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July 17, 2015

BREAKING: Police and Fire Reach Measure B Agreement in San Jose Paving the Way for Local 21 Talks


What seemed impossible not long ago has become reality.  Leaders of the Police Officers Association and the Firefighters Union have reached a Tentative Agreement to settle litigation over former San Jose mayor Chuck Reed's failed "pension reform," Measure B, which proposed cuts to San Jose public employees' pension, retirement, healthcare and disability benefits.

The TA was authorized by both the City Council and both Union's Board of Directors, respectively, and resolves the litigation
over pension, retiree healthcare, and disability benefits after months of talks. Several non-Safety unions, including Local 21, litigated, as well as opened up talks to discuss a settlement with the City. 

We know the new Safety framework eliminates Measure B and replaces it with a legal, competitive and affordable pension and retiree healthcare option for San Jose employees. It is a tremendous reversal from the illegal and heavy-handed provisions of Measure B. 

Local 21 Executive Vice President and Association of Engineers and Architects Chapter President John Mukhar said this in response to the news, “The Police and Fire framework provides Local 21 and the other federated unions a window of opportunity to reach an agreement that ends the nightmare of Measure B. We look forward to moving swiftly to capitalize on this opportunity for our members.”

Next week, Local 21 will begin internal and external discussions to explore how the new agreement can be equitably applied to settle the litigation. 
Click here to read the settlement TA.

Read more details of the new agreement here.


More Good news from San Jose: Chapters Negotiate 3-Year MOU with Raises 

Local 21's San Jose Chapters achieved a three-year MOU providing many benefit enhancements along with wage increases of 3% each year.  After years of hostility toward employees and severe worker concessions, this deal is a first step in righting the ship.  Approved by L21 members and the City Council in late June, the new MOU, as well as settling the Measure B pension litigation (see above), will go a long way toward stabilizing the City workforce and ensuring the continued retention of professional and managerial staff necessary to restoring City services. 

Read the full story here.


Oakland at the Table: Bargaining Hard, But Not There Yet!

In Oakland, Local 21 has stepped up efforts to negotiate a new contract, increasing the number of days per week that they are bargaining and accelerating “field activities” to pressure the Mayor and City Council to do what is right and agree to a higher wages in the form of a Catch-Up Living Allowance (CULA) to restore more of the millions of dollars City employees sacrificed in concessions to help the City during the recession.
To build power and leverage for the Oakland Bargaining Team, over 25 Contract Action Team members have been actively working to remind the City Council that real hard working people and their families make up Local 21. 

The City asked Oakland employees to sacrifice in difficult times. Now that the economy is back on the upswing, they’re asking to be treated fairly in return.
Negotiations continue over non-economic issues but talks about a fair Catch Up Cost-of-Living (“CULA”) are moving at a much slower pace.  The City has not increased its proposal to Local 21 in six weeks, stubbornly staying at a staggered 7% increase over a two-year term (3%, 4% paid in two installments).  
While the City is moving in the right direction, it’s taken a lot of prodding. While everyone under­stands compromise is going to be necessary from both sides of the table to reach an agree­ment, the City has to do better and be realistic about helping public employees catch up from past concessions made.

Local 21 Sends 20 Delegates to the International Union Convention 

Twenty delegates from Local 21 will be attending the IFPTE International Union Convention, which will take place from July 27 to July 30, 2015 in Las Vegas.
I have two goals for this convention. One is to learn new tools to recruit young members. The second one is to listen to stories from brothers and sisters from New Jersey and Wisconsin to see if there are lessons that have been learned to blunt the attacks on public sector unions," said Tedman Lee, Professional Engineers chapter member.
IFPTE's International Convention is held triennially and is its highest judicial body comprised of the International Union's Executive Officers, Area Vice Presidents (Executive Council members) and Local union affiliates (delegates) from across North America.  
The Convention elects its Officers and Executive Council members and handles affairs related to the operation of the Federation and the well being of its affiliates.  The Convention's plenary session is a four-day event, convening on Monday and adjourning on the following Thursday.
The Convention also houses several ancillary events included but not limited to:
IFPTE's pre- and post-Executive Council meetings;
  • IFPTE's Federal Caucus;
  • Canadian Council meeting;
  • Industry forums;
  • Other meetings as needed. 
For more information on the International Convention, visit IFPTE's site.

