September Newsletter

Here comes the sun.

Hello and welcome to our September newsletter.

I'm sending this newsletter out a little earlier than usual because the 2015 Parkes Show begins on the 31st of August and as always, will be a great opportunity to catch up with many from around the region. The Parkes PA&H Society President, Garry O'Brien, has put a huge effort into making Wednesday the 2nd of September a special Farmers' Day to celebrate local farming families and emerging agricultural practices.

We can't wait to get up there after work but as always A.A.Blatch will remain open throughout the show, including the public holiday. 

Best wishes for September. Or as the lyrics go, wake me up, when September ends.


Fight or flight response

Does your auger flight need a belting?

On the left is part of a farming customer's worn out auger flight conveyor belt. On the right is the 50m of brand new belting we ordered for them, complete with reinforced webbing and crescent moon shaped cups to catch the grain. Next time you need a new belt, give us a call.

What's a "Genuine" bearing?

What's in the box?

Did you know that there isn't one farm machinery brand in the World that makes bearings? They buy in bearings and these are called OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). So when someone says a "genuine" bearing, what they mean is a machinery brand has bought in a bearing and reboxed it- and this is often a Chinese bearing. That's why, for example, you might buy a "John Deere bearing" and when you open the box it could contain anything from a cheap Chinese bearing to a top-shelf bearing like Timken or NTN. Either way, you're to pay a premium!

If you're lucky, your machinery brand will have specified the highest quality products during manufacture, but that is best case scenario. How do we know that our bearings (not to mention belts and chain) are at least equal to or ABOVE OEM specification? We know this because we sell the undisputed finest bearing brands in the world such as NTN-Bower, NSK, Timken, SKF, Schaeffler-FAG, RHP, Koyo, Nachi and INA.

At A.A.Blatch, we can even offer a superior brand and/or superior grade of bearing than what was originally specified during the machinery manufacture. An example of this would be to upgrade your locking collar style bearings to NTN's "Black bearings" or upgrade your single sealed bearings to triple lip sealed bearings.

On rare occasions, some manufacturers pay bearing companies to make tiny alterations to bearings so they can patent the design and keep them under license for a set time. These alterations have nothing to do with operating capacity but for example, take a bearing and housing that is usually 20mm and make it 18mm, so the customer has no choice but to buy the "genuine" part. Now, apart from these odd occasions of trickery, 99.9% of your bearings are on the shelf at A.A.Blatch or available overnight. And it doesn't matter if your farm is in regional Queensland or two minutes out of Parkes- our freight network ensues overnight delivery to almost anywhere in Australia.

Here's an A.A.Blatch harvest checklist:
  • Bearings for headers, trucks, chaser bins, augers
  • Tsubaki- the World's number 1 chain 
  • Filters, oil, grease and coolant
  • Agricultural vee belts
  • Idler pulleys and tensioners
  • Hose clamps

Crop designs

Chinese farmers get creative

Chinese artists have used rice paddies to create some impressive pictures.
It's pretty safe to say someone has a lot of time (and rice) on their hands.

Is it just me?

Or is getting hot in here?

As the weather warms, you might be looking to replace your radiator. Give us a call for a top quality radiator to suit your tractor, header, 4WD, truck or car. 


Everything you need for your new comb-trailer.

If you're looking to make a new comb, car or box trailer, let us sort you out with everything you need. We can also offer advice for registration and legal loads to save you money in the long run. Pictured: a customer's 700mm turn-table, axles, roller-rocker springs, fittings, hubs and more. 

World's Fastest Truck

Get your grain to the silo as quickly as possible.

The World's Fastest Jet Powered Truck
World's fastest truck

September Secret Sale

An unbelievable pre-harvest offer.

Special offer exclusive to A.A.Blatch newsletter readers: Come into the shop and say "I'm here for Allan's Penrite special". 

20 litres of Penrite Diesel FX (15W-40). This is an Australian owned, premium mineral oil. This oil's been specifically designed for Australian conditions and so it's no surprise it's the choice of the Australian Defence Force.

Price: $99.90 inc.

Just another day at the office.

Pets as therapy.

After exhaustive trials, Susie and I have finally found the perfect fabric for next year's Winter coats.

September & Father's Day Specials

Just a few examples from our Father's Day wish list!

Kincrome "Power Pak Plus" Jumpstarter and Charger.

Never hear your kids complain about a flat iPad again!

We're pretty darn excited about this one. This is a kit with a lithium-ion battery, just like in a mobile phone. This one however, will JUMPSTART A MACK TRUCK. With 600CCA, put this in the car or truck to charge your android or apple phones, tablets and laptops. Or, just use the in-built LED torch! You can recharge it from a power point or your vehicle's cigarette lighter. It comes in a carry case with a stack of accessories and really is incredible. This is our pick for Father's Day. Check out the video below.

Sale price: $249.00

Click here for the full description.
Kincrome's Power Pak Plus, available at A.A.Blatch
Kincrome Blue Steel Tool Box
  • 9 drawers
  • Gas struts
  • Lockable
  • W660 x D315 x H428mm
Price: $350.00 with bonus Kincrome windscreen sunshade.
Kincrome Micrometer Torque Wrench
  • 1/2" square drive
  • Nickel chrome plated alloy
  • Dual scale torque wrench
Price $120.00
Kincrome Magnetic Pick-up tool, torch & inspection kit
  • 3 x LED
  • Telescopic length 175-550mm
  • Pick-up capacity 2.3kg
  • Batteries included.
Price $35.00
A.A.Blatch gift voucher

Take the hassle out of choosing a gift with one of our popular gift vouchers. Make one out for $5 or a gagillion dollars. Whatever suits.
We proudly stock Baxters LED lights at A.A.Blatch. With LEDs, you get what you pay for. So if you're looking for a very cheap one, Ebay is great. If you're looking for quality, come to Blatch's.
Baxters 30" double row LED light bar.
  • 9 to 32V
  • 180W
  • Combo 14400 lumens
  • 60 x 3W LEDS
Price: $560.00
Baxters 20" single row LED light bar.
  • 10 to 30V
  • 60W
  • Combo 5400 lumens
  • 12 x 5W cree LEDS
Price: $260.00
Sirius LED 9" driving light.
  • 9" / 230mm
  • 720m range
  • 9-33DC, 12C/24V
  • 15 x 3W LED
  • Stainless steel mounting bracket
  • Aluminium housing
Price: 9" light $290.00 each
Price: 7" light $210.00 each
Genuine Safari Snorkels for any 4WD make and model.

Call for a quote.

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He had a reptile dysfunction.

We'll see you soon.

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