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October 2015
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Hello Everyone, 

Thank you very much for attending our little show. These fun shows are aimed at those just starting out, for either handler or dog. The main aim is having fun. I know that I did and the feedback on the day was extremely encouraging. This makes all the preparation worth while. 
A huge thanks to our lovely patient Judge Kirsty Ann Mitchell who gave us her time and course building skills along with her glamorous assistant Shauna Lloyd, Shauna scribed for all the classes.
My thanks also goes to Heather Arnold who tirelessly took charge of the paperwork and taking entries, so professional. Even finding time to run a couple of borrowed dogs.
Thank you to Alex & Amber Ross who volunteered to help.
Not forgetting the never ending support and encouragement of my team Hannah, Rachel and John. Massive thanks to my Hubby John, who helped to set up and mow the field.
Last but not least, thanks to our photographer David Coalcroft and Julie McCluskey with her Little Jems Pet Supplies.
The scrummy chip butties by the Dovecote Cafe.
The venue, Grove House Stables
(More Details, Results and Piccies below).

We were also graced by a Vulcan flypast.

Kindest regards
Sue & team


Little Jems Pet Supplies

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Coalcroft Photography


This lovely photo of my Kia was taken by David last year.

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