Hayward City Refuses to Negotiate a Fair Contract

The City of Hayward’s bargaining team has drawn a line in the sand: and that line seeks to impose pain on our members. Despite having weathered the economic downturn, and negotiating new contracts with two other units, the City Manager and Council this past week continually insisted on proposals that would decrease L21 members' paychecks.
L21 met with the City on Wednesday, June 8th, for an all day session with the hope of reaching a settlement. To open the day, the City offered a stunning proposal in which our healthcare and pension contributions would be higher than those negotiated in the recent agreements with Hayward Association of Management Employees (HAME) and Service Employees International Union (SEIU), and which would have caused our members paychecks to decrease. This is despite the fact that the City’s revenues are up, and they are likely receiving one-time money from the state.

L21 has engaged three economics experts, all of whom confirmed the Union's revenue and expenditure projections. 
Most of Wednesday was spent with each side producing possible settlements. However, midway through, a troubling theme emerged. After it became clear that the City of Hayward was seeking deeper cuts to our members' livelihoods, L21 asked a simple question: Would the City offer us the SEIU agreement reached in June? They did not give an answer. Would the City offer us the HAME agreement reached in June? They did not give an answer.

L21 leaders in the Hayward Chapter have suffered through a difficult two years of bargaining. Our members deserve a fair agreement, along the lines that L21 is negotiating in other cities throughout the Bay Area.

Oakland Rising Event a Success
Members and staff of Local 21 attended the annual fundraiser, the Oakland Progressive Party & Townie Awards, which is the premier summer event for movement builders and change makers.

Every year, Oakland’s activists, social justice leaders, and progressive elected officials come together to reflect upon and celebrate the work of Oakland Rising.

Oakland Rising and Local 21 have worked together for years. We at Local 21 hope to continue working closely with them as one of the focal points for our NextGen organizing.

South Bay and Contra Costa Members Step Up in Key Elections

Members of the South Bay and Contra Costa County Chapters spent the better part of the spring and early summer walking door-to-door and making phone calls to voters in two key special elections.

San Jose City Council
In the South Bay, nearly 3 dozen members, some of whom brought spouses and children along to volunteer worked to elect Tim Orozco to the San Jose City Council. We were successful in a first-place finish in the primary but unfortunately lost in the general election in June.  Local 21 jazzed up phoning through “theme nights” that featured raffles, special food, decorations etc.  Among the more popular theme nights were Cinco de Mayo, Grad Night, Hawaiian Luau night, and an early Independence Day blowout.

Superstar volunteer Jim Baker won the top raffle prize to see Malala Yousafzai speak at San Jose State.  Jim and his wife said Malala’s passion was inspiring.  
Brad Fox, Medi Sinaki, Linden Skjeie, John Mukhar, Sim Ong, and Ananth Prasad were among the star volunteers who came back again and again.  Once again, the City of San Jose AEA Chapter recruited the most members to lend a hand, however other chapters are rapidly catching up.

Contra Costa County, 7th Senate District
In Contra Costa County, the 7th District Senate race was among the most watched in the state and the top priority for labor.  Steve Glazer, who ran on an explicitly anti-public employee platform, eventually won that race against labor-backed Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla.  A hardy band of members led a by Sue Guest and Margie Valdez volunteered throughout the spring.

Big Money
Both races were characterized by large amounts of money pouring in to support our opponents. In the Contra Costa race, special interest groups backing Glazer spent upwards of $150,000 a day during the last weeks of the campaign.

South Bay Campaign Champions of Change
John Mukhar
Jim Baker
Sim Ong and
Du Lam
Nadia Naum-Stoian
Dave Printy
Gordana Sabatelli
Paul Pascoal
Judy Nam
Linden Skjeie
Pete Testa
Brandon Coco
Bill Grimes
Jeb Welsh
Dan Keller
Ananth Prasad (and sons!)
Morris Ridgeway
Matt O’Brien
Steve Pagan
Badaoui Mouderres
Brad Fox
Nadia Naum-Stoian
Medi Sinaki
Brandon Coco
Jessica Zadeh 
Peggy Rudd
Angel Alvarez
Joe Pomeroy 
Mark Brogan 
John McHugh
Marisela Benitez
Jim Crowley
Louisa Mendoza 
Faranak Mahdavi
Matt O’Brien
Paul Pascoal
Felix Lopez 
Michelle Jiang (and husband!)
Ron Johnson
Contra Costa County Campaign Champions
Scott Hutchinson
Margie Valdez
Michael Courchaine
Ayore Riaunda
Sue Guest

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