. Tamaz Georgadze, co-founder and CEO of the b-to-v portfolio company added, “achieving the second billion is now in very close reach and we expect to reach it before the year is over. Reaching the second billion is definitely easier than the first.”
For the full press release, click the button.


Electrochaea and Hungarian utility MVM establish power-to-gas joint venture
Munich-based b-to-v portfolio company, Electrochaea, will be teaming up with Hungarian utility MVM (Magyar Villamos Müvek) to build the world’s first grid-scale power-to-gas plant together. The installation will have a power consumption of up to 10 megawatts and will be located in Hungary. Electrochaea has been operating a one megawatt grid-scale plant in Denmark since April 2016 and further ones are in construction in Switzerland and the United States. In the medium term, plants of up to one gigawatt in capacity are targeted.
For the company’s press release, please click the button.


Happify launches new biosensor feature “Breather”
New York City-based b-to-v portfolio company, Happify, has just launched a new feature for measuring Heart Rate Variability (HRV), a clinical measurement for stress level. It uses the iPhone camera and a software-based sensor to guide users through meditation and breathing exercises. You can find the app in the Apple App Store and on Google Play.
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Check out the latest job opportunities that b-to-v and its network have to offer.
b-to-v and b-to-v portfolio companies are looking for some talents:
b-to-v is looking for an Investment Analyst (f/m) in Berlin: b-to-v is looking for a full-time Investment Analyst to be based in our office in Berlin. You should have at least one year work experience in venture capital or financial services. For more information, please see the PDF attached and contact Elena Dober with your application.
Head of Investment Products (f/m): Raisin is looking for a Head of Investment Products to join our great team in Berlin. Please apply by sending us your CV and earliest start date via email.
Sales Manager (f/m): We are looking for a Sales Manager / Business Developer, based in Berlin, who will be responsible for the management and support of existing customers and will be acting between the Sales and Operations department. Please apply by sending us your CV and earliest start date via email.
Team Coach (f/m): STUDITEMPS is seeking a fulltime Team Coach who is an agile enthusiast. He takes on a coaching role for our cross-functional teams, sets up our weekly scrum meetings and encourages collaboration between the product owner and the dev team. If you are interested in becoming employed at STUDITEMPS in Cologne, Germany, please send a mail to

Product Owner (f/m): STUDITEMPS, based in Cologne, Germany, is seeking a fulltime Product Owner who forms the interface between the stakeholders and the Scrum dev team and maintains and prioritizes the Backlog. If you are interested in becoming employed at STUDITEMPS, please send a mail to

Business Development Manager Global Growth & Marketing (f/m) in Munich: Westwing is seeking a fulltime Business Development Manager Global Growth & Marketing who is responsible for key global marketing projects, especially with regards to marketing, social media & content marketing innovations that drive growth across our 14 countries.

International Business Development Manager (f/m) in Munich:  Westwing is seeking a fulltime International Business Development Manager to pursue our ambitious growth strategy by being responsible for delivering projects critical to the global success of Westwing.

Business Development Manager – Private Label (f/m) in Munich: Westwing is seeking a fulltime Business Development Manager who will be responsible for key projects to build the Private Label business for the entire Westwing Group.
Business Development Supply Chain Manager – Private Label (f/m) in Munich: Westwing is seeking a fulltime Business Development Supply Chain Manager who will be responsible to build up the global supply chain function for our new business model within Westwing- a start-up within a start-up!
Junior Business Development Manager (f/m) in Munich: Westwing is seeking a fulltime Junior Business Development Manager who is responsible for delivering an entrepreneurial project, truly shaping the further growth of the group. This is an opportunity for highly talented individuals looking to combine a unique learning experience with real-life proof of their potential!

Please apply online or send your application to Westwing via email.
Project Manager (f/m): Our crowdtesters do the testing, you are responsible for making the project a success: How? You are the key contact for clients and our crowdtesters during projects. You are responsible for quality assurance and the evaluation & reporting of the results. If you are interested to become our next ‘Bird’, please apply here.

Account Manager for Sweden (f/m): Testbirds is growing fast. Our next step will be the opening of a new office in Stockholm. Therefore we need you: a passionate sales manager to acquire and develop customers in Sweden. If you are interested to become our next ‘Bird’, please apply here.

Marketing & PR Manager for Sweden (f/m): To make our product popular in Sweden we need you to write inspiring and easy to read texts. By using social media channels you will also try to find new testers for our testing community. If you are interested to become our next ‘Bird’, please apply here.

International Social Media & Community Manager (f/m): You draw a high affinity to Social Media and Gamification? Then become part of our ‘Nest’ and be the contact person for our international tester community and their inquiries. If you are interested to become our next ‘Bird’, please apply here.

Country Manager for Sweden (f/m): You like working hands-on? You are energetic as well as entrepreneurial? And you have work experience in sales with a large network in the Swedish industry? Then you are the right country manager for our new office in Sweden. If you are interested to become our next ‘Bird’, please apply here.

