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Issue 260 | September 2015

Pax Christi 70th anniversary pilgrimage to take place in France

From 30 October to 3 November, Pax Christi France will mark the 70th anniversary of our peace movement with a pilgrimage retracing the origins of Pax Christi, on the footsteps of its founders Mgrs. Pierre-Marie Théas and Marthe Dortel-Claudot. The programme foresees meetings, exchanges, moments of prayer and reflection in the French towns of Agen, Montauban, Toulouse and Lourdes. For further details and registration, click here
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PAX on South Sudan Peace Deal

PAX Netherlands welcomes the recent peace agreement concluded by South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir with his adversary, ex-vice-president Machar, as a positive development that “gives room to even out extreme differences between parties in the conflict”. At the same time, the Dutch peace organisation cautions that the fighting has not completely stopped and rivalry is still tangible, as are the widespread effects of the struggle. To learn more about PAX’s advocacy work on South Sudan, click here
More updates: 
  • Pax Christi Flanders to co-organise event on the peace process in D.R. Congo - Read more
  • Pax Christi Wallonie-Bruxelles to hold debate on reconciliation in Rwanda - Read more

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Pax Christi calls on the US Congress to support the Iran nuclear deal

Pax Christi International, and especially its US-based members, Pax Christi USA and the Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns call on the US Congress to support the entry into force of the agreement on the Iranian nuclear programme – seen as a critical step toward nuclear non-proliferation and, ultimately, nuclear abolition. US citizens are invited to take action by contacting their senators and Congressional representatives, their bishops and their local media outlets to restate the significance of the Iran nuclear deal and the importance of its entry into force without Congress impediments. Congress has until mid-September to reject the deal, otherwise it will go into force.
More updates: 
  • Pax Christi International supports the Week for Peace in Colombia - Read more
  • Pax Christi International joins public statement in support of SIPAZ - Servicio Internacional para la Paz - Read more

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Pax Christi Australia Annual Conference and National Meeting

Pax Christi Australia held its Annual Conference and National Meeting on 28-30 August under the theme “A World without Weapons, a Vision and a Challenge”. The event sought to explore the possibilities and challenges of a world without weapons, both spiritually and politically. It also considered key challenges that the issue poses for people of faith in Australia and for Pax Christi in particular. Read more here
More updates:
  • Missionary Society of St. Columban launches petition in solidarity with the People of Okinawa - Read more
  • Pax Christi member organisation in India holds ‘Ecological Justice’ Sunday - Read more 

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International solidarity urgently needed to solve the refugee tragedy in Europe

In a recent reflection, Pax Christi International’s Senior Policy Advisor Fr. Paul Lansu looks at the ongoing migration crisis in Europe, and the potential political and humanitarian avenues that can be explored in order to address this issue. The international community is urged to show more solidarity in handling the crisis and to facilitate inclusive peace processes to solve violent conflicts in refugees’ home countries. Read more here
More updates: 
  • Pax Christi Pilgrimage of Peace – Belgium, 29-31 October 2015 - Read more
  • Pax Christi Italy undertakes Pilgrimage of Justice to the Holy Land Read more

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Pax Christi International joins call to world leaders to lift Gaza blockade

Pax Christi International has joined a public call by 35 aid, faith, development and human rights organisations, backed by more than 600.000 individuals from around the globe, urging world leaders to press the Israeli government to lift the blockade on Gaza and remove the restrictions on basic building materials needed to reconstruct the coastal strip. The full petition text is available here
More updates: 
  • Pax Christi International and others condemn surge in Israeli demolitions of Palestinian homes - Read more
  • Pax Christi deplores resumption of work on controversial separation wall in Cremisan ​​valley - Read more
  • Patriarch Michel Sabbah urges the world to support Beit Jala in the battle against the separation wall - Read more
  • Arab Educational Institute:  nonviolent resistance in solidarity with the Cremisan Valley - Read more

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Pax Christi International at the meeting of the Council on Christian Approaches to Defense and Disarmament

Pax Christi International Co-President Marie Dennis will be a guest speaker at the 2015 meeting of the Council on Christian Approaches to Defense and Disarmament (CCADD) which takes place on 4-8 September, in Washington D.C. Representatives of PAX Netherlands and Pax Christi Flanders will also attend. Further details on the CCADD can be found here
More updates: 
  • Pax Christi France takes part in global civil society mobilisation for nuclear disarmament - Read more
  • Missionary Society of St. Columban issues statement on peace and demilitarisation - Read more

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Pax Christi Austria study day to look at resistance against unfair economic practices

