March 2016 Newsletter

Let's start a sowing circle.

Hello and welcome to our March newsletter, 

Firstly, happy leap-day! After all, we only get to say that once every four years.

As you'll see if you drive within 100m of our front windows, it must be air seeder season! We have kilometres of the highest grade, Australian-made hose at a fantastic price. We're fully-stocked with hose, filters, plough and press-wheel bearings and are ready to support you this sowing season.

In news from Blatch HQ, the Blatch girls have just returned from visiting their British family, where Susie's mother is recovering from a hip replacement. In other news, Susie and I just celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary. Not to be beaten, my mother and father, Warren & Nancye, have just celebrated their 49th! New Michael has just returned from a cruise of the South Pacific and is managing to work Vanuatu into most conversations.

Don't miss some incredible prices in our specials section this month.

Best wishes for March,


Miss Showgirl Zone 6 Finalists

Who is off to the Sydney Royal Easter Show final?

Susie and I had a great night representing the Parkes Show Society at the Miss Showgirl Zone Final. It was a great event with people from Burke to Bathurst in attendance to support their district's Showgirl.
Pictured below: 2015 Royal Easter Showgirl Ellie Stephens from Lismore along with the new 2016 zone finalists: Emily Madge from Young, Grace Eppelstun from Grenfell and Camilla Kenny from Dubbo.

Pimps and hose.

Think Blatch's for airseeder hose

We sell Australian-made, extra thick walled airseeder hose, featuring high UV protection, designed specifically for Australian conditions. Don't be fooled by similar looking cheap imports; our hose is heavy-duty, 100% Australian hose. We supply a huge range of types and sizes and keep a stack of the common ones in stock. Why not get your order in now?

Pictured below: Just some of our air seeder hose in stock now.
Pictured below: A local farm's air seeder all decked out with Australian-made hose from A.A.Blatch

Leading us down the garden path.

Wilhelmina's big adventure.

I couldn't resist including a couple of pics of Wills visiting Grandma over in the UK, where Suse was helping her Mother recuperate after a hip replacement. 

Coming to Cumnock?

One little town. One big day.

The Cumnock show is on Saturday 5th of March. With David Weston as President and former Miss Parkes Showgirl Christine (Freebairn) Weston as Secretary, it promises to be a great family day out. The new features this year include the "Man Bake" and the "Tart of the Show". The lawn mower race is on at 4pm and I can attest from the people coming in for bearings and the like that this is going to be a fierce battle.

Check out the Cumnock page here.


Our motoring madness of the month.

Mercedes G63 AMG 6x6 Review - Top Gear - Series 21 - BBC
Check out the Mercedes G63 Class AMG 6X6. Click on the image above to begin the clip, courtesy of Top Gear.

Water World

Jamec Pem makes light work of watering

Jamec Pem Water Hose Reel

I've been fed up with rubbish hose reels where they jam and the cheap hose kinks in a thousand different places. So, I fitted two of our Jamec Pem reels at home. They're even better than I hoped for- with all brass, supreme quality fittings and an easy to use gun. Come and check one out at Blatch's.

Price: $195.00 inc

Air time

Grab a Jamec Pem air reel

While we're talking premium hose reels...

Jamec Pem Pro Series Air

-Pivots 180 degrees
-Includes all brass Jamec Pem fittings
-Reinforced braided PVC hose
  • 15m of 1/2" hose: $195.00
  • 20m of 3/8" hose: $195.00

Things just got reel

Portable and premium quality

Jamec Pem manual reel

360 degree rotatable
Suits wire, cable or hose.
Easily portable
Folding handle
Brass fittings

Special: $95.00 inc

Marching on...

Great specials for the month of March.

Australian-made plastic 20L jerry cans in red or yellow.

Limited stock only.  

Price $29.90 inc
Avoid huge fines for an uncovered load with one of our cargo nets, on super special. Limited stock only.

Price: $89.90 inc
AutoKing Grease Off degreaser 400g

Super special this month. 

Price: $5.50 inc
Dr Air Emergency Off Road Tyre Repair Kit

  • Heavy duty insertion tool
  • Heavy duty probe tool
  • Heavy duty replacement shaft
  • Cord trimming knife
  • Hex keys
  • Radial cord lube
  • Radial cords
  • Hard plastic storage case
Price: $39.90

Old Jokes Home

Light entertainment

Have you heard about the new restaurant on the moon?

The food's good but there's just no atmosphere.

We'll see you next time.

If it's got wheels...think Blatch's.

Pictured: Lachie Orr of "Wilga", Cooks Myalls. Lachie is performing his honorary role as A.A.Blatch brand ambassador and modelling an A.A.Blatch hat.
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