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Illuminate Your World

Commit to the Light that You Are this New Year

Thanks, 2019, it was a blast…sort of. This last year posed many challenges for us on pretty much every level. We grew, expanded, learned major lessons, and enhanced our connection with ourselves and the deeper truth that unites us all. This brought us moments of joy and fulfillment as well as moments of pain, discomfort, fatigue, and perhaps, for some, moments of throwing our hands up and saying, “I don’t know what I’m even doing here.”

2019 was a crucible of unraveling patterns that no longer serve while planting seeds for a more aligned and positive future. Now it’s time for those seeds to grow as we enter a new year, a new decade, and a new way of looking at our individual and collective experience of this wild ride we call Life.

With the long-awaited Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn occurring on the 12th, as well as several other auspicious planetary alignments, we can expect to start 2020 with an energetic earthquake of sorts. Whatever remaining density is holding us back personally or collectively is about to be dissolved, creating space for higher vibrational patterns that align with our most divine individual and collective expression. 

This means everything from financial systems to government infrastructures and institutions to what career path we follow and even our most intimate relationships may experience radical transformation. We must remember that what we experience in Life is a holographic projection of our beliefs seen from the perspective of our unique level of consciousness. When we anchor a higher individual or collective vibration, which has previously existed in our reality, we must change to reflect that new frequency.

For a time so rooted in rapid transformation, we need help to call in more light without overtaxing our mind-body structure. To do this, call on the tranquil, compassionate energy of Selenite. This soft, shimmery form of gypsum is so delicate that it will dissolve in water. Therefore, in order to keep the form of your Selenite intact, it is recommended that you do not leave it outside in the rain or submerge it in water
However, even if its form dissolves completely, Selenite particles still emit the frequency of Universal Love. This teaches us that while we are in form, we have the opportunity to bring more of the light that we are down into our bodies, knowing all the while that our love is eternal and will go on long after the forms that we inhabit dissolve. The joy, then, is to express your light through your body while you have it, much as Selenite will radiate love and light as a tower, a wand, or a pendant…until it is dropped in water and must continue its journey in a different way!

This is where we are all headed: toward an experience of deeper embodiment. In the past, we may have been focused on exiting the body to attain what has been called enlightenment, yet true enlightenment is not about the attainment of oneness without form. When we allow more of the light that we are to enter the form we have been blessed with, that form becomes enlightened. As in, we are the light that is meant to fill the world, thereby enlightening our entire planet through ourselves and realizing oneness in form. That is the journey that we are all on, and we take it individually at our own pace, in our own divine way.

For all of us, no matter what comes up within us or what we encounter without, Selenite will be a trustworthy and loyal companion to keep our energy field clear and ready to be filled with more of our beautiful, infinite light.
I am the light of the divine in form.
I choose love in every moment, no matter what arises.
I call upon the Universe to remove all patterns that do not serve and to guide me along the path of my highest fulfillment.

Find out more after the jump, in our Planetary Overview! 


Planetary Overview for the month of
January 2020

A new decade is upon us! January 2020 is set to be a time of rapid change, aided by multiple powerful planetary alignments. The New Year always carries the energy of transformation but this year that energy is amplified, giving us the opportunity to clean up our realities as never before. Whatever needs to stay in the previous decade will be called up for you to acknowledge and move on from. 

This is not a month of deep internal processing. This is a month of action. What have you said “yes” to in your world that does not spark joy in your heart? Where are you still choosing to repeat the same experiences even though the outcome is repeatedly negative? Sometimes the only thing left to learn from an experience or relationship is when to walk away. You don’t need to endure anymore. You need to come alive. It’s time to approach our lives with more conviction to only say “yes” to that which aligns with the highest feelings of goodness within us. Anything less must now become unacceptable.  

We kick off the month with Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn on January 2nd. We are given the opportunity at this time to sit with ourselves and get real about what we want materialistically and financially. We may be spiritual beings having a human experience, but don’t we want that human experience to be delight instead of drudgery? Where have we been unconsciously holding ourselves back from receiving earthly pleasures out of a fear of becoming too “materialistic?” Much the same, where have we become convinced that we need certain material possessions to be happy? 

