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b-to-v Newsletter January 2016
Dear Readers

Happy New Year to all of you and thank you for reading our newsletter.

In January, two former b-to-v Investors have passed away, Volker Jantzen and Christopher Grabher. This is the first newsletter ever where we decided to express our condolences to their families, friends, and colleagues, and also inform our network (i.e. you), since we know that many more people from our extended network know and follow our members and their activities.

It was pure coincidence that I wanted to give this first newsletter of the year a more philosophical touch. Over the holidays, I read an interesting book about Time written by Rüdiger Safranski, a German philosopher. In this book, Safranski quoted a little story that I wanted to share with you. I believe it contains an interesting message, about life (and death). The main character is a mythological figure, Cura. The story was written by the Latin author Gaius Julius Hyginus and goes as follows:

In crossing a river, Cura gathered clay and, engrossed in thought, began to mold it. When she was thinking about what she had already made, Jove (Jupiter) arrived on the scene. Cura asked him to grant it spiritus, "breath" or "spirit". He grants her request readily, but when she also asked to give her creation her own name, he forbade it, insisting that it had to carry his name. While the two were arguing, Tellus (Earth) arose and wanted it to have her name because she had made her body available for it.

The judgment is finally rendered by Saturn. He determines that since the spiritus was granted by Jove (Jupiter), he should have it in death; Tellus, or Earth, would receive the body she had given; because Cura, or Care, had been the creator, she would keep her creation as long as it lived. To resolve the debate, homo, "human being," would be the name, because it was made from humus, earth. (…).
This translation was quoted from Wikipedia.
An alternative translation is here.

First observation: This story is very different from the famous Adam & Eve story in the Bible/Genesis. The gender aspect is nowhere to be found in this story. In this story, all men are created equal.
Another important aspect – at least for me: Cura shall “possess men and women” for as long as they live. Do you find yourself waking up at night and worrying about your family, friends, or work? I guess we all do. It is because we care. We do the things we do in life because we care. We always care for ourselves (which also explains that care is not necessarily positive or selfless). But we also care for our families, friends, and colleagues, and for other people. In fact, even bad people care for something and devote their lives to (sometimes horrible) causes.
And how do start-ups come in the picture? Start-up teams devote their time to certain ideas and concepts. And most are launched because the founders care about something or somebody, both in terms of their business and privately.

Coming back to the beginning of this preface, Volker and Chris were entrepreneurs and investors. They cared about many things and people around them. They made a difference. I had the pleasure to work with them. We will miss them.

Alexander Stoeckel on behalf of the b-to-v Team
Deals Done
Check out the latest investments b-to-v has closed.


Nestpick adds investment from b-to-v to improve customer experience and to add real estate partners


Berlin-based long-term rental start-up Nestpick follows up November’s Series A investment of $ 11mio with additional 7-figure capital from Target Global and b-to-v Partners to significantly improve customer experience in 2016. To read the full article on Gründerszene, please click the button below.



Exosome Diagnostics completes USD 60 mio Series B Financing


b-to-v portfolio company Exosome Diagnostics, Inc. has successfully closed its USD 60 mio Series B funding round. The capital will be invested in the growth of its commercial diagnostics, regulatory, and companion diagnostics divisions as well as the development of potential new diagnostics tests outside of oncology, such as neurodegenerative diseases, and expand the development of its protein biomarker programs. John Boyce, President and CEO, discusses how to further distinguish Exosome Diagnostics as the industry leader in the liquid biopsy space in the article below.

Check out the latest news about b-to-v and its portfolio companies.


OrCam's new wearable personal assistant revolutionizes wellness
OrCam has announced its new concept artificial intelligence (AI) based wearable device at CES 2016.
OrCam-MyMe creates a new segment of wearables where visual and audio signals are continuously processed to create an “augmented attention” experience and allow for context-based applications.
Using cutting-edge AI, the device is aware of everything we do throughout the day: the people we meet; what we talk about; our visual surroundings; what we eat; the activities we engage in and The device, which is simply clipped onto your shirt, receives video and audio input which it decodes and categorizes in real time, within the device itself. With its unique and proprietary technology it has the ability to perform complex AI tasks on a very small and power-efficient wearable platform, lasting all day on a single charge.
so much more. The visual and audio processing functions serve as an extension to the wearers’ awareness and can be used for both for real-time and hindsight applications.
“The application of OrCam-MyMe extends far beyond traditional activity trackers,” says Professor Shashua, co-founder of OrCam. “For example, it can provide a real-time profile of people as they walk up to you during a conference, displaying their details on your smartphone or watch; it can track your eating habits – what you eat and how it fits in with your diet; it can summarize for you your daily activity and let you know what proportion of your time you spent in meetings, at the gym, playing with your children or reading a newspaper; it can even monitor the facial expressions of people you meet and topics of discussion and let you know in hindsight the quality of interaction you have with friends and family. The privacy of people around you is left undisturbed as the device does not save any image and does not record any sound.”
Please have look by clicking the button below.


