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August 2019

The Male Family Caregiver

While women are often viewed as the typical family caregiver, more and more men are stepping into that role, either by choice or necessity. According to an AARP report, Breaking Stereotypes: Spotlight on Male Family Caregivers, 40 percent of the family caregivers for adults are male, up from 19 percent just 15 years ago. That equals 16 million male family caregivers in the United States.

Many men may have grown up in a household or culture in which females have been perceived as the primary family nurturers. Yet, more men than ever are rolling up their sleeves and helping an ill loved one with day-to-day tasks, such as dressing, eating, bathing, toileting, changing dressings and managing medications.

In many respects, male caregivers resemble their female counterparts. Both say they had little choice about taking on caregiving responsibilities, whether they are caring for a parent, a spouse or partner, child, other relative or friend. Both are more prone to health problems and depression than non-caregivers. Both manage finances and medical care, and also provide personal care. Both may continue to work full- or part-time jobs and may be caring for elderly parents as well as children still at home.

But the AARP report suggests that there might be some differences between male and female caregivers.

Men, for instance, may be more uncomfortable with hands-on personal care, although such intimate interactions can be difficult for caregivers of any gender. Men may also be less likely to seek assistance or open up to others when they feel stressed or overwhelmed by caregiving responsibilities.

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Need help for yourself or someone in your care?

For more information, call us at (855) 867-4692 or click here for more about EveryStep Hospice or home care options.

EveryStep’s hospice and home care programs provide care and support to patients, family members and their caregivers through chronic or serious illness, recovery or rehabilitation. Our experienced and compassionate staff can assist family caregivers in understanding the importance of nutrition, exercise, social ties, mental and spiritual health, and how all these things can contribute to well-being for individuals of all ages.

In addition to home health care, EveryStep offers a number of other in-home care programs and services.


Here is a story about EveryStep's Healthy Start Program, which offers parenting support to young families in the Des Moines area. 

Building Up Parents: Healthy Start's Janelle Vanderah

They say parenting is the toughest job in the world. 

Thankfully, EveryStep's Healthy Start & Empowerment Project and the program’s roster of dedicated case managers lend a helping hand for families in the Des Moines area.  

Janelle Vanderah is one of those case managers, working to connect her clients to resources and services to support their families. 

Vanderah, who has been a Healthy Start case manager with EveryStep for a year and a half, studied social work in college and knew early on that she wanted to work with families.  

When Vanderah was 12, her brother passed away after battling cancer. She remembers the comfort she received, being surrounded by people who supported her.  

"That support from family and friends was so important," she says. "That situation was very difficult, but I also knew that there were many people who have been through bigger battles than I could imagine and didn’t have the support that I did. That was really when I knew I wanted to go into social work." 

With both her mother and aunt working in the social work field, Vanderah was familiar with the challenges of the job.  

"They were honest about the difficulty of the jobs but were also honest about how rewarding it could be," she said.  

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From its locations in Des Moines and Creston, EveryStep Home Care offers in-home care and support to patients recovering from illness or injury.

EveryStep Home Care is offered in 16 Iowa counties: Polk, Union, Dallas, Jasper, Boone, Story, Marshall, Adair, Madison, Warren, Marion, Adams, Clarke, Taylor, Ringgold and Decatur counties.

To learn more, call EveryStep Home Care at 515-558-9591 or visit

In The Community 

Please contact EveryStep Home Care if you or your loved one answer “yes” to two or more of the following questions:

  • Have you or your loved one been recently hospitalized?
  • Were you or your loved one diagnosed with a new illness or disease?
  • Have you or your loved one had a recent medication change?
  • Do you or your loved one need physical, occupational or speech therapy services?
  • Are you or your loved one at risk for falls?
  • Do you or your loved one have concerns with safety at home?
Let us help you today. Our team of professionals are with you at every step, visiting you or your loved one in the comfort of home.
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EveryStep Giving Tree
thrift store

Did you know EveryStep operates the EveryStep Giving Tree thrift store in Urbandale?

The store carries out the EveryStep non-profit mission by directing all proceeds from thrift store sales toward programs and services that benefit EveryStep's patients, clients and their families. 

Current Needs

Volunteers: If you live in the Des Moines area and are interested in volunteer opportunities with EveryStep Giving Tree thrift store, visit our website and complete our volunteer application.

Donations: EveryStep Giving Tree is currently in need of your gently-used furniture, including chairs, tables, sofas and home decor items. Call the store at 515-270-2414 if you have a large donation – store staff may be able to pick up your donation at no cost!

Upcoming Events 

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