Can you recognize doctrines of demons
in politics and culture? 

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Dear <<First Name>>,

Well, the election is over but the spiritual war rages on. In Political Parties, Doctrines of Demons & the Christian I deal with:
  • The results - overall it was pretty favorable but there are some major issues
  • The "red wave/tsunami" prophetic words that did not come to pass
  • Compare the Democrat & Republican Party Platforms 
  • The apathy, ignorance or rebellion of a large segment of the Church
  • Doctrines of demons in the party platforms
  • The history of the Demoncrat party
  • and much more
The Call to Pray for our Nation - Nov 29

We will be in California and will return to the office after Thanksgiving.  We will resume the Call to Pray for our Nation on Thursday November 29th. 
In the service of King Jesus, 

Tim Taylor
Christians & the Democrats -  Amos 3:3 says, "Can two walk together, unless they are agreed?"
It's been two days since the mid-term elections in America and I just saw this newsletter from Mario Murillo "It Happened Again."  Millions of born again Spirit-filled Christians voted for the Democrat Party.  Many Christian's treat discussions about political party like they treat discussions about sex, money and racism because the PC  culture led by the Left leaning socialistic Democratic party has said Christianity and Orthodox Judaism is not welcome there.  
While they may not use those terms exactly, their policies, positions, rhetoric and people they promote scream that.  Yet, many people who claim to be Christians vote for them.  Some are in blind ignorance while for others its an unholy alliance initiated by those whose greed or lust for power blind them to God's word. 

I've had the opportunity over the last 27 years of ministry to interact with some prominent national and international ministers. I've been shocked at times...
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What is the Rod of Iron God uses to Reign?

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The Border, the Bible, Deception & Truth... a Deeper Look! 

How about the news?  It moves from crisis to crisis as major media competes for ratings, politicians compete for power, businesses compete for customers.... the list goes on.  Bottom line, they are all competing for click here for the rest of The Border, the Bible Deception & Truth.. a Deeper Look.

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