For BigRep GmbH, Size Is No Obstacle


Even if neither their 3D printers nor the printed objects can fit in an elevator, b-to-v portfolio company, BigRep GmbH does not let that hold them back. paid the fast-growing Berlin start-up a visit to get an update on the latest BigRep One Version3. The tour was accompanied by René Gurka (CEO) who outlines the features of the updated printer and gives an insight into how BigRep has been handling the transition from university research and creative projects to industrial 3D printing. To see the full article, please click below.



Equippo AG extends Seed Financing Round with Investment from VI Partners

Click below to read a summary of exciting developments at b-to-v portfolio company Equippo AG. The most recent Seed Extension round was carried by Venture Incubator Partners in Switzerland. Equippo CEO, Michael Rohmeder plans to focus heavily on sales, marketing and development to secure stable growth next year alongside doubling (perhaps even tripling) the company`s headcount!


Webdata Solutions – Datamining: Market Analysis 3.0
Webdata Solutions GmbH was just featured in this handelsjournal piece. The portfolio company conducts online market analyses for webshops and brand manufacturers. The article delves into Webdata's online jeans market comparison. Click this link below to learn more about this promising Leipzig start-up.


Codecheck AG - new filter function
Codecheck AG, marketleader in the German-speaking areas for the product guide apps, offers the users with the actual update another possibility to live more sustainably and conscious.
The consumers from now on can search with the filter function explicitly for the products in the food and cosmetics sectors, which meet certain criteria.

Please see the full article below.


b-to-v portfolio company Campanda GmbH has acquired French Competitor
b-to-v portfolio company Campanda GmbH, the worldwide leader in RV/Campervan rentals, has taken over Airvy, a leading French competitor. The move broadens Campanda's offering by over 1'000 exclusively available vehicles in France. Airvy was very strong in the P2P space and with this decision, Campanda has sent a clear signal to the market. To find out more, click the link below.


b-to-v and Business Angels back Seven Senders GmbH
The one year old start-up, Seven Senders GmbH, has raised a seven-digit funding round with the help of b-to-v and business angels. The Berliner start-up has developed a B2B service for e-commerce shipments across international borders. As Luca Martinelli, b-to-v Principal, puts it, "Seven Senders has a crystal clear value proposition for e-commerce companies of all sizes". For more information, please have a look at the button below.


b-to-v portfolio company, Hitmeister GmbH grows its revenue to EUR 43 mio
The Cologne-based start-up, Hitmeister GmbH, a german online marketplace across various categories has been setting ambitious targets - and reaching them! Revenue has grown 45% from EUR 29,5 mio in 2014 to EUR 43,0 mio in 2015. In that same timespan, registered user growth has increased by about a third. For more information and a photo gallery of Hitmeister's office spaces, click below.


Interview with Angel Reiner Mauch and our Florian Schweitzer
Florian Schweitzer, Partner at b-to-v, discusses the highs, lows and difficult moments of the last 20 years with b-to-v Circle of Investors Member Reiner Mauch. Perhaps you will take away a tip or trick beyond their interest in somewhat 'crazy' ideas or founders!


Introduction of a new b-to-v team member: Anna Schauppenlehner
During the last month Anna Schauppenlehner joined the b-to-v family in Luxembourg. Instead of publishing her CV here, we have put together some short answers to share we think you might want to know about Anna.
  • At b-to-v, I intend to support and promote our visions and goals by showing commitment and passion for the things we do - always with the right amount of humour and good spirit. 
  • If I founded a company myself, it would be starting somewhere in the Austrian Alps, next to a ski piste, where I would buy an old chalet, renovate it and rent it out to other people. 
  • You get most out of the relationship with me when you communicate open and honest, give clear instructions, stay patient and show appreciation for the work that I do.


Filling a Gap in Berlin
b-to-v was praised by Jürgen Stüber of the Berliner Morgenpost as one of the VCs which are currently changing the Berlin start-up investment landscape. We feel honored by this praise! Please find the link below to see the full article.


