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Newsletter June 2015
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Hello Everyone, 

June already, although it has still been a little chilly we have had some brilliant days to enable training outside.

The agility groups have been treated this year with some new equipment, rubber coated A frame and Dog walk. The see-saw and table will also be coated with rubber soon, this makes for safer happier dogs. and if you do go on to compete, rubber coated equipment is now becoming the norm.

The better weather brings other problems, one being the rapid grass growth and so I have recently purchased our own mower to hopefully keep on top of it and maintain nice short grass.
The classes have all been busy and we love to meet new dogs and their owners.

One of the reasons that I have written this newsletter is to inform those travelling to Misterton from Doncaster that there are roadworks with road closures for the next five weeks on the B1396, the councils diversions are ridiculous and so I have created my own diversion map below to help you.
My diversions are in Yellow, the councils in mauve.

SIT Dog Training gets involved in Demonstrations at local shows. I have listed the local dog shows that we are attending so far. We would love it if you could support them by attending.
Kindest regards
Sue & team
We will be taking our agility equipment along for people to have a go and Sue have been invited to do some judging, so pretend that we don't know you if you enter.
This is fabulous little show to get you started. Sue and her team like to enter this show.Schedule
More agility competitions can be found on this link
Our very own Hannah Starr will be doing her demonstration at 2.45pm in the main arena.
July 12th - SIT Dog Training will be taking the agility to the Mayflower Sanctuary Dog Show at Tickhill and Hannah Starr will be doing her display.

July 25th & 26th - SIT Dog Training will be doing demonstrations on the Sunday. More information to come.
Feedback Please!
Please let me know if you no longer wish to attend the classes.
I have quite a few still on my registers that haven't attended for a few weeks and have not let me know if they are returning.
I normally remove names from the register after a full six week period of absence unless you contact me. However this does not mean that you are not welcome to return at a later date.

Please let me know.
Kindest Regards
07879 220715

SIT Dog Supplies

We are now stocking Four Friends Dog Food in our shop.
High Meat Content
We only use the muscular parts of the chicken, gently dried to meat meal. Then it is added to the recipe for highest meat content possible. Up to 87% of the total amount of protein comes from animal origin. In FourFriends we use chicken, salmon, lamb, duck and turkey - and in some products, a combination of them. Look for the symbols on the package to find your favourite.

Aloe Vera
You find Aloe Vera extract in all FourFriends products. A well known botanical plant, used for centuries around the world. In modern times, a lot of the knowledge about useful plants has decreased, but now the interest in health and lifestyle is growing again. Aloe Vera is a succulent plant, part of the lily family, it belongs to a sub-group of several hundred different plants. The most powerful of them is Alos barbadensis Miller (Aloe Vera).

Gluten Free
Many dogs have an intolerence to vegetable protein, or gluten as it is known when it comes from cereals. FourFriends is completetly free from gluten. (Derma Coat is grain-free - only potato is used as a source of carbohydrates).

Please watch the video
We have been stocking the Gencon Allin-1 headcollar for sometime now.
My colleague Lez Graham has worked with Gencon to produce her own products which we also now stock. The Brace lead, Retrieving roll and
Slip & Clip lead are a brilliant addition to our shop. 
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