Few Have Responded so Now God is...
Rebuking His Church!  The question is, will we listen this time?  

 Like God rebukes the Church through Jeremiah Johnson's dream/nightmare!  He wonder's why we've not been building a wall of prayer personally & corporately. on Facebook share on Twitter 


Dear <<First Name>>,

Greetings in Jesus name.  In the last newsletter I highlighted how God marked the message about the need to recalibrate our moral compass with a major sign and wonder at the Northpole which baffled scientists.  There is another sign God has been giving ever since I published my book "Build the Wall" in 2015.  

Unbeknownst to me, building a border wall became a political issue right after I published my book.

Now the prophet Jeremiah Johnson just two days ago shared the dream God gave him titled DONALD TRUMP AND THE ALLIGATOR SWAMP!  He says, it's the first time God has ever used a dream that was a nightmare.  

In the dream God has a strong rebuke for His Church.  He says "“Jeremiah, My people do not recognize the demonic warfare from hell that is being unleashed upon the United States and Donald Trump. Even as a wall is being built, why are My people refusing to build a wall of intercession and prayer around their President and around their nation? Yes, the borders are unsecured but they are far more unsecured in the Spirit realm than you could ever imagine. How is it that a man would see the necessity of building a wall to protect a country but My people cannot even recognize their desperate need to build a wall of intercession and prayer around their own lives and churches? How the American Church continues to sleep and slumber in these days of history has come before My throne and it has greatly grieved My heart!

It grieves me because God has sent prophet after prophet with a similar message.  I've been carrying it since 1992 and I even wrote a book about HOW to rebuild your wall of prayer in your life, your family and your church in 52 days just like Nehemiah did. 

Because of the urgency of the prophetic word God gave through the dream I tried to share the prophetic word and my book "Build the Wall" through a Facebook ad to reach more people.  Facebook denied the ad.  They said it was to political.

Would you help me share this word?  Please, forward it and share the article with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram..... God help us to respond to Your word and build Your wall of prayer for this nation. 
In the service of King Jesus, 

Tim Taylor
Philippians 4:17
Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that abounds to your account.  

I invite you to pray & obey.
Excerpt from Jeremiah Johnson's Dream


Prophetic Dream Received 1/18/19

As a nightly dreamer since the days of my youth, I honestly cannot remember the last time I had a nightmare. That all changed last night as I woke up in my bed unable to breath, my heart racing out of control, and my entire body numb and shaking. It was a terrifying experience to say the least.

In the dream, I was on a ship with Donald Trump in a swamp that was totally infested with alligators. 

Many of them were larger than life. However, these were not merely just alligators, they revealed themselves to me as “mercenary alligators.” In other words, they were trained to sink our ship and had no other agenda but doing so. Risking their life was not a problem for them. They had been commissioned to sink the ship and kill us.

As our ship sailed deeper into the swamp, Donald Trump was.... click the article below for access to all of Jeremiah's dream.

1 Corinthians 15:44-46 introduce a spiritual truth.  First the natural and then the spiritual.  Daniel 6:27, Acts 2:19, and Hebrews 2:4 are just a few of the scriptures that teach us another important spiritual truth and that is that God uses signs and wonders to communicate.  
The signs consists of events that point to God's word and His will.  Here is a current example. 

On January 7, 2019 I shared the word of the Lord regarding God's desire for His people to recalibrate their moral compass....
Click for God says "how is it that My people cannot even recognize their desperate need to build the wall of intercession and prayer around their own lives and churches?

The Sign Scientists Just Discovered at the North Pole that Points to our Moral Compass

The scientists were baffled and it made them recalibrate all of their instruments!  Click here for the article

Prepare to Make Way for the King in 2019! 

I heard it so clearly as I waited on the Lord long before the sun rose.  Discover how He's calling us personally and corporately to prepare the way for your encounter, the world's encounter with King Jesus!  Click here for the rest of the article. 

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