April 2017 Newsletter

What's news from Blatch HQ?

Hello and welcome to our April newsletter!

We've had a jam-packed and soaking-wet March but now the car is clean again, we must look forward, not back.

We hope you have a safe Easter break on the roads and enjoy time with your families. We trust the heavy rains have been a bonus for the farmers and of course that sowing season is, in the words of Donald Trump, a "hyuuuuge" success.

We have heaps in store for you, if you'll excuse the pun. So without further ado...

Best wishes for April,


Pictured above: the view of the shop from the street through the front window. We are fully-stocked with a great range of additives, cleaners and adhesives.

Oh Deere!

Where Can I Get Parts?

We've welcomed many a new customer into the shop as more farmers discover we sell the actual OEM brand OR ABOVE OEM SPECIFICATION filters, bearings, hose, idler pulleys and sprockets, roller chain, feeder house and grain chains, belts, clutch and lubricants. For example, we have the exact NTN 
bearings on our shelf here at Blatch's as was fitted to the machinery in the factory. Same brand, same bearing, just without the genuine price tag.

You could say we make servicing your John Deere, child's play.

A Not So Grizzly Bare

History Repeats Itself

We received a visit from Allan Bare, owner of their eponymous brand, Bare-Co. The Bare family has had a long association with us Blatches, with Allan's father Roy Bare, striking up a business relationship with my grandfather, Allan A. Blatch, in the 1950s. We hear of farmers who spend hours on the Bare-Co website. Just remember, anything you can find on the Bare-Co website, we can get for you at Blatch's.
2017 is the first prime number year in six years so hopefully this means it'll be less divisive than 2016.

Take The Pressure Down! 

Cos I can feel it, it's a rising like a storm.

A.A.Blatch has a stack of press-wheel bearings in some of the World's finest brands, ready to go for the 2017 sowing season. In addition to press-wheel bearings, it doesn't matter the make, age or style; if it's a bearing, come to Blatch's.

Tales From The 'Nock

We visit the Cumnock Show

We took the girls (and Freddie) to the Cumnock Show for an afternoon out. A.A.Blatch was one of the sponsors of the lawnmower racing events which was a fun event to watch. Little Wils had a great time on the little Frozen jumping castle. I'm talking about the film here; she wasn't jumping around on blocks of ice. The biggest win of the day was a $4 snow cone which not only amazed them but kept them quiet for a good half an hour. Winner!
We hear that more Cumnock, Baldry and Yeoval customers are heading toward Parkes now that there's a better road (although wherever that road is, I didn't find it) and we're more than happy to assist with their supplies. 

Pictured: Wilhelmina with her lap-dog, Freddie. Freddie also enjoyed the sausage sizzle.

Building Blocks 

The Renovation Has Officially Begun

The World's slowest renovation continues to creep along at a glacial place but I assure you change is coming. After all, Rome's automotive and industrial stores weren't built in a day.

Carpenters have been in digging holes and recently the windows were blacked-out and I've been told by the older kids in town that all the most exciting establishments have blacked-out windows.

Hosiery Department

Air Seeding For Success

Again our air seeder range and special pricing has been a hit with farmers. For premium, Australian-made air seeder hose, think Blatch's.

Save Baby Beatrice from her hose-shaped prison by buying these three rolls. Just like in a fairy-tale, once the blockades are gone, the Princess will be freed.

Hashtag Don't Tell DOCS.

Forbes Festivities

Susie and Allan Go On An Adventure

We were lucky enough to be invited to the Forbes Rugby President's Lunch and wow, was it a great day! It's hard to admit it being a Parkes Prairie Dog but the Forbes Swamp Rats really know how to put on a show. The event's Master of Ceremonies was none other than Chris Baker of Quade Parade, Condobolin. A man after my own heart, he's a man of equality. He did his best to offend everyone.

Landcruising Without A Cause

We Ask The Big Questions

I am constantly amazed at the sheer number of new 200 series Cruisers getting around the Central West. While the thought of parting with 100K+ keeps me awake at night, the reasoning behind a Cruiser; resale value, reliability, build quality, network of repairers, seating for eight- all make it a sound choice. What always strikes me though is how many, shall I say, "Townies" (like myself) buy these cars with no intention of ever taking them off road. This brings me to the point of this month's Big Question: Why don't we ever see custom versions or with body-kits? We see these on every other type of car from the Mitsubishi Mirage to a Honda Odyssey, So why not the Land Cruiser? Specialist Japanese body-kit manufacturer Wald turns a lot of heads in Asia, but not down under. Hmm, Japanese food for thought.
Now, I'm not pretending these are going to be suitable for on-farm or even off-road, (with their lowered suspension and speed-hump-scraping body-kits) but surely there are others out there who think these look great. Feel free to press the reply button and let me know your thoughts.

April Specials

All prices include GST

Bare-Co 70mm Drop-Leg Stand

Maximum static capacity: 3178kg
Winding Capacity: 2000kg
Length: Leg retracted: 520mm (20-1/2")
Length with leg extended: 890mm (35")
Maximum length - 1295mm (51"

Price: $230.00 inc
Solid Polyurethane Tyres

A third of the weight of solid rubber
Airless so cannot go flat
Prescision style bearing
Steel Rim

The difference between ours and many others is that these feature a high-quality, precision-style bearing.

We have sizes to suit augers, trolleys, wheel-barrows and more.

Price: Starting at $30.00
CT-18 Truckwash 20-Litre

Price: $65.00* inc. Yes, you read this correctly.

*To share the love around, this is limited to one per customer.
200 Piece 5-Colour Cable Tie Pack
  • 4 inches long
  • Blue, Black, White, Yellow, Red
Price: $8.00
50 Piece Narva 316 Stainless Steel Cable Ties
  • 8 inches long
  • Self-Locking
  • Perfect for machinery, boats4WDs.
Price: $35.00 
It's A Fire Extinguisher Sale.

No wait! It's an extinguisher fire-sale!

It's the end of the fire season and we need all the room we can get so grab a bargain.

9kg Air/Water: $169.00 inc
9kg Powder: $159.00 inc
4.5kg Powder: $89.00 inc 
2kg Powder: $69.00 inc
Genuine Elide Fireball.

Cheap insurance for troublesome areas on your farm, machinery, house, boat or caravan.
  • Bursts in a fire situation only. Not from ambient heat in an engine bay or similar.
  • Lasts 5 years maintenance-free.
  • Blasts 360 degrees in a 10m diameter.
Sale Price: $129.00 inc
Jamec Pem Industrial Water/Garden Reel
  • Automatic retractable reel
  • 20m braided hose
  • All solid-brass Jamec fittings 
  • Water gun included
Sale Price: $179.00 inc

More Manildra Matters

MacSmith Milling Hits a Milestone

It was a great evening in Manildra to help our friends at MSM celebrate their 25th Anniversary of milling canola and producing oils and meal for markets all around the World. 

Pictured below: the MSM team surprised owners Bob and Pete by restoring their first ever pump, back when it was called Australian Country Canola 25 years ago. From left to right: Des Cross, Matthew Melhuish, Peter MacSmith, Aaron Huppatz, Bob MacSmith and Kurt Madden.

Storm In A Teacup

When It Rains It Pours.

We were convinced the apocalypse was coming but it was just another heavy storm on its way to Parkes. Susie took this pic looking out toward Eugowra.

Old Jokes Home

Light entertainment

A horse limps into a bar with a
bandage round his head. He orders
a glass of champagne, a vintage
brandy and two pints of Guinness.
He downs the lot and says to the
barman: “I shouldn’t really be
drinking this with what I’ve got.” “Why?" asks the barman. "What
have you got?”

“About twenty cents and a carrot”, says the horse.
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Copyright © 2017 Blatch's Pty Ltd, All rights reserved.

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