On a personal note
We mourn the passing of former b-to-v Investor Volker Jantzen on January 16th after a long period of suffering from various health conditions. Volker co-founded and was CEO of SVOX AG; he built up the company over long years of hard work and led it to success. In 2011, Nuance Communications recognized these achievements and acquired SVOX. We are very grateful for the time we spent working closely with Volker over more than a decade - though not long enough. Thank you Volker for the meaningful experiences and your significant contributions to the Swiss startup ecosystem and the b-to-v Investors' Network!
Moreover, we mourn the passing of former b-to-v Investor Dr. Christopher Grabher who died on January 25th in an avalanche in the Austrian alps. Christopher was co-founder and CEO of AC&Friends, an institutional Angel investors based in Vienna/Austria. Chris was not only a smart and diligent investor, he was also a very talented entrepreneur, full of passion for start-ups and founders and their ideas. Thanks to Christopher, b-to-v could return to Austria in 2015 and host a b-to-v Investors’ Meeting in Vienna. And Christopher also referred other private and institutional start-up investors to b-to-v, and he introduced investment targets and portfolio companies of AC&Friends to us on a regular basis. Last but not least, he was a great guy and fun to work with.
We will miss Volker and Christopher.
Check out the latest job opportunities that b-to-v and its network have to offer.
b-to-v portfolio companies are looking for some talents:

Mrs. / Mrs. BUX Germany (f/m): You will be key in making BUX a success in Germany and Austria. Your main role is to help us putting BUX on the map and grow our business in the region with the ultimate goal to make BUX the casual trading app in Germany and Austria.
For more information, please contact Nick Bortot, CEO.

Comatch GmbH:
Office and Feel Good Manager in part-time (f/m): Contact details: Jan Schächtele (Co-Founder and Managing Director - +49 30 99190278)
Manager Consulting Community in full-time (f/m): Contact details: Jan Schächtele (Co-Founder and Managing Director - +49 30 99190278)
Student Trainee in Business Development Consulting Community in part-time (f/m): Contact details: Jan Schächtele (Co-Founder and Managing Director - +49 30 99190278)
Student Trainee Business Development / Sales in part-time (f/m): Contact details: Dirk Schuran (Director Client Accounts - +49 30 85764682)
Marketing Manager in full-time (f/m): Contact details: Christoph Hardt (Co-Founder and Managing Director - +49 30 96611626)
Manager Direct Sales in full-time (f/m): Contact details: Dirk Schuran (Director Client Accounts - +49 30 85764682)  
Marketing & CRM Manager (f/m): ARMEDANGELS is looking for a Marketing & CRM Manager to join our E-Commerce team in Cologne. You will plan, execute and follow up on customer retention campaigns as well as on-site campaigns to boost our conversion and generate leads.
Magento Backend Developer (f/m): ARMEDANGELS is hiring an experienced Magento Backend Developer to help us with the maintenance and further development of our Magento-based online shop. You will be responsible for the maintenance and further development of our shop database, extensions, and interfaces.
Key Account Manager E-Commerce (f/m): ARMEDANGELS is seeking a full-time Key Account Manager to help us develop our distribution channels as well as reach our sales and growth targets. This position entails the support of our existing and the acquisition of new Tradebyte marketplaces, the supervision and optimization of all Tradebyte processes, and the development and implementation of sale-enhancing measures.
Online Performance Marketing Manager (f/m): ARMEDANGELS is looking for an Online Performance Manager with a keen nose for trends in online marketing as well as a passion for technological advances and an appreciation for new advertising Technologies.
All positions are based in Cologne.
We look forward to applications via email to Social Fashion Company GmbH.
Senior Module Architect (f/m): EFFECT Photonics is seeking a fulltime Senior Module Architect to strengthen our Electrical Engineering team based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands and to support the engineering team in Brixham, UK.
Please send your application to Effect Photonics B.V. via email.
Product Manager (f/m): You have several years of experience in product or project management positions, ideally with a strong focus on the management of digital products. You have an above-average technical understanding and supreme intuition of the workings and current trends in web and mobile technology and implementation practices.
We require fluent English skills – German is a big advantage but not required.
Please apply via email.
Sales Manager (f/m): You are responsible for the acquisition and support of new advertisers in Germany. You design new products, keep on growing the existing portfolio and show yourself responsible for the design and implementation of the sales strategy. The direct approach and acquiring new customers is just as important as the development of existing customers. Besides, you are representing Codecheck at fairs, conferences and networking events throughout Germany.
Please apply via email.
Senior BI Analyst (f/m): We are currently looking for a Senior BI Analyst to join our Business Intelligence (BI) team in London; the Azimo BI team is part of the wider finance team and consists of a Junior BI Analyst and Web Analyst. This role will report directly into the Head of Finance. You will work with stakeholders to understand their requirements, define our KPIs, generate valuable reports and analyses to support smart, innovative, data-driven decision making throughout our organization. You will be comfortable with understanding key product drivers and metrics to dive into our commercial data sets in order to better inform our product, marketing, engineering, and management teams.
Please apply via email.
Seven Senders GmbH is looking for this talents:
Supply Chain Analyst (f/m)
Transportation / Operations Manager (f/m)
Product Owner / Manager (f/m)
Intern SCM / Logistik (f/m)
Please send your application via email.
Intern Venture Capital Internet & Mobile Investment
at b-to-v
Our Internet & Mobile portfolio companies are mainly active in FinTech or operating a marketplace business model but have the potential to transform existing industries and to become market-leading internet business. In the past we backed companies such as Facebook, Flaconi, Finanzcheck, Linguee or XING. We are currently investing our third fund and are looking for an Intern Venture Capital Internet & Mobile Investment Team.
Check out the next b-to-v events and events in b-to-v's network.
b-to-v events are exclusively reserved for b-to-v Investors.
Interested in a b-to-v membership? Please contact Alexander Stoeckel


