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Greetings City Lights Fans,

Hey folks. How are things going for you? We're still here, looking for answers like the rest of you -- when I know any, like when we can expect to open, you'll be the first to know. Meantime, we're still playing around with our virtual cinemas. Most folks have been using Vimeo and other platforms without issue--but it can be a hill to climb depending on your individual technology. I recommend checking out this FAQ from my alma mater, Pickford Film Center, for more info. The cool thing about these films and links: they help support us. When we know when we are able to reopen, we'll restore membership and gift pass options. We appreciate those who have reached out to ask--and we're anxious to get the boys back together and make magic happen in Florence.

Since we've been quiet for a couple of weeks, we're bringing two new films for your viewing pleasure. As a book and bookstore lover (and a big reason I've been on the board of the Siuslaw Public Library District), the new documentary The Booksellers is a portrait of those men and women who devote their lives to the pursuit of the first editions, arcane ephemera, and the most wondrous books in the world. As the digital age dawned and books became endangered, their stories take on an even greater import. Recommended. Click here for a $9.99, three day rental. See below for a trailer.

We're also bringing an exceptional drama (with some well-earned comedic touches) to our virtual screening room: Saint Frances. This title has been a substantial hit in the virtual box office world -- and it is easy to see why. Written by the lead actress, Kelly O'Sullivan, it's a knowing and wry look at a character who hasn't quite figured out her life -- she's in her mid-30's and about to embark on a new career--as the caregiver for 6 year-old. A nanny. But this remarkable 6 year-old will teach Bridget a few things. Cutest kid actor I've seen in a long time. "It's truly refreshing to watch a film where nobody has anything figured out, where life proceeds messily and imperfectly. "Saint Frances" is unpredictable in a very human way." Click here for a $12, three day rental. See below for a trailer. 

It's not as much fun as a trip to the theatre with popcorn and nutritional yeast (or whatever your flavor might be) but we're grateful to our distributor partners who are splitting these film rentals with us. Have a great week, and still hope to see you soon. 


PS. We'll be back next week with a film partly shot in Florence and one of the best documentaries I've seen this year!

Reeling from a one-sided breakup, anguished Karen flees Los Angeles for her ex’s idyllic lake house in the Pacific Northwest. There, she becomes entangled with a mysterious, alluring younger woman, whom she cannot seem to resist.
Antiquarian booksellers are part scholar, part detective and part businessperson, and their personalities and knowledge are as broad as the material they handle. They also play an underappreciated yet essential role in preserving history. The Booksellers takes viewers inside their small but fascinating world, populated by an assortment of obsessives, intellects, eccentrics and dreamers.
"One of the pure joys of this job is experiencing a breakout performance or discovering a new director destined for great things. Saint Frances gives us both." Chicago Sun-Times
THE DOG DOC: NR, 101m 
"This documentary is not an infomercial for the Smith Ridge Veterinarian Center, but rather a wildly compassionate call to arms for a profession in need of advancement." Variety
For the first time ever, CatVideoFest is available to screen virtually outside of theaters! Long time CatVideoFest curator extraordinaire, Will Braden, has crafted a 40-min "treat" of a reel that includes the very best videos from CVF history.
Defying midlife haze, two friends, a graphic novelist and a chef seize an unlikely opportunity to reinvent their lives, quitting their jobs to restore an old bowling alley and serve the “world's greatest pizza."
"Though its generic title may evoke memories of the archaic science videos you fell asleep to in grade school, Schwartzberg’s film quickly proves to be one of the year’s most mind-blowing, soul-cleansing and yes, immensely entertaining triumphs."
"The Whistlers is no minimalist slice of realism, but an oversized, deliciously twisted ride that runs on an endless supply of black humor and a sizeable body count. You won’t laugh much while you’re watching it, but it’s a hoot nonetheless." The Wrap
"All music documentaries are subjective in that they’re the most engrossing to those the most into the music. But for the right fan, Roher’s lovely leafing through musical history will be touching and at times thrilling." Movie Nation
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