Happy New Year food lovers!

Made In Hackney January News - Herbal Latte & Green Smoothie recipes, New Year Cleanse & Healthy Desserts Masterclasses, Veganuary campaign and more!

Happy New Year food lovers! 

Not feeling your best after a season of excess? Never fear - we’ve got you covered with classes, recipes and more!  

If you want to start 2017 on your healthiest foot get yourself to a MIH masterclass quick smart! We have New Year Cleanse, Healthy Desserts (see image left), Live Culture & Ferments (the latter happening concurrently on 28th and 29th January) and debuting in February the sumptuous Ultimate Brunch! Get booking now! 

We’re still recruiting for trustees – in particular a Chair – for the soon to be formed new Made In Hackney board. If you’ve made a New Year resolution to ‘give back’ and ‘contribute’ and think you’d make a good candidate – or you know someone who might – please get in touch. Deadline to apply 20th January. More details on our Jobs page.

And remember, it only takes three weeks to change your taste buds so try to stick with any New Years resolutions for at least a month. I know, feels live forever but worth it in the long run. 

In health solidarity! 
Sarah, Nynke, Veryan & the MIH gang

Now Booking


New Year Cleanse
Saturday 14th January

Start the New Year with a food and lifestyle cleanse with Bruna Oliveira. Juicing, green powders, nourishing recipes and breathing exercises. Read More

Healthy Desserts
Saturday 21st January

Ceri Jones shows you how to make delicious refined-sugar free and low sugar treats such as raw cakes, frostings, biscuits and muffins. Read More

Live Cultures & Ferment
Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th

Learn to make health boosting fermented foods kombucha, water kefir, nut cheese, sauerkraut, kimchi and fermented salsa with Asa Simonsson. 
Read More for Saturday 28th class
Read more for Sunday 29th class

Ultimate Brunch
Saturday 4th February

Ceri Jones shows you how to make the ultimate brunch including waffles, pancakes, fritters, nut milks and homemade granola. Yum! Read More

Don’t forget masterclass vouchers make an excellent Christmas present. Buy one here.

Community Classes

January Health Kick
10.00-12.30pm @ The Redmond Centre

Clean up your diet and improve your health with these nutritious and filling recipes. 

International Cuisine
Thursday 2nd February 6.30-8.30pm, 6-Week Course @ Nye Bevan Community Centre

Learn to make delicious multicultural cuisine alongside your neighbours. 

To see our full programme of Community Classes check our website. Hurry as classes book up quickly!

To book a class call or find out about our courses at community centres around Hackney call us on 02084424266 or email 

Food For Thought

Want to start 2017 doing something positive for your health, the environment and for animal welfare? Sign up to Veganuary! The campaign urges people to go vegan throughout the month of January and is a great way of exploring new plant-based meals and ingredients. If you're looking for some inspiration check out our recipes or sign up to a MIH cookery class! To make sure you're getting all the right nutrients see our 100% plant-based Eat Well Guide. Good luck!

Our Volunteers

There’s still time to be part of an exciting chapter in Made In Hackney’s future by applying to become a trustee or chair of our new board! After four years as a project for parent charity AMURT UK we are spinning out into our own independent charity and you have the chance to be involved from our inception. See the role description here.  To apply send a CV and cover letter to

What's In Season

Why buy seasonally? Eating non-local, air freighted fresh produce contributes to climate change. Reduce your carbon footprint by buying from box schemes & farmers markets.


Fruit and Nuts











Jerusalem Artichoke








Ribwort Plantain



Rose Hips



NB: When buying seasonally check provenance. If you're aiming to reduce your carbon footprint there's no point buying 'seasonal' apples flown in from New Zealand.

Herbal Fix

Herbal Latte

Made a New Year resolution to drink less caffeine? How about replacing the morning pick me up with a ‘herbal’ coffee blend? Recipes vary but usually include liver cleansing herbs such as chicory, dandelion and milk thistle seeds. Warning – this does not taste like coffee, but it does taste good after a few tries. 

1: Place a half teaspoon dandelion root powder, a half teaspoon chicory root powder and a half teaspoon of crushed milk thistle seeds into a large mug.
2: Boil water and leave to cool for 1 minute. 
3: Pour the water onto the herbs and leave to steep for 6-8 minutes. 
4: For a latte style drink pour the mixture into a small pan and add your favourite unsweetened plant based milk.
5: Whisk the drink whilst gently warming. 
6: Pour back into the mug and drink!

Always consult a medical practitioner before using a new herb.

How Does Your City Garden Grow?

Jobs To Do In The Garden

• Sow early crop of potatoes in containers – Charlotte are a good variety and remember to cover with horticultural fleece on frosty nights 
• Prune apple or pear trees if you haven’t done already (do not prune plums, apricots and cherries now) 
• Prune blackcurrant, gooseberry and redcurrant bushes
• Weed and cut off any brown or yellow leaves from old plants
• Plan your veg garden so you know what you’re doing come March 
• Order seeds – ideally from an organic supplier
• If you’d like to sow early peas, place a cloche over soil to warm it up a few weeks before sowing them
• Inoculate mushroom logs with spores (best to use a kit)
• Start chitting potatoes read for planting in February/March

What To Sow Now

• Early potatoes (containers) • Mung Bean sprouts (windowsill) • Broccoli sprouts (windowsill) • Alfalfa sprouts (windowsill) • Red Clover sprouts (windowsill) •

Seasonal Recipes

Green Smoothie

Get your green on this January with this nutrient packed drink.

Japanese Soba Noodle Salad

Light, filling and fresh – a great start to your New Year food plan! Recipe


You've heard of 5-a-day right?

For great health you should actually aim to eat 9-10 portions of fruit and vegetables a day.

Sounds a lot?

Don't panic. A portion is just 80g (30g dried fruit) - so one medium apple, handful of spinach, two broccoli spears - you get the gist!

Plant Based Nutrition

Rice & Beans, Quinoa, Buckwheat, Hemp Seeds, Hummus, Lentils, Pulses, nuts

Super Proteins
Hemp powder, chlorella, spirulina, blue green algae

Dried Fruit, Leafy Greens, Tofu, Molasses, Whole Grains (Brown Rice, Buckwheat, Bulgar, Millet, Quinoa), Cashews

Leafy Greens (Collard, Turnip, Kale), Molasses, Tahini, Sesame Seeds

Omega 3-6-9 (ALA derived)
Kidney Beans, Black Beans, Flax (seeds, ground, oil), Chia Seeds, Walnuts

Omegas 3-6-9 (EPA & DHA derived)
Algae Based Supplements, 
Ground chia or flax mixed with cold pressed coconut oil

B Vitamins (1, 2, 3, 6) 
Leafy greens, nuts, seeds, whole grains and beans

Enriched Nutritional Yeast, Enriched Coconut Milk

Brassica Greens, Shiitake Mushrooms, Supplements

Kale, Broccoli, Spinach, Swiss Chard, Beetroot leaves, Mustard Greens

Natto, Supplements 

For Effective Digestion & Gut Flora
Fermented Foods

Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Kefir, Nut Cheeses, Sauerkraut Crackers, Fermented Porridge

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