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Join our newest Design Workout Theme with Roll 7! 

Hello everyone 👋

We are happy to announce that we will have special guest judges from Roll 7 participating in our next design workout theme: 

⛸️ Skating ⛸️

'Design Workouts' are our monthly occurring prompts to get you to create your next portfolio piece! Participation is open exclusively to our whole Discord community, and you can create something either solo or in collaboration with another budding game developer. 

To celebrate the release of Rollerdrome our newest design workout brief is about all things skating!

The wonderful folk from Roll7, creators of the newly released ‘Rollerdrome’ and previously ‘OliOli World’, will be helping us judge the submissions and decide the winners! 

This brief will be ongoing until the 11th of September and in order for your imaginations to glide freely, we want you to take the keyword of ‘skating’ and create whatever comes to mind.

Rollerskating, ice skating, skateboarding, figure skating, roller derby, hockey, and more!

This is an incredible opportunity for anyone looking to get into the games industry to work from an industry-standard brief and have their work judged by real pros.

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How do I benefit from taking part?

How do I take part?

Join our Discord Now to Take Part!
We wanted to keep this theme very vague so that you can all have creative freedom, but here are some of our suggested briefs broken down by disciplines: 
🛹 Character designers - Create a skater! It may seem obvious, but we suggest making a skater for this challenge!

There are a lot of directions you can go with this, such as creating a budding skater who looks rusty around the edges or a protégé whose form is perfect.

Consider how their posing expresses their style of skating and the cool outfits you can create! 

⛰️ Environment artists - Create a locker room. Athletes of course need their rest! We’d like you to select a skating-themed sport and create a locker room environment based on your chosen sport.

How can you demonstrate through props which sport you have chosen, and also the league of the players? Does this locker room belong to Olympic champions or small home town rookies?

What are the ages of the players - is this a high school locker room for example? Is it immaculately organised or does it look like a tornado has ripped through it? Has it been used recently or is it long abandoned?

Consider also how locker rooms vary depending on country and accessibility - this level of realism could result in some interesting design choices! Alternatively, you could go the opposite way and create a locker room for fairy ice skaters! The choice is yours!
📚 Storytellers - An action-packed roller derby match. We think it’d be exciting to create a high-energy piece which focuses on the experiences of the main characters during an intense roller derby match!

Think about how you can convey the sights and feelings of the match through the lens of different characters: the audience, one of the players, and the referee skating alongside the competitors.

If you want to challenge yourself, you could create an interactive piece where the player's choices directly affect the outcome of the match.

🗣️ Dialogue writers - Competing friends. Our suggested prompt for this brief is to write a dialogue piece surrounding the exchange between three friends who are competing in the same sport.

One discovers they have been headhunted to join a top company for their sport - how do the others react? Is there conflict, or are they supportive? - And how will this affect the friendship group moving forward?

Interpret the brief however you'd like, feel free to take creative liberties with it!
I don’t know about you guys but I always find Skating games have the best soundtracks.

The Tony Hawk: Pro Skater series and EA’s Skate springs to mind with their mix of Punk and Ska anthems from the 90’s and early 2000’s.

We’d love to see what bangers you guys can come up with for a skating game! If Punk and Ska music isn’t your bag then go ahead a create a piece for figure skating or roller derby!
🎮 Game Design 

Our recommendation for this brief is to make a skate park. Show off your level design skills by creating an environment that suits itself to the rolling combos and impressive tricks that make up the core of a skating game.

For inspiration think back to the classic areas of Tony Hawk Pro Skater, the environments in Skate or even the arenas in the recently released Rollerdrome!
If you don't fit into the previously mentioned disciplines, please feel free to mould the brief around your skillsets - we and Roll7 would love to see what you can create!

You can also take a look at the inspiration thread we created to help inspire your creations before you begin!
Join our Discord Now to Take Part!

We hope to see you there! 👋

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