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What Do You D*R*E*A*M

As little girls we dream. We might dance around, pretending to be a princess.  Or, as Barbie has shown us, we play that we are an astronaut, or the CEO of a business, or a doctor.  The dreams so on.  Like that song in Cinderella "in my own little corner, in my own little chair, I can be what ever I want to be". 

Then life happens, and don't go to that corner, we set aside our dreams. We get busy taking care of others, and ever so slowly dreams fade away.

Now, not every women will be a real life princess in the same sense as Kate or Meghan, but as I have recently explained to my granddaughter, we are all a real princess. We are children of God, God is our Father, He is the King of Kings, the daughter of a King is...…… a Princess!!!  As a side note, I will share with you that I went to Party City and bought a plastic tiara. When I am feeling unworthy I put on my tiara and am reminded I AM a princess.  Sometimes, my husband even tells me to go put it on :)

One dream I have had for many years is to speak to women's small groups and encourage them. As I would try to step out I would convince myself I wasn't good enough, my content wasn't good enough, etc.  When the idea of stepping into a video series came to me I started fussing with how to make it perfect. I am not photogenic so there would need to be many filters or whatever to the camera, then I would have to do a lot of editing.  Finally one day I sat down in front of the video, recorded, and posted.  I would spell out the word DREAM and create 5 videos, each using a letter of the word.  I would not edit - though by the 2nd one I did add an opening picture - I would just record and post. 

And I did. The last one was no easier than the first, but the excitement within me for having stepped past my fears and into my dream has empowered me.  Comments on facebook, in emails, and in person from those who watched have encouraged me.  I don't have to be perfect, I just have to be me.

As I explored the word DREAM I started with the letter D - DARE.  I know a number of women who cannot even fathom the thought of thinking about their dreams so I dare you, yes you, to take 5 minutes. Wait, 5 minutes may be too much.  Okay, one minute.  I dare you to spend one minute forgetting all the responsibilities, the bills, the problems, and dream for just one minute. Let your kitchen timer, one minute.  Open your mind and heart to possibilities that you have not considered or even seen. 

Perfection is not a requirement. Not for me. Not for yourself.  The desire and will to move ahead is. Check Facebook or the website for the rest of the word.

If you would like to view the very unprofessional, unedited, encouraging videos they are now available on YouTube (a definite stretch of my comfort zones) imperfections and all, on the 'lifecoachTA' channel. 

What is holding you back from stepping into your dream? As a life coach I empower women to overcome self-doubt so that t

What is holding you back from stepping into your dream? As a life coach I empower women to overcome self-doubt so that they may tap into the unseen possibilities within themselves. How can I empower you?

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