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November Edition

Hello and welcome to our November News. The month began with me madly phoning Alan Jones and Gladys Berejiklian to get my scheduled A.A.Blatch advertisement on the Opera House withdrawn. #SailOfTheCentury
In other news, we've been busy organising our hayfever support group for another year. As a group we don't achieve much but it helps psychologically. We mainly sit around sneezing and scratching our eyes and complaining that no one understands our burden. 
Before we get into things too deeply, if you're one of the people who can't see the images in this newsletter, right-click on the space where the image should be and click "download images." Job done.
I got a bit of a ribbing after writing in last month's newsletter that I killed the lawn with Round Up but it turns out I actually killed it with Dicamba. I was told my backyard was kikuyu but it actually has patches of buffalo mixed in. So when I liberally sprayed the lawn with Dicamba to kill the weeds, it also killed the buffalo which has similar
properties to a broad-leaf. So the point to the story is, I didn't mix up the bottles. And I didn't kill the whole lawn. I only killed the sections with buffalo, which just happens to be half the backyard. #DadProblems.
Susie took the girls and I to the Gosford Classic Car museum one weekend in October. It's the largest collection in the Southern Hemisphere and everything's for sale. It really is a must-see regardless of what brand or era you're into.

As we're now into hay cutting and harvest around the Central West, we send you our best wishes and remember, we're here to assist, night or day.



Your Missing Link

There's a reason that farmers all over the Central West call Blatch's for the world's #1 roller chain. A.A.Blatch is the exclusive Tsubaki distributor in the Parkes, Forbes and Condobolin areas. We're fully stocked for harvest including the favourite Tsubaki RS60HT and RS80HT with through-hardened, high-tensile pins on a thicker weight chain, made from Japanese steel and hand-assembled in Japan. Call us to discuss your freight and delivery options.
Buy Now

A guy is sitting at home when he hears a knock at the door. He opens the door and sees a snail on the porch. He picks up the snail and throws it as far as he can. Three years later there’s a knock on the door. He opens it and sees the same snail. The snail says: ‘What the hell was that all about?’

X Factor

Are Your Bearings Up To The Challenge?

Have a look at this bearing and housing. At first glance, it looks like a normal UC style bearing with a pillow block housing. 
Notice how the housing clearly says P214 on the bottom right foot? One would assume therefore that the bearing series must be a UC214 to match, right? Well in this case the customer is using a UCX series bearing. This is the heavy duty version of the UC bearing and it has, quite literally, bigger balls.
The trick with a UCX bearing is that while the ID matches the series it indicates; in this case UCX13-208 equals 2-1/2" shaft. But the OD becomes the OD of the next size up. Therefore the UCX13 indicates that rather than have the OD of a UC213, it has the OD of the UC214. It is for this reason it needs a P214 housing and not a P213. 

For example, one of the most common bearings is a 1" bearing: UC205-100 which measures 25.4mm x 52mm.

However a UCX05-100 still measures 25.4mm on the ID but now has the OD of the next series up (the UC206 series) which is 62mm. Make sense?

Spacely Sprockets 

Bone Idle

On super special this month is the popular 8-tooth idler sprocket from AETNA. These sprockets come with a 5/8" bore and suit 1-1/2" pitch chains such as the double pitch 2060-1. This 5/8" bore can be bushed down to suit a 1/2" bolt if required. This size and style AETNA sprocket is just one of the range of idler sprockets and pulleys in stock.

RRP: $58.00 inc
Blatch's: $39.00 inc

Heartbreak High

Design & Technology

Ootha customer James Moon has made this incredible hydraulic tipper trailer for his Year 12 HSC major work. I don't remember the type of things I was making in high school but it certainly wasn't this. I would've had to push myself to make a sandwich let alone a 3.5T trailer. All the chassis and suspension parts, as well as lighting and electrical were supplied by Blatch's. If you're keen for a trailer project, give us a call.

Lubrication Station

Think Blatch's For a Better Class Of Oil

Looking for premium oil? Get it delivered to your farm, freight free!

Penrite Convoy Diesel FX (Equivalent of Castrol RX etc)
205L: Super special $999.00 inc

Penrite Convoy Diesel HD (Equivalent of Castrol RX Super etc)
205L: Super special $1099.00 inc

Penrite Universal Tractor Transmission Hydraulic Oil (Covers many Castrol options) 205L: Super Special $1099.00 inc

What does your machine take? Click here and find out.

Three guys stranded on a desert island find a magic lantern containing a genie, who grants them each one wish. The first guy wishes he was off the island and back home. The second guy wishes the same. The third guy says: ‘I’m lonely. I wish my friends were back here.'

