Transition of a company into a circular and responsible business

abroad opportunity

LOCATIONS: LatinAmerica, Afrika, Asia, or Europe.

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ENTREPRENEUR, C.E.O: Transition of a company into a circular and responsible business - abroad opportunity

For one of our companies abroad

Your role as leader of the company is to lead its transition it into a more successful, circular and sustainable business.

The actual company is starting a transition process, shifting to a 100% sustainable business.

You will step-by-step collaborate, lead and take over the management of the company, and if eligible, also ownership.

You will start online, from your home location. Later visit the company abroad. To later move into the location to manage it.

Your Responsibilities:


Business planning, strategic management, leadership

CSR Corporate & social responsibility


Business development

Management of providers

Influence in value chain transition

Scouting impact opportunities

Impact Assessment


Experience in CxO of at least 2 years

Entrepreneurial mindset and skills

Sales, communication and negotiation skills

Capacity to transition a company into a sustainable business

Leadership skills


Matrix-Q Companies & Partners abroad

Your set of skills, knowledge, and capacity, will be matched with a company abroad.


Vary according to project: LatinAmerica, Afrika, Asia, or Europe.


Capacity scan and training (data-driven, leadership, entrepreneurship, positive impact)

You and other candidates will be assigned to specific roles of collaboration in the company

Trial season


Interested parties please provide the following information

1) Expertise (specific tasks, skills, tools, techniques, knowledge, network, portfolio)

2) Introductory letter, why would you like to join us

3.) Which countries or continents are you ready to travel to, move in within 1 year time

4.) Will you travel alone or with your family together

To apply, please use the button below.


Eligible candidates will receive a stable role as CxO, CEO, and later, if eligible, equity (shares) in the company


Vary according to the project. Candidates may choose one or more of the following compensation agreements below.

Salary, monthly wages

Project-based, compensation for project completion

Time-based, compensation per day or hour

A royalty based, after the project enters the market, you earn with the company % fees per user

Earn-play based, we give you challenges and missions, to earn with

License-based, you earn with the company together with a % fee of the license given to our customers

Equity: shares

Along the recruiting process you are welcome to inform us on your expectations and compensation modality (from the list above) you are interested


Our Headquarters is in the Netherlands

We are an online company dedicated to multidisciplinary research, education for sustainable development, leadership and entrepreneurship, holistic living, and technology innovation.

Contact us, we will follow up the conversation via whatsapp, and schedule a first phonecall interview. 0031.626673380

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