Or in which you (your dreams), almost died in the future, your future! Certainly something changed. As death only means transformation, and change! Rebirth!

Many years ago while I was writing a book about lifestyle traveling, I said: “The death of a lifestyle traveler, is not taking place when your body dies, but when your heart stops pulsing because you stopped to be alive, to believe in the travel magic because it is a daily experience


This was certainly for me one of the most fascinating experiences, what we use to call “travel magic” or the magic of the travel community, is something like a sense of being all together global citizens and taking a share of the responsibility, caring for each other and of our planet.

How many times I will just organize an event, gathering, or project, from the thin blue while being on the road, just by arriving and talking to other travelers?

I remember that great gathering in 2001, with 100+ travelers from all over, live dance performers, musician's jam sessions, and a live radio program. All was organized just in a few days. Like magic

It was like magic when within 1 month we organized a crew of volunteers working with my NGO on a new project for street children. Our volunteers came from north, south, South America, Europe, and even Australia. Like magic. In times in which only e-mail communication was possible and you trusted that the travel community will just collaborate and contribute.


But sometimes, there were also those moments, in which I was alone, on the road (meaning in a town somewhere in SouthAmerika pacific coast or highlands), facing the dilemma of doubt. Yes, doubt is our worse friend. It is always there, but never there for you.

I remember in particular that day on which I was turning my 5th year living abroad and traveling. I could feel inside of me these two paths emerging from my heart, one leading me back home, to Lima, to return to the University, and maybe to my old job as an ICT Software developer; and that other path, towards pioneering as a social and impact-driven company



I used to work with my NGO demonstrating strategies for self-sufficiency. Yet it was challenging for people to see an NGO providing services, instead of receiving funding. Then my choice was to create a company, that will be dedicated to creating a positive impact, and doing social impact projects as well. Which in the end will turn out to be also very challenging to introduce to the locations I arrived. The question was always there: “ A for-profit company that does focus on social issues? How would that work well?” or " A researcher self-funded with own business?... that will not go far", or " An entrepreneur bootstrapping with investment zero? that can not get anywhere..."

But actually all that reasonable doubt, statements we/I have heard so many times, by some many people, in that instant of choice did not matter. Only what I decided I was or became as a person, would matter, only what I will see or think about myself would matter. Because that is all that was needed to make a difference, to make a choice.


It was nobody else but my doubt. Not reality doubting itself, but my self-doubt about my capacity, my strength, my dreams, and my future.

I remember that day very well. I could go back to the lab, the lessons on the philosophy of science, the ICT faculty, and the multidisciplinary research. Or I could stay on field research and do steps as an entrepreneur, values, impact, and purpose-driven entrepreneur.

The doubt brought me to a cliff. With the feeling of having to do a step in front blindfolded, in full trust, without seeing any floor. Yes, it sounds strange. But that is exactly how did feel.


It was a step into the unknown. Somehow, I was so in awe of the travel magic, all these events and people I met, and the projects are done. That it was hard to believe the magic will continue always. I was at the cliff, at the edge of my life again, with a decision to make. To keep living abroad and traveling, as a leader, researcher, innovator, inspiring people, creating projects with zero resources, and supporting causes; or to go back to the life of an academic.

I had just a backpack, some colors, a notebook, a book of poetry, and a little bottle of wine with me for those moments in the highlands when all gets clear and you know everything will be fine.

I did decide to trust again. With one thought in my mind, guiding me all the way: “ One train wagon, carries another train wagon” in other words, one step at a time. Keeping a clear direction and focus. It can be done. With patience.


So years after, I will do discoveries that will change not only my life, but the lives of 1000s of people I will meet in the next countries I will visit. Knowledge, innovation, technology, and tools, that today are available to millions worldwide. Just at the click of a mouse.

I can count on the list all the archeological sites I did visit, all the natural landscapes I did a study, and all the people, documents, and experiences I had will lead me to one single moment, and the next one, and the next one. The travel magic did continue, until today.


Recently one week ago, I will be visiting Archeological sites in Benelux, which are becoming the inspiration for my new e-booklet. Yes, after a few years of silence, immersed in entrepreneurship activities, I will be publishing again. So I did remember and experience again very well, the “travel magic” that takes place when you walk in the world with no doubt, with focus on one single point of consciousness, in the feeling of doing, what your heart and body flow into, what makes fun, where your passion moves you, and that creates joy, health, and adventure for you. There, in between the moments and instants of breathing, the travel magic finds its way to reach you and empower you with such great experiences, transformational experiences, that happen suddenly just because you are there doing that, living what your think, doing what you talk, living who you are, being yourself! on the road of your own life.

I know those moments come and go, in which I will feel at that cliff again with these two paths appearing, and the old friend doubts starting a conversation with me. I know, that I will need to remember myself, and one more time realizes in that single moment that there is in reality no doubt, there is a path, there is a seed, there is action, it is a path of action, and there is a fruit.

You know very well, that every tree needs its time to bring fruits. There is no need to doubt, just do take one day at a time, and keep on moving forward, under any given weather condition, or circumstance.

That is how a journey is made. One step at a time. You keep moving forward. You do what nobody else does. With no-doubt!

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken