“ To understand the unfolding of time, we need to look at our past” ~ LDMF

The Netherlands' ancient memories written in stones

The Netherlands has a history of connecting people to nature, community, and the heart of what humans are.
By looking at the past of the Netherlands, at the nicest of its origin, 5000+ years ago, with a heart in harmony with time, life, and nature, we can now look forward to the future.

A future we predict to be made of change, for which balance within and with all and everyone around us defines the outcome of our times. We need to understand our origins first, in the mirror of our present, set the foundations, the groundbreaking moves towards our future.

To understand the unfolding of time, we need to look at our past.

" The Netherlands, you play a role for humanity, you are the heart of this time, on earth. Your clarity, discipline, strength, endurance, creativity, leadership, and entrepreneurship, will decide for most of the earth a future, or not. " ~ LDMF

The Netherlands

We navigated the time realms, traces, and memories in the stones of the Dolmens in the Netherlands. Finding wisdom, knowledge, transitions, ritual, and memories of the past, very well suit the needs of our future. We have been so impressed by our discoveries, and experiences, that we plan to share with you more details about them. As for every person, or community, in the journey of self-discovery, creating a bonding bridge to nature and the cycle of life, this journey, to the locations and sites we have visited, would provide a marvelous experience. Unforgettable, fascinating!

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