April 2015 Newsletter

Happy Easter from A.A.Blatch

Hello everyone, I trust this newsletter finds you well. Things are going along well at Blatch HQ. We're very aware our farmers are getting nervous about the lack of rain. Susie and my nightly rain-dances have so far proved fruitless but I'm sure entertain the neighbours at least. Our daughter Wilhelmina has started walking and is pleasing herself no end with her marathon circling of the kitchen bench. I'll get a pic for next month. In tales of woe from a first time father, nature has surprised us with the fun-filled phenomenon called teething. Which brings me to my next point- if anyone's looking for an extra child to help around the house, we have one 11 month old girl for sale. Oh alright, free to a good home.

As the demand for our Penrite is growing, we've expanded our range of retail size and bulk oil options. Don't forget it's the choice of the Australian Defence force and we can deliver to your farm shed at no extra cost. Our airseeder hose specials seemed to be a hit and thank you to all those farmers who ordered rolls.

This month in the newsletter, I thought I'd print a little article about Grandad which first appeared in the Yeoval newspaper last year. Also, be sure to watch the time-lapse video of a small block Chevy engine being rebuilt. Quite inspiring to see!

Best wishes to you for the month of Easter, canola planting and more temperate Central West days!


Fantastic Plastic

Reducing friction on the family farm.

Last month's mention of custom cut plastics seemed to pique the interest of quite a few customers. We supply plastics such as nylon, acetate and perspex in sheets, blocks, strips and rods. One Grenfell customer ordered 12 blocks to replace the expensive OEM originals, all cut to the exact millimetre required. All that's left to do is drill holes to suit.

SEW Eurodrive

German-made quality

SEW is a World leader in drive engineering, electric motors and inverters. 

Featured is the MOVITRAC LTE B 
Basic Frequency Inverter. This particular compact-sized inverter (pictured) is perfect for farm pumps and fan applications featuring:
-1ph 230V in, 3ph 230V out
-Simple mechanical & electrical installation
-IP66 grade enclosure
-Variable speed drivePrice: $387.50 inc
You can buy any SEW Eurodrive product through A.A.Blatch. Click here to view.

Allan Blatch, family & the Central West

Remembering Allan Snr.

Allan Arthur Blatch (A.A.Blatch) was born on 25th May 1917, in Wellington. He did his early schooling in Yeoval before travelling each day by train to Dubbo High School. Allan was doing very well in his studies when an apprenticeship was found for him as a fitter and machinist in North Sydney. This was during the depression, and finding an apprenticeship was like finding gold. At the age of 14, Allan left Yeoval for Sydney where he was indentured to his master, Mr Legalleon, for the duration of his 5 year apprenticeship.
Allan left behind his Mother and Father, Olive and George Blatch, in Railway Parade, Yeoval, along with his two younger brothers Horrie and Don.
Upon completion of his apprenticeship, Allan continued working in North Sydney until the onset of WWII, when he enlisted with the Air Force. During this time, a talent-scout spotted Allan and his work and suggested he make the most use of his machining skills by joining the munitions division of the Army. So, after a short stint in the Air Force, Allan joined the Army and finished as an inspector of Army Munitions. He was responsible for establishing munitions factories in Hobart, Melbourne and Perth. An example of his work was to turn the Sunshine Harvester plant at Maribyrnong in Melbourne into a production line of Bren gun carriers for export to the troops overseas.
After the Korean War, Allan retired from the Army and moved his family to Parkes. In 1952 he started his own business trading as A.A.Blatch which he operated from a small shed beside his house at 33 Hill Street. In those days, there was no end of broken agricultural parts to be repaired. Welding, fitting and machining day and night, he made many farming friends as he continually "got a farmer out of trouble". There was also a huge demand for engine and cylinder head reconditioning.
Outgrowing his small workshop, Allan relocated to 143 Clarinda Street in 1961. In 1980, Allan's son Warren and his wife Nancye returned from 12 years in Papua New Guinea and joined him in the workshop. As the workshop on Clarinda Street began overflowing with bearings, belts and chain, Allan and Warren bought the larger retail premises a few doors up at 155 Clarinda Street, and began trading in a wide range of automotive, industrial and agricultural parts.
The family business A.A.Blatch continued to grow over the years with Warren and Nancye running the day-to-day operations and Allan keeping an ever-watchful eye over things (while still finding enough time for his other passion- racehorses!) until his death in October 2004. 