Goodness Gracious

Great Balls Of Fire

Premium 9kg Fire Extinguishers

Water: $189.00 inc (reusable)
ABE powder: $149.00 inc

Heavy duty brackets also available.

Show and Tell

Points of Interest and Curiosity

Below: Shock absorbers for a late 90s BMW 7-series.
Below: Feeder house chain floor for a Case header. 
Below: New products from Timken. These large tapered roller bearings have built-in pre-load for one of the Central West's largest trucking fleets. What's this all about then? Click here.
Below: a water pump assembly for a 1978 International V8 Acco truck.
Below: a custom-made, endless leather belt in 3-ply with a raplon centre. 
Below: a complete clutch kit for a Dodge D5N Truck featuring clutch plate, pressure plate, pilot bearing and thrust bearing.

November Specials

All Prices Include GST

Nulon 5 Litre Red Coolant Concentrate.
  • Suits aluminium engine blocks.
  • Makes 10-litres!
Price: $54.90 inc.
Narva Strobe LED Amber Warning Light
  • Flange Base
Super Special Price: $269.90 inc
Narva Traditional Halogen Amber Warning Light
  • Flange base
Super Special Price: $89.90 inc
Gates Radiator Hose Kit Suit Toyota Hilux KUN26R

Price: $54.90 inc
Oversize Load Ahead Sign
  • Premium Metal
  • Double-sided
  • Many other types and styles available
Price: $89.90 inc
Protex Premium Radiator Suits Toyota KUN26R

Price: $189.90 inc
Flexible Ducting Hose 3" (75mm)
  • Wire Reinforced
  • Made from PVC Rubber
Price: $22.90 inc per metre
Tridon 82-degree Thermostat suit Toyota Hilux KUN26R 

Price: $43.90 inc
Nulon Green Coolant Concentrate 20L
  • Suits cast engine blocks
  • Makes 60L
Price: $149.90 inc
Jamec Pem Airmaster Blow Gun
  • 85mm tip*
Price: $24.90 inc

*Longer lengths in stock
Bareco 13mm* High Tensile Wing Type Clevis Grab Hooks

Price: $12.90 inc

*Other sizes in stock.
A&I Knife Guards Suit MacDon D60 Header Front

Price: $24.80 inc

Penrite Fleet Gear 50 20-Litre

Price: $159.00 inc


Universal Studios

Blatch's For Bearings

We were honored to have Dr James Ma and his family come to see our new-look shop. James is the founder and owner of Universal Bearings Australia, the manufacturer and supplier to many big brands like Iveco Trucks, SKF's plain spherical bearings and more. James is pictured with his wife, Jean, and their two children Sophie and Jason.

Kangaroo Caught

Exclusion Zone

Exclusion fences are a hot topic at the moment due to plague proportion kangaroos. Below is part of 14kms of electric fencing on the Dwyer Family's property near Alectown. If you look closely, you can see the unprotected and eaten remains of some of the original crop on the right side of the fence.
Knock knock.

Who's there?

Control Freak



Jimny Crickets

The Fourth Generation Sierra

The mighty little Jimny has a cult following around the world thanks to its no-nonsense package which is hugely capable off-road while being a fraction of the price of other 4WDs. The 2019 version is on its way and I think it's a great looking machine. In Carwow's entertaining video below, the host describes it as if a Landrover Defender had a baby with a Mercedes G-Wagen. 
Suzuki Jimny: Carwow

Further Reading

This May Or May Not Be In The Exam

Alana Valentine's new play "Ear to the Edge Of Time' is a journey across the universe and much of her research was with the staff at the Parkes Radio Telescope. Read on here. Below: Actress Gabrielle Scawthorn.

Nothing's Happening At Coles. Australian Government slams Coles's drought relief fund for dairy farmers as a farce. Read on here.
Have you heard about the chef sending Americans hopping mad by serving school children Kangaroo? Read about the fallout here.

Kim Jong Unsympathetic

Jongers is Filled With the Spirit of Ecstasy

You've got to hand it to Jongers. His stretch S-class limousine was looking a bit dated so despite the fact his nation faces starvation on a daily basis, he's now cruising the streets in a Phantom. So how did this get through the sanctions? Read on here. Pictured Below: Rolls Royce long wheelbase Phantom.
If it weren't for the clear "Double R" on the wheels' centre caps (in the picture with Kim Jong Un), one could be forgiven for thinking he had purchased China's Rolls Royce knock off, the Geely (pictured below).
Did you hear about the new restaurant called Karma?

You get what you deserve.

Musical Therapy

Big Names, Small Town

Get info and tickets here.

See You Soon

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Auto Immunity

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