December 2016 Newsletter

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Hello and welcome to our December newsletter!

In our bumper Christmas issue we've packed in a stack of healthy goodness because having sat in the queue at the silos myself, I know some of you farmers won't mind some reading material! 

Since we last 'spoke' we have a new trumped up World Leader, the NSW Nationals have suffered a 34% swing against them in what has traditionally been a very safe Nationals seat, and more locally we've had an uncertain harvest thanks to some unpredictable weather. If this wasn't enough, we now have the new threat of fatal thunderstorm asthma attacks. Who knew that was a thing? So many things to worry about. So little time.

With our shiny new website up and running we've begun getting more online orders and enquiries which has given us a real buzz. Thanks for the feedback coming in and we'll continue to grow the range of products and in the future will make it simple to purchase online.

We hope you enjoy our Christmas newsletter and we hope you all have a very Merry Christmas with family and friends. Next year is our 65th Birthday and we plan to make it our best year ever!

Best wishes from all of us,

Allan and Susie, Pre-existing-Michael, New-Michael
and Prince Frederik (Great Dane in residence).

Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire

Stop what you're doing, check this out.

We love a product that makes life better all round and this one is literally a life-saver. Announcement time: A.A.Blatch is now the exclusive distributor in our area for the Elide Fireball.  
Elide Fireball in Queenslands fire and rescue Centre
Elide Fireball, exclusive to A.A.Blatch
You've probably seen these on TV and for very good reason. You place them in a danger zone, they can sit there for up to 5 years maintenance-free, and in the event of a fire, they explode and extinguish a range of 360 degrees up to 4m. Ideal for:
  • Engine bay in headers
  • Above sieves in headers
  • Under grain tank on headers
  • Sheds where flammable items are stored
  • Household kitchens and corridors
  • Machinery
  • Caravans
  • Boats
We've heard a lot of buzz about these from farming areas interstate where machines have multiple fireballs fitted to ensure the headers etc are doused before they get a chance to really light up. As well as having them fitted in a particular location, they can be tossed into a fire such as in a header cab or household kitchen. Cheap insurance, really. 

Price: $179.00 inc each
Price: $155.00 inc for 12 or more units.
Elide Fireball, exclusive to A.A.Blatch

Go For Launch

We have lift off with the brand new website

To celebrate our 65th Anniversary in 2017, we've overhauled our website. Here is a little taste of what to expect when surfing through the new A.A.Blatch website. You'll be amazed by just how many different types of everyday products there are such as bearing housings and plastics, to name just two!

Grainy images

Allan goes on an epic adventure, slowly.

A friendly farmer took me for a lap to the Parkes Mugincoble Silos. Did you know, in its heyday, these silos were the largest grain handling facility in the Southern Hemisphere? It's a smaller operation now but was still exciting enough for me. I enjoyed my trip to unload a semi-trailer of grain, although, I must admit I didn't realise 
how long each trip takes. I'm guessing I'm the last to know this. This is the view I had for a couple of hours. It was well and truly dark by the time we reached the hoppers, hence no other photos! Below: some pics from the internet (by photographer Gary Edwards) of the Mugincoble Silos. 

Christmas Top Trumps

My top pick for Christmas

These extra large jump starters have been insanely popular and we couldn't quite figure it out for a while. Sure, they are the biggest on the market, sure they are 1000 amp peak, sure they will jump start all your V8s as well as power the laptops, iPads, iPhones and androids...

But we realised it was a hidden little feature which caused the biggest stir.

Christmas special price: $289.00 inc.

Rural Reality

Something to dream about

Here's the pad I've asked Susie to buy me this week. Currently in use as a cattle grazing operation, the estate was built for a reported cost of $8 million in 2009 and has hopes of a $20 million sale. It's being sold by Brett Blundy, the gagillionaire owner of underwear chain Bras 'n' Things. It's good to see the return on his investment has, ahem, held up well. 

Boom, Shake, Shake, Shake, The Room

Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Boom!

