The Rod of God & 2019
Prophet Charlie Shamp gives a word that flows with 1Church1Day  

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Dear <<First Name>>,

Greetings in Jesus name!  I wrote an article 11/9/2018 called What is the Rod of Iron God Uses to Reign?  I'd planned to send out this newsletter today highlighting this article, then I saw Elijah List posting Charlie Shamp's word for 2019.  "2019: A Year to Strike the Earth with a Decree " It reinforces and flows with the word I shared last month.  Here's part of Charlie's word.... or I should emphasize.... here's part of our heavenly Father's word.

“So strike the earth with a decree! Strike the earth with a declaration from above, and whatever you say will come from Heaven like a flood! Yes, upon the dry ground it will fall and fill the land, but My Church must arise and take a stand. "Strike the ground and miracles will come. Strike the ground and don't hold back, for in 2019 it will be a violent righteous spirit that takes the Kingdom by force and changes the course of the country for generations ahead. Strike the earth with a thunderstorm of prayer that shatters the darkness of despair. Strike the ground with a groan that breaks the bars of iron that rest above and destroys the chains in the earth below.

Charlie prophesies what 1Church1Day & previously Operation Rolling Thunder is and has been doing since 2005.  In fact, we've laid a foundation to help mobilize the Church corporately to employ God's rod and His word through decree.  It's one thing to prophesy, but it is quite another TO DO the word.  

Read the article below and you'll see.  For such a time as this my friends, for such a time as this! 

Join with us in acting upon God's word, download the 1Church1Day app, record your watch in the calendar, pray the decrees and mark "I Prayed" if it's an alert.  
In the service of King Jesus, 

Tim Taylor
We are so thankful each of you.  I'd like to invite you ask our Lord if it would please Him for you to worship Him through a year end gift partnering with KLI.  


Psalm 110:2 "The Lord shall send the rod of Your strength out of Zion.
Rule in the midst of Your enemies!"

We love the scripture in Psalm 2:6-9 that prophesies of Jesus who will sit on Zion and rule over the nations with a rod of iron.  If I've heard prophetic intercessors, prophets or ministers proclaim it once, I've heard it thousands of times. 

But what is it? 

I mean, the revelation is powerful! But is there a practical way for us to put our faith in action today and bring this into reality?  If you understand what the word translated "rod" in the Hebrew is and you let the Bible interpret the Bible you can. 

So what's the rod of God?...
Click for What is the Rod of Iron God Uses to Reign?

God loves orphans! 

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Looking for the end-time army of the Lord? 

Join the remnant end-time prayer army!  Take your place on the wall!  

Psalm 68:11 - The Lord gave the word & great was the company of those who proclaimed it! 

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