January 2017 Newsletter

Happy New Year!

Hello and welcome to our January newsletter!

Firstly, happy new year all you wonderful people.
Secondly, A.A.Blatch is now 65 years old! I know my Grandfather, Allan Blatch, and Great Grandfather George Blatch, would be very proud to know Blatch's has made it this far. When Grandad started the business, it was obviously in a very different era of technology. This was long before one had glossy product catalogues to refer to and therefore relied on the costly option of calling suppliers "long-distance", as it was known. To help with this, his Father, George Blatch, would spend his semi-retirement traipsing around Sydney buying supplies and
tools for the business. My Father, Warren George Allan Blatch retired two years ago after 35 years in the business and I know it brings Mum and Dad much satisfaction to know our strong relationships and service in the region has helped A.A.Blatch survive through some great times as well as some very hard times.

As always, a business is nothing without its customers so I take this opportunity to say a heart-felt thank you from Susie and I for continuing to support us as we make our life in Parkes, and our small family business the best it can be.

As I sit here, listening to Frozen play for the 27,000th time (I get it Wilhelmina- the cold never bothered her anyway. Can't we on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?), 2016 is rapidly coming to an end. Putin and Obama have had a falling out, Trump can't wait to get in and, err, drain the swamp, iconic celebrities keep on dying and while all this is happening, everyone's forgotten about China and their 'shiny new islands'. I think 2017 is going to be a very interesting year.   

I have my ticket for Lotto's $31million draw this evening so here's best wishes for 2017 and now I'll sign off on what could be my last* ever newsletter!


*That said, I also may not win Lotto.

Putin On The Ritz

My favourite Vladimir this month is...

I can't stand Russian dolls. 

They're just so full of themselves.

The Santa Cause

Ho ho...umm... no.

It was a particular low-point in December when a local Landcare group were telling me they needed a Santa Claus for their Christmas party. It quickly dawned upon me that they were asking me to don the suit.

I know I've let myself go over the last few years but Santa? What a low-blow.

The Bodyshop

Get your body ready for summer.

Our friends over at Brian Collins Smash Repairs and Caravans have just completed restoring this Chevrolet SS Camaro. We enjoyed helping them out with parts to ensure this classic American muscle-car is looking, and driving, its best!
I'm looking forward to getting some old classic cars restored and I have a clear path to ensure this happens.

1: Win lotto.
2: Buy some classic cars.
3: Have said cars restored.

Fahrenheit 451

Cool it, will you?!

This is the time of year when cars overheat and pack it in and while talking about a vehicle's cooling system brings on the mega Zzzz's, it's still more entertaining that being broken down on a country road in the baking sun. Either fix (or prevent this) by giving us a call for important cooling parts...
We supply new radiators for cars, trucks and farm machinery. Pictured here is a radiator to suit certain Commodores.
Coolants in any colour and specification required. Green is most common but we also do pink/red and blue.
Thermostats and gaskets.
Automotive hoses sold separately or as a great value kit, such as this to suit a Ranger.
Radiator fans, such as this one to suit a Hilux.
Waterpumps, like this from a Rodeo.
And a lot of the cooling system won't work without engine belts in good condition. Pictured is a 'Serpentine' belt which weaves its way around various pulleys driving different components. Many customers who live out of town keep a spare in the ute!

Jurassic Lark

This'll never get old.

Susie spotted this homage to Jurassic Park in Orange last week. It gave us a chuckle and I'm guessing the owner doesn't mind standing out from the crowd.

Electric Blue

High-voltage cheat sheet 

A customer recently came in and used plumbing terminology to refer to electrics and I thought it was a great way to explain the common terms we hear. When you compare electrics with plumbing things like relays, driving lights etc. suddenly it seems much easier to understand. 

Voltage = the pressure of water.
Amperage = the flow rate of the water.
Resistance = the size of the pipe the water is flowing through.
Wattage = the total number of gallons of water used.

There is a basic equation in electrical engineering that states how the three terms relate: A = W/V. Now let's say you have a tank of pressurized water connected to a hose that you’re using to water the garden. If you increase the pressure to the tank, more water will come out of the hose- the same is true for electricity: increasing the voltage will make more current flow.