On 19 September in Innsbruck, Pax Christi Austria will hold a study day to look at different forms of resistance against unfair economic practices and unrestrained pursuit of industrial interests (notably those of the defence industry) that use up significant resources and destroy habitats. The event is open to the general public. For more details and registration, click here. 
More updates: 
  • Pax Christi France holds Christian March for Climate - Read more
  • "Church and mining activity" – testimonies and experiences in defense of life and territories - Read more
  • Global Catholic Climate Movement calls for one million petition signatures and prayers on climate change - Read more

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Pax Christi leadership backs Christian letter on Iran Deal

Marie Dennis, Co-President of Pax Christi International, and Sr. Patty Chappell, Executive Director of Pax Christi USA, are among more than 50 Christian leaders to have signed on to a letter urging members of the U.S. Congress to “remember the wisdom of Jesus” and approve the nuclear deal with Iran, the latest in a growing lobbying push by religious groups favoring the agreement. Signatories, who represent denominations and organisations ranging from Catholic to Quaker to Pentecostal, praise the deal’s technical provisions while also arguing its merits on moral grounds. 
More updates: 
  • Faith in Action for the Iran Deal – A Conference Call with Faith Leaders - Read more
  • Pax Christi UK commemoration service for Blessed Franz Jägerstätter - Read more
  • Pax Christi Austria holds Jägerstätter Commemoration Day - Read more
  • Pax Christi France marks the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation - Read more
  • World Week for Peace in Palestine Israel, 20 - 26 September 2015: “God has broken down the dividing walls” - Read more

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Pax Christi Flanders to hold Franciscan Peace Vigil for peace in DR Congo

On 2 October, during the Flemish Peace Week, Pax Christi Flanders will organise a traditional Franciscan Peace Vigil with the theme "Choose peace in eastern Congo”. The vigil will take place in the Capuchin Church of Ossemarkt, Belgium. Everyone is welcome. For details and registration, click here
More updates: 
  • Pax Christi Austria to hold peace education trip to Auschwitz-Birkenau - Read more 
  • Pax Christi International Icon of Reconciliation on display at Westminster Cathedral, in London - Read more 
  • Pax Christi Philippines youth representative to attend “New Artisans for a Culture of Peace” Workshop - Read more 
  • Pax Christi Italy holds Youth Peace Camp in the Susa Valley - Read more
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Pax Christi International statement at the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention Meeting of Experts

Pax Christi International presented the statement “Engage citizens in biosecurity” during the 2015 Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention Meeting of Experts which took place at the United Nations in Geneva on 10-14 August. Recommendations put forward by Pax Christi pertain to the meeting’s discussion on education, training, exchange and twinning programmes and other means of developing human resources in the biological sciences and technology relevant to the implementation of the Convention, particularly in developing countries.The statement is available on our website in English and French.
More updates: 
  • Pax Christi International to attend meeting on the question of Palestine - Read more
  • Pax Christi International to attend advocacy meeting on sustainable development - Read more
  • Pax Christi International attends meeting on preventing violence against children - Read more
  • US-based Pax Christi members join advocacy action to end the Gaza blockade - Read more

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“Gaza distrutta, ricostruzione impossibile.” Petizione record: 35 ong e 450 mila persone chiedono la fine del blocco
27 August 2015, Corriere della Sera (Italian)
Surge in Israeli demolitions of Palestinian homes blasted by international bodies
26 August 2015, Ecumenical News (English)
Group of Christian leaders backs Iran deal | 24 August 2015, POLITICO (English)

International organisations condemn demolition of Palestinian homes | 21 August 2015, Ekklesia News (English)

Faith-based groups push a coordinated campaign in support of the nuclear agreement with Tehran | 17 August 2015, POLITICO (English)

Signs of ‘seamless garment’ in Catholic support for Iran nuke deal | 13 August 2015, National Catholic Reporter (English)

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Check the 'Resources' section of our website to learn more about our member organisations’ work for disarmament and security, human rights, peace education, peace spirituality, reconciliation and non-violent conflict transformation. Click, download and share with anyone who may be interested!
  • A Pax Christi UK prayer and information leaflet on the World Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel, 20-26 September 2015, is available for download here.
  • Pourquoi tant de passion pour la Palestine et d'indifférence pour la Syrie?  - Reflection by Marie Peltier, Pax Christi Wallonie-Bruxelles, is available for download here.
  • Encounters #7: Laudato Si' and FEET's first pillar – a resource from the Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns – available for download here.
  • Pax Christi-Pilipinas’s Quarterly Report (May - July 2015) is available for download here.
  • Control Arms Briefing Paper on the implementation of the Arms Trade Treaty, August 2015 – available for download here (Pax Christi International is a member of the Control Arms Coalition). 

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