Senior Online Marketing Manager (f/m): SaaS models, SEA campaigns and advertisement strategies are your specialty and on top you are creative and open for new ideas? Let’s start rocking the online world! If you are interested to become our next ‘Bird’, please apply here.
Internship in Business Development and Operations (f/m): For our sales and operations team, we are looking for an intern who would like to start working for 6 months in an innovative company. You should be able to inspire yourself with the IT world and our target markets, be committed and open-minded and place emphasis on quality. Please apply here, if you are interested.

Account Executive SaaS B2B (f/m): For our sales team, we are looking for an Account Executive. At the beginning you will get a training with us in Zurich. Gradually the current customers will be handed over to you and then it is up to you to expand your customer base and to continue to manage the existing customer group successfully. Please apply here, if you are interested.
Senior PHP Developer (f/m): Wine in Black built a successful and established online shop in the last years. Anyhow, we’re bold enough to start again and build a new platform with top-notch technology from the scratch. Therefore we are searching for a Senior PHP Developer as a new team member! At the earliest possible starting date, we’re searching for you having passion for clean codes at our location in Berlin-Mitte. If you want to take responsibility and bring in own ideas and concepts please send your application to our HR Manager Mandy Howald via email.

Lead Frontend Developer (f/m): Wine in Black built a successful and established online shop in the last years. Anyhow, we’re bold enough to start again and build a new platform with top-notch technology from the scratch. Therefore we are searching for a Lead Frontend Developer building new features at our location in Berlin-Mitte. If your code is as premium as our wine please send your application to our HR Manager Mandy Howald via email.

Senior Online Marketing Manager (f/m): At Wine in Black we aim at establishing our brand further in the market through our marketing. We will provide you with a lot of freedom as well as budget to push forward our Performance Marketing in our five countries. You will work closely with our procurement and design team and plan and design marketing campaigns together with our internal departments and affiliates. You want to become part of our Wine in Black team? At the earliest possible starting date, we’re searching for a data-driven Senior Online Marketing Manager for our location in Berlin-Mitte. You are hands-on seeing solutions, not problems? If so, send your application to our HR Manager Mandy Howald via email.

Junior Online Marketing Manager (f/m): At Wine in Black we aim at establishing our brand further in the market through our marketing. We offer lots of premium wine as well as opportunities to progress your career with an international, passionate team. You want to become part of our Wine in Black team? At the earliest possible starting date, we’re searching for a data-driven Junior Online Marketing Manager for our location in Berlin-Mitte. Please send your application to our HR Manager Mandy Howald via email and show us what inspires and drives you.
Software Developer PHP/Symfony (f/m): is Germany’s leading online platform for new car sales. We are an independent product- and price comparison site for new car customers. is seeking fulltime senior or junior PHP/Symfony software developers to strengthen our team based in Cologne. For more information please contact Sabine our recruiter – 0221-292831-145. Please send your application to via email.
Head of Buying (f/m): MONOQI is looking for an inspiring, engaged and motivated Head of Buying to manage our buying team as well as the entire product selection for our flash sales programs & our permanent offer. We look forward to receiving applications here.
Check out the next b-to-v events and events in b-to-v's network.
b-to-v events are exclusively reserved for b-to-v Investors.
Interested in a b-to-v membership? Please contact Alexander Stoeckel


Female Founder Summit 2016
WomenWay is holding the first Female Founder Summit in Zurich, Switzerland on November 2nd, 2016. We help encourage more women to become entrepreneurs and also to team up with existing all-male teams, and we support women in finding access to networks, mentors and capital.
Please find the programme enclosed. For registration please visit their website.


On November, 4th 2016 Kickstart Accelerator, Europe’s largest Multi-Corporate Tech Accelerator based in Switzerland, welcomes top executives, investors and entrepreneurs to the Final Demo Day at the beautiful ewz Unterwerk Selnau in Zurich. Christian K. Winkler will be attending the Kickstarter event to network with national and international VC firms as well as the investor community. Clearly, the start-up pipeline looks promising. 
For Registration please click the button below. The password is: kickstarters16.


The Family Office Forum Zurich is the annual meeting of Family Offices and UHNWI from all over the world, a truly global gathering of Family Offices held in English. It takes place at The Dolder Grand Hotel in Zurich on November 8th - 9th , 2016.
For more information please press the button or get the agenda here.


The b-to-v Private Investment Academy will focus, in this particular iteration, on female private investors with an interest in start-up investments. The event will be in Schloss Wolfsberg in Ermatingen/Thurgau.
If you want to participate on November 9th - 11th, 2016, please contact Andrea Rogg.


b-to-v will be attending and contributing at the Faz-Forum’s Disruption Conference on the 15th and 16th of November in Frankfurt. The digital transformation of business brings with it many advantages and opportunities. Nevertheless numerous companies still struggle to bravely rush into the internet of things world. Now more than ever, the question of how German business should position itself in this phase of the digital transformation remains relevant.
b-to-v will be well-represented with Florian Schweitzer and Dr. Jochen Gutbrod participating as speakers on the main stage and in deep dive sessions. We look forward to seeing and catching up with many more of you at the event. Please refer to the attached program for more details and the program.
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