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ReapReport  Friday 17 Oct.

Harvesting reports from Western and Eurasian media outlets to inform and forecast
Western Media
  1. A NY Times columnist thinks that the recent decline in oil price/barrel may be the product of a secret US war against Russia, Iran.  (NY Times) BBC's thoughts, RT's opinion, and an infographic to catch you up to speed.
  2. What's hipster, propagandist, and rabidly pro-Putin? Russia's newest youth movement called "Network" (Cet in Russian) according to Western media (FP). Said to be more about quality young professionals than its predecessor Nashi was about quantity, the group intends to breed Russia's new elite. (Radio Free Europe).
  3. Since a $500 billion dollar gas deal was penned by Russia and China, Western experts have concluded that further sanctions would only spur Russia's pivot east. But an analyst from the Carnegie Endowment thinks the experts "expectations are built on illusion." (Carnegie Endowment)

    What to watch: Annual meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club | Sochi
    The 11th summit will take place next week (October 22-24). Invitees reportedly include: Former US Pres. Bill Clinton, Former US SecState Condoleezza Rice and Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder. (Valdai - RIA Novosti)
Russian Media
  1. Russia announces that Armenia will join the Eurasian Economic Union, with Kyrgyzstan slated to follow suit. Russian President Putin intends for the Union to embody "the best values of the Soviet Union." (RT)
  2. Approaching the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, the last President of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, tells reports in essence 'no more walls.' That Ukraine is planning a wall of its own on the border with Russia is especially apropos. (RBTH)
  3. The Institute of Modern Russia questions the repercussions of suppressing political opposition. They ask: could suppression forge an even stronger opposition movement? (IMR) Coupled with increasing government moves to censor and monitor the Russian internet, LEKSIKA analyst, James Downing, estimates a digital samizdat isn't unlikely.

What to watch: A tepid breakfast in Milan | Italy
Russian President Putin and Ukrainian President Poroshenko are meeting this morning in Milan for breakfast to talk oil and the Ukrainian crisis... "the whole world has high expectations..." (RT)
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Nagorno-Karabakh: Heat, Freeze, Thaw, Repeat

Carl Best

Frozen for 20 years, Nagorno-Karabakh remains one of several unsolved conflicts on former Soviet territory brokered with Russian security guarantees; however, in light of Ukraine, are there chances of a change in status and what are the potential results? 

Estonian and Latvian Front: Moves and Countermoves

Steven Luber

The Baltic states have vocally defended their sovereignty and NATO presence since Crimea's annexation, what's being done to shore up NATO's eastern frontier and what response has Russia prepared?

Anonymity Lost and Return to Censorship

James Downing

Mass media censorship has increased steadily over the past several years and the new pace has publishers, social media sites, authors, and regular users in the cross hairs of a new superstructure of government control over information exchange.
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