Sean Caulfield

From South Africa

At the Matrix-Q Art Gallery

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Sean's art brought him to meet the San and to learn and interact with them, and go to the Kalahari and learn about their spiritual beliefs and the sacred ceremonies in the dance. Their inspiration, translated into Sean's artwork, communicates a unique experience of cultural value.

Sean Has ExhibitedHis Art Extensively

in South Africa since 1990, and internationally in the U.S.A Australia, Switzerland, Germany and United Kingdom, He is a gallery owner in Cape Town’s Waterfront since 1996 and this is where he exhibits his rock art and you might be lucky to catch him demonstrating his techniques.
Sean has been offering visitors to the Cape an opportunity’ to own and enjoy a unique piece of Africa for more than 15 years. He now wishes to extend that opportunity to customers as well as dealers throughout the world.

Sean Caulfield