I found myself in an explosive situation this month when I went with the Shannon family to watch them blow up the top of a hill at their road-base quarry just outside of Parkes. This picture doesn't really do it justice but suffice to say, it went off with a bang.
Sadly, my dreams of getting to press an old fashioned detonator were crushed upon arrival. Something about health and safety. Whatevs. Next time, gadget. Next time.   

Renovation Station

Revamp progress report: #1

As you can see the building at the northern end has been cleared out ready for a spruce up. Watch this space, literally.

Non-Commercial Break 

Stay tuned.

Why did Santa's Little Helper see the doctor?

He had low elf esteem.


Oh Lord, Won't You Buy Me A Mercedes-Benz?

This is the prototype for the new Benz "X-Class". They'll come in two design packages, one with a rugged sporty feel called the Stylish Explorer, while the other is a luxurious urban chariot described by MB as the Powerful Adventurer. Funnily enough it's a joint project between Nissan, Renault and Mercedes. I seem to remember something about the Japanese, French and Germans siding together once before and it didn't end well. Just sayin'.

The Good Book

And the prize for excellence in patternmaking for dog garments goes to...

We are thrilled to be donating a book prize or trophy to many schools around the Parkes and Forbes Shires. We hope to expand on this in years to come. We look forward to seeing who wins the award at each school!

December Specials

We have Christmas all wrapped up. Seriously, we will wrap it for you.

Jamec Pem Water Reel

I have a couple of these around our yard at home and they're fantastic. This comes complete with all industrial-grade Jamec Pem fittings and components.

Price: $195.00 inc
Kincrome 13 PC Torque Master Screwdriver Set

-8 x blade screwdrivers
-5 x phillips screwdrivers
-Magnetic tips
-Durable carry case

Price $99.00
Kincrome 40PC Socket Set

-1/2" square drive
-Combination metric & imperial

Price $245.00
Supatool 35pc Socket & Spanner Set

-1/2" square drive
-Combination metric & imperial sockets & spanners

Price: $122.00
4WD Recovery Strap
  • 10T capacity
  • 80mm x 9m
Price: $55.00
Bare-co B5602 heavy duty ratchet strap
  • 50mm wide
  • 2.5T capacity
  • 12m long
  • Includes slip sleeve
Price: $35.00
We have a fantastic range of straight and curved LED light bars. Come in and light up our lives!
Cargo mate load cover

To suit single cab or dual cab style trays.

Price: $115 inc
Hydraulic trolley jack: 
  • Comes with carry case
  • 1350kg working limit
Price: $65.00

Jetpower 12v air compressors

Perfect for farms, camping and outdoor types!

155 litres per minute: $175.00
75 litres per minute: $112.00
38 litres per minute: $55.00

Jaylec 20 Amp Battery Charger

6/12/24 volt

Price: $295.00 inc
The Narva 4WD driving light harness is a plug-and-play kit to easily install any halogen, HID or LED light or bar. 

Comes complete with:

-Pre-wired relay
-Pre-wired waterproof fuse holder
-Male & female waterproof universal fittings
-On/Off surface-mounted LED switch

Pictured: 12V Halogen/ HID fitting kit: $90.00 inc
Narva Maxim 150 Halogen Lights
  • 12V 100w round 150mm lights
  • lens protectors fitted
  • 2 x H3 globes included
  • 1 x relay, toggle switch, terminal and wiring kit included
Price $135.00
We have a great range of Premium LED and HID driving lights in stock. Come and check them out.
Kerrick Hyqua-Blitz Pressure Cleaner
  • Industrial grade machine, ideal for farms.
  • Honda GX petrol 6.5hp motor
  • 2050psi with 11.4LPM
  • US made brass Cat pump
  • Industrial ceramic piston pump
  • Quick change nozzles
Price $1699.00

Old Jokes Home

Light entertainment

My Wife and I laugh about how competitive we are.

Although, I laugh slightly louder.

We'll see you next time.

Thanks for shopping with Blatch's.

The Blatch girls' Christmas pageant rehearsals kept hitting a snag. Creative differences, we're told.
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