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Lourdez came to API Chaya first as a survivor, attending our Healing Arts Support Group to find connection and healing amongst fellow survivors. After an intensive eleven weeks, they were left tender and open, but not ready to be done... so they chose to become a Natural Helper, volunteering so that other survivors would not have to be alone on their journeys. 

RISE Zines

RISE is our group for folks who want long-term connection, beyond support group. These are a few of the zines that arose from survivors like Lourdez taking power in art.
[Image: multiple copies of six zines made by RISE and Queer Network Program participants are spread across the table neatly.]

Lourdez, QNP

Today, Lourdez is serving others as API Chaya's Queer Network Program Coordinator. They bring the joy and resilience of survivor leadership to our communities each and every day!
[Image: non-binary CHamoru (Lourdez) laughs in a orange beanie, holding hands with staff and youth in a star formation.]

You Are Whole

Even if you've never met Lourdez, you may have seen their artwork. So much of their healing journey comes out in their amazing prints, handed out at API Chaya events!
[Image: purple, orange, and pink flowers on a purple and white background reads, "You are full. You are full. You are whole."]


$15,000 covers education & engagement programs for one month.

$10,000 covers our survivor support groups for one year.

$5,000 covers a year of advocacy interpreters.

$3,500 covers our Queer Network Program for one month.

$1,000-$5,000 can cover expenses for one family to move into a safer long term home.

$500-$1000 can provide short term emergency housing for a survivor to escape an abusive home.

$200 can provide groceries to feed a survivor and their family for one month.

$100 can cover a survivor's personal expenses for one month.

$50 can cover a survivor's public transportation for one month. 

Some people give $5. Some give $20,000. Any amount that is significant to you is significant to us. Thank you!
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