November 2015 Newsletter

Keeping your wheels turning this harvest.

Hello and welcome to our November newsletter, I hope this finds you all well. My counter at A.A.Blatch has become a make-shift headquarters for the Hayfever Sufferers Support Network (Parkes Chapter). I can't believe how many farmers get such bad hayfever and I feel your pain! 

I've started getting many call-outs to open the shop at night or Sundays and it's my absolute pleasure to do this. You can consider A.A.Blatch open to you 24/7. Just call 0455 727 127. 

We have a fair bit of exciting news this month which you'll see throughout the newsletter. 

Best wishes for a successful and safe harvest!


Lip service

Triple lip sealed bearings offer triple the protection.

We have sold more Black Bearings and triple-lip sealed bearings in the first 2 weeks of October than ever before, as customers opt for the best quality for their harvest. These offer the best possible resistance against contamination. Minimise downtime and relax knowing that your header, augers and bins are running the best bearings available.

We supply triple-lip sealed bearings in NTN, NSK and Timken (Fafnir)

Our oppressive working conditions

Unpaid Sunday overtime is just the beginning.

"New Michael" drew the short straw and was forced to represent us at the Bathurst 1000. Being the tireless worker he is though, he fronted up to discuss our Penrite distribution here in the Central West.

OEM bearings, belts & chain

We've got all the big name machinery brands covered.

In many cases we sell the OEM product- the exact brand and design used when the machine was made. That's why, when it's time to replace items on your machinery, it's time to call Blatch's. Remember, no farm machinery brand makes bearings, belts, chain, filters or lubes. Also, we've come across a trick whereby farmers in the central west are being promised feeder house chains "Made in Canada". One thing you can guarantee is, any chain made in a country like Canada will have the brand and country proudly stamped on the side plates. If your chain has no markings, you can pretty much guarantee it'll be Chinese or Indian made chain. Our slat chains are made from American-made DRIVES USA chain, the OEM slat chain of John Deere, New Holland and Case.

Caring for contractors

From Queensland to Victoria, we've got you covered.

We've been dealing a lot lately with contractors who are taking their machines and heading north. This is a reminder that it doesn't matter if you're in regional Queensland, NSW or Victoria- whatever you need, we can have your air-bag delivered the following morning to you, out of Queensland, Brisbane or Melbourne.

Dog Day Afternoon

A.A.Blatch Welcoming Committee Marque II.

We are delighted to introduce our new puppy, Freddie, a 15 month old blue Great Dane. His owner, from Boggabri, couldn't look after him anymore, so after saying no a few times, I realised resistance was futile. He's a very gentle boy and loves children. Probably the way they taste. Anyway, young Freddie isn't above corruption and responds well to wads of smackos in unmarked envelopes.

Barefoot and pregnant.

Baby mama dramas.

In perhaps slightly less exciting-than-new-puppy news, Susie is expecting Wilhelmina's little brother or sister in April 2016.


A hard day's night.

Light up your harvest.

Turn night into day with one of our top quality Baxter LED light bars. Even the smallest bars will brighten up your path and working area. If you like, once harvest is over, take the bars off your machinery and fit them to your utes, trucks and 4WDs. Win-win!
Baxters 12" double row LED light bar.
  • 9 to 32V
  • 72W
  • Combo 5760 lumens
  • 24 x 3W LEDS
Price: $290.00
Baxters 20" single row LED light bar.
  • 10 to 30V
  • 60W
  • Combo 5400 lumens
  • 12 x 5W cree LEDS
Price: $260.00
Baxters 22" single row LED light bar.
  • 10 to 30V
  • 100W
  • Combo 9000 lumens
  • 10 x 10W cree LEDS
Price: $420.00

The New Office Girl

We need to talk about Wilhelmina

Little Wils was getting increasingly frustrated by her repeated failure to correctly calculate the GST. It wasn't going to be a good morning. 

In the concrete jungle...

The mother protects her cubs.

These our brand new machines arriving (in formation, clearly) at the new Parkes hospital. The new facility is very impressive and these state-of-the-art Tennant scrubbing and polishing machines will keep the floors spotless. Along with these went 9 Kerrick hospital-grade vacuums and a Kerrick pressure cleaner. Pictured- the new hospital is only weeks away from actually looking like the artist's impression. Exciting times!

November Specials

All prices include GST.

Fire Extinguishers - Make sure every vehicle is prepared.

We have a range of sizes of fire extinguishers in powder & water varieties from $38.00 inc.
Pictured: the remains of one of our Goonumbla farmer's windrowers. The driver got out just in time for the machine to go up in flames.
Gas struts to suit oversize signs, bonnets, doors, canopies...

Starting at $25.00

Uni joint and yolk assembly to suit rollover tarps. 

-Complete, assembled and ready to go.
-1" in, 1" out

Bare-Co 34" long, double row LED bar. Price: $295.00 inc
Radiators for cars, trucks, tractors, headers. Call Mike Davies to cool things down.
Our new Knipex sale catalogue is out and this is the best time to buy some of the finest tools made in the World. These are the stand-outs...
Knipex Combination plier set of 4.

250mm cobra water pump plier
200mm combination plier
200mm stork beak side cutter
200mm high leverage diagonal cutter 

This is incredible value!
$500 worth for just $249.00

Knipex X-Cut diagonal cutters

160mm high leverage diagonal cutter 
25% less weight.
40% less effort than standard cutters.

Sale price $79.95
Knipex high-leverage diagonal cutters

200mm high leverage diagonal cutter 

Sale price $69.95
Aussie Truck Mirrors Universal Truck Mirror

-455 x 160mm

Sale price: $29.90

Aussie Truck Mirrors Universal Ute Mirror

-Mirror complete with arm and fittings.

Sale price: $48.50


Old Jokes Home

Always look on the bright side of life...

Question: You're on a horse, galloping at a constant speed. On your right, is a sharp drop-off. On your left side is an elephant travelling at the same speed you. Directly in front of you, is a kangaroo bounding at the same speed as you and you're unable to overtake it. Behind you is a lion sprinting at the same speed as you and the Kangaroo. What must you do to get out of this situation?

Answer: Quietly get off the merry-go-round and go home!

History Channel

A page from Blatch's book of records

Eric Tobin often visits us from Yeoval and recently was reminiscing about dealing with my Grandfather, Allan Blatch Snr. Anyway, he was proud of the fact that the Tobin's have had an account with A.A.Blatch since 1960. It got me wondering who would have the oldest account. The first ones would be a 1952 vintage! Feel free to hit reply and let me know.

Feeling triumphant?

If it's got wheels...think Blatch's.

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