b-to-v Investors’ Meeting in Munich on February 18th, 2016

On February 18th, 2016, we will host a b-to-v Investors' Meeting in Munich in close cooperation with our strategic partner BakerTillyRoelfs.
During the meeting, 3-4 investment opportunities will be presented and discussed among investors and entrepreneurs. Afterwards, we will have an informal dinner with ample time for networking and exchanges of thoughts, questions, and answers amongst participants. Members of the b-to-v Circle of Investors, b-to-v Investors and selected guests will attend this event. The meeting purpose is to enable b-to-v Members to meet new investment opportunities live, and give investors who are not yet familiar with b-to-v the chance to get to know our organization and our members a little better.
Interested b-to-v Members and guests are kindly asked to contact Nadja Bulgheroni to indicate their intention to participate.


Next Floor’s 1st Austrian Venture Academy on March 10th & 11th, 2016
at Hotel Ammerhauser
A-5102 Anthering
Learn more about direct investing and its associated risks. Apply the concepts to real start-up cases and listen to an experienced investor. The 1st Austrian Venture Academy is focused on the analysis of the deal flow, the structuring of term sheets and the contract of participation. The Academy also acts as a forum to discuss and increase your network.
Regular price for the Academy is € 1’750.--.
b-to-v Members are only requested to pay for allocation and lodging of € 150.--.

Tel. +43 699 190 44 090


START Summit on March 18-19, 2016 in St. Gallen
START Summit 2016 is one of Europe‘s largest entrepreneurship and  tech  conferences.  It  is  Switzerland‘s  most  important gathering  of  investors,  young  entrepreneurs,  start-ups  and  corporates  seeking new  market  opportunities.  A  professional  event  location  for  1500  participants,
co-operations  with  industry  leaders  and global shapers will make the START Summit Europe’s  most  important  hub  for  connecting business and tech.
This year’s  conference  revolves  around FinTech,  Internet-of-Things  and  mobility  with  a  geographical  focus  on  Israel.  We will  welcome 800 students, 300 early-stage start-ups, 100 corporates and approx. 100 investors from Switzerland  and  Europe. 
b-to-v has a very small number of free investor tickets (market value CHF 500 per ticket) for b-to-v members only, to be distributed on a first-come-first-served-basis. For more information, please contact Benita Xheladini.


Next Floor’s 1st Pitch-Event 2016 on March 22nd & 23rd, 2016 in Salzburg
at the Solitär
Mirabellplatz 1
A-5020 Salzburg
4 start-ups from Austria and Germany will present their ideas in the afternoon and the next morning.
Enjoy a concert at the renowned Easter-Festival and be our guest at a reception in Mozart’s Residence!
Book your trip to Salzburg now - we will help you to find a hotel and to get tickets for the Festival.
Tel. +43 699 190 44 090
If you know a strong team of entrepreneurs who would like to receive capital for the dynamic future of their company, please forward this newsletter to them.
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