Now let's say you increase the diameter of the hose and all the fittings in the tank. This will also make more water come out of the hose. This is like decreasing the resistance in an electrical system, which will increase the current flow. In a linear circuit if we increase the voltage, the current goes up and if we increase the resistance, the current goes down. When you think of this in the terms of plumbing it makes more sense!

We have a fantastic range of auto electrical supplies at Blatch's, including lighting, wiring, relays, performance globes, connectors, tools and more. Our range is growing all the time as we aim to become a real destination for auto electrical.

Best Foot Forward

If the shoe fits...

Here's one for our wool growers! A clever US-based kiwi owns All Birds Shoe Company. These shoes are made from durable and breathable, all natural merino wool! They're marketed as the world's most comfortable shoes. 
You can read more about this company as well as order by clicking here.

Eye On The Prize

Who, What, Where?

As I mentioned last month, we were thrilled to donate a book prize or trophy to many schools around the Parkes and Forbes Shires. We hope to expand on this in years to come. This award I presented at Parkes Christian School went to Thomas Unger of Alectown.
Here is Olivia Nichols from Parkes Holy Family School with Bishop Columba of the Catholic Church. Olivia won the Cultural Award sponsored by A.A.Blatch.
Pictured here is Jye Langley from Tullamore Central School. Jye won the A.A.Blatch prize for Maths and Science. 
These are just the names and pics people have kindly sent in so please send through any winners' details you know of.

January Specials

All prices include GST

With the renovations we don't have room for this little guy. This is my bargain for the year for anyone who wants the finest quality, 200L tank on the market, at the lowest price you'll find in Australia!
  • 200L
  • 50LPM
  • 12V Italian-made Piusi pump
  • 4m antistatic Italian-made hose
  • 2m battery cables
  • Automotic shut-off nozzle with digital meter
  • Forklift lift points and tie down capability
When it's gone it's gone. Reduced to clear at $999.00
Toyota Land Cruiser and Hilux Wheel Bearing Kit

Suits many Hilux & Cruiser front or rear wheels, or both!

Special price $49.90
Every boat and vehicle needs one of these!

The "Original Smart Charger".

THE BIG ONE! This has 1000 amp peak current.

Starts everything, charges everything, lights up everything!

Special price: $289.00
Ryco Filter Service Kit for Nissan Patrol GU Series 1
  • 1x Ryco A1412 air filter
  • 2x Ryco Z503 & Z416 oil filters
  • 1x Ryco Z332 Fuel Filter
Special price: $109.90
Australia's Nulon 10W30 Oil 5-Litre
  • Premium mineral 10W30 engine oil for modern engines that require protection and fuel economy
  • 5L bottle for complete oil changes
  • Blended for modern vehicles with exceptional cleaning power to disperse sludge and deposits
  • Meets API SN, SM, SL, SJ, SH, SG & CF and ILSAC GF-5 standards
Special price: $29.90
Genuine Elide Brand Fireball

This can can be left for years and will automatically extinguish a fire for 360 degrees, up to 10metres. Throw one in the caravan or boat as well as the ute, machinery shed or near the fuse box.

Price: $155.00

Holiday House Hassles

I got 99 problems but a holiday house ain't one.

I came across an ad for this house in a Unique Cars magazine, so you can imagine the type of customer this house would suit. This bolt-hole is at Noosa Heads in, "where else but Queensland?" naturally. The basement garage is well set up for the weekend mechanic or DIY hero. Or even just to park the '88 Camira. 
It turns out after doing some digging that this is the home of the Queensland master franchisee of home building company GJ Gardiner. So it turns out there must be some profit in bricks and mortar after all.
If viewing these pics sends you into a downward spiral of questioning your life-choices, just remember the 340sqm garage can only fit 12 cars. What's more, there's only two outdoor hot-tubs. I mean, what are we, cavemen?

Old Jokes Home

Light entertainment

I saw a sign that says "Watch for Children".

I thought, that sounds like a fair trade.

We'll see you next time.

Thanks for shopping with Blatch's.

Worst. Ice cream parlour. Ever.

Her smile vanished when she requested a cone and was given the Timken variety.
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