You can save water and energy by following these holiday water saving tips

Getting your home ready for the holidays? Use a broom to clean up the yard versus a hose. When using a broom to clean outdoor areas, you are saving 6 gallons of water every minute.

Skip the pre-rinse in the sink and load dirty dishes directly into the dishwasher. Kick back and let the dishwasher do the work for you! Skipping the pre-rinse, you could help save 20 gallons of water each time you wash.

Laundry can increase when we have guests visiting us for the holidays. Make sure to run full loads of laundry. Making sure to wash full loads helps save 5-15 gallons of water per load.

Many of us enjoy a hot shower on a cold day, but it’s important to keep those showers short to conserve water. Play your favorite holiday song that is under 5 minutes and try to finish your shower before the end of the song! By keeping your showers under 5 minutes, you could save 12.5 gallons of water per shower.

Water with the weather this winter! Turn off those sprinklers when going out of town for the holidays and when it is going to rain. Better yet, install a smart controller to do the work for you! Doing this could save 12-15 gallons of water each time that sprinkler runs.

During the excitement of the busy holiday season, it’s important to remember that we are still in a severe drought and we need to continue to practice water wise habits. Here’s a tip: Take that Thanksgiving turkey out of the freezer early and let it defrost in the fridge. Defrosting under the faucet uses extra water!
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