Lost your bearings?

Head to Blatch's.

Recently we had some very rare bearings flown in from overseas for a customer. It is a large, double-row, angular-contact ball bearing, double sealed with a bore size of 70mm. The rarity relates to the bearing needing to be sealed as well as having a large bore. That's a difficult combination to find. This particular bearing is a specialty of INA, a top-shelf German bearing producer.

A.A.Blatch is an official distributor for the Consolidated Bearing Co. & INA bearings.

Monola versus Canola

Yellow is the new black.

Like me, I'm guessing you went from hearing nothing about monola to hearing about monola...all the time! As April is canola sowing time, I thought we better look at monola too! Monola is a variety of canola and, whether or not the hype is true, is supposedly lucrative for growers.
The oil produced, called monola oil, is what it's all about. The main difference between monola and canola is that monola's oil profile remains stable during prolonged use at high temperatures. Monola oil has much lower levels of saturated & trans-fats. 
So in layman's terms, this all boils down to food can be deep-fried in a healthier way. Hot tip: KFC has changed over to monola, nation-wide, and much of this comes out of Manildra's MSM Milling.

All States Trailers Spares

Keep your trailer in tip-top shape with Blatch's.

With our partnership with Australian-owned All States Trailers Spares we can supply anything from one U-bolt right through to a complete tipper trailer.

Their website is simple to use & gives a comprehensive product & price-guide. Click below to browse the site:

Show and Tell

Get your motor running...

We really enjoyed watching this 4-minute time-lapse video of a small block Chevy motor being pulled down, reconditioned and rebuilt. Very inspiring to watch if you have a project like this! Just click on the link below:

April Specials

All prices include GST.

Our airseeder hose is still heavily discounted throughout April.

Southern Hose is a premium, Australian-made hose with a range that covers your airseeder hose needs.
Drivetech 4X4 Lift Kit

Ford Ranger/ Mazda BT50 2" heavy duty uplift kit.

Special Price 1080.00 inc

Ask for for a kit for any 4WD make or model!

Meshtech Cargo Net

Avoid hefty fines from an unsecured load on your ute or trailer with this new generation cargo net. In NSW the fine is 3 points and $250.00 for having loose items unsecured in a ute or trailer. Solve this with an easy to fit meshtech net.

Price 110.00 inc

Drivetech 4X4 Fuel Manager Kit

Ford Ranger/ Mazda BT50

Special price $320.00 inc


End of season belt sale. Grab a bargain and have your garden chariot ready for battle!
Heavy duty ute mat. 

Larger size: 1.8m x 2.5m

Price: $250.00

Kincrome Upright Truck Box

-1200 x 600 x 750
-Fully welded and lockable.
-Also available in charcoal colour.

Price: $990.00 inc


Autumnal Spring Clean...

Our need for more space is a big saving to you!

Shackle spring-

610mm, 6-leaf, 45mm wide.

Clearance price: $45.00 inc
Shackle spring- 

710mm, 6-leaf, 8mm leaves, 45mm wide.

Clearance price: $52.00 inc
Spring assembly on flat bar-

710mm, 8-leaf, 45mm wide.

Clearance price: $120.00 inc
Shackle spring-

840mm, 7-leaf, 45mm wide.

Clearance price: $65.00 inc
Shackle spring-

710mm, 4-leaf, 45mm wide, offset.

Clearance price: $59.00 inc

Old Jokes Home

Always look on the bright side of life...

Question: What's the best thing about Switzerland?

Answer: Well, there's the Swiss flag. That's a big plus.

We'll see you soon.

If it's got wheels...think Blatch's.

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