Can it be that we can sit in complete fulfillment with ourselves as divine beings while simultaneously broadcasting into the field our heart-centered desires to experience certain joys that can only come to us in form? Always remember that you are a co-creator of your experience – and you are here to exercise that creative power with enthusiasm! Be honest with yourself about what you truly want in your life, and then look for the opportunities that pop up in your awareness to manifest those desires.

To aid us in our manifestation practice, Mars leaves Scorpio and enters fiery Sagittarius on January 3rd. From now till February 16th we are called to take action steps every day to lay the proper foundation for our biggest goals. Expect to develop new relationships during this time with those who will be able to provide you the help you need – and who will likely give you the opportunity to offer help in return. 

🌕♋️ In case you feel yourself still caught in a whirlpool of the past, the Cancer Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on January 10th arrives to help pull you out. Emotional, intuitive, and always pressing toward a state of inner peace and tranquility, Cancer offers her energies like a hand reaching down from a lifeboat to pull you safely out of that which would drown you. You may feel more emotions rising up in your system than usual at this time. Allow them to flow through you – they are cleansing you so that you may step forward in your life free and clear from attachments to the past that no longer serve you.

You may not see right away why you should sit with the discomfort rather than find some way to push it aside but trust the process of your body. It knows what it needs to do and it will do the work on its own so long as you give it the space it needs. 

For additional help with any emotional cleansing processes and practices during this time, choose to work with compassionate Selenite. A Selenite wand placed over the heart and sternum during meditation can gently cleanse and realign your emotional body so that you may return to a state of inner peace.

After a long retrograde period that began on August 11th, Uranus goes direct again on January 11th. Right on the heels of the powerful Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, this change in direction for Uranus brings sudden insight and clarity. You may be walking along the street and suddenly the answer to a situation in your life comes like a lightning bolt into your awareness. Don’t seek the clarity – it’s on its way to you.

January 12th brings us the much-anticipated Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. The last time these planets aligned in this way was in 1982 in the sign of Libra. This will be the only time in our lives that these planets align in grounded, stable Capricorn. This moment in astrological history is likely to affect us on a global scale, though we may still feel the effects on an individual level as well. 

Saturn-Pluto conjunctions have historically occurred at moments of war, mass disease, economic crisis, government intrigue, and deception, or other large-scale turbulent events. The highest outcome of a Saturn-Pluto conjunction is a rapid and radical alignment back into unconditional love, integrity, honor, and heart-centered purpose. We have the opportunity here to rise up as champions and live brighter, bolder, and more courageous lives in service to our highest good and the highest good of all beings. 

But the shadow element of this alignment is likely to trigger the parts of our collective and individual ego structures that withhold love and material wealth and objects like fearful misers. It can bring up feelings of self-righteous pride and hubris and may cause us to want to act on our ambitions as though we must step on another to attain that which we desire.

There is nothing wrong with the shadow rearing up to be seen. In fact, it is necessary that it does so, for that is the only way that we can integrate it. We cannot be destroyed by the darkness. We can only be convinced that we are powerless in the face of it. So, our gift now is to realize more of the power we contain and the light that we are as we encounter that which appears to be other than love and choose to anchor a higher vibration rather than align with the vibration that faces us. This means choosing love in the face of hate and compassion in the face of ignorance, misunderstanding, or rage. We must first hold ourselves in this way. The rest will follow. As the world swirls in chaos around us we remain the eye of the storm – tranquil, aware, constant.

These changes, upheavals, healings, and transformations will continue throughout the year. We may not be able to clearly see what new patterns are emerging until the end of the year, but we can trust that the seeds of light we sow today will serve to illuminate a beautiful world in the years to come.

On January 20th the Sun moves out of Capricorn and into Aquarius, bringing with it a cool energetic breeze. Aquarius is light, spacious, abstract, and full of possibility and you may feel similarly around this time. Blend this energy into the stalwart, grounded energy you’ve cultivated while walking through the time of Capricorn in order to expand your vision out of the day-to-day while maintaining a grounded sense of steady, consistent action. Give yourself some dream time on this day by journaling, taking a long walk, or practicing a form of artistic expression you enjoy. 

On January 24th we have a New Moon in Aquarius. In accordance with the energy of change we have been experiencing all month, this New Moon may bring with it a little bit of mischievousness from the Universe. Something that you thought would work out suddenly may not, but this is not cause for despair. Aquarius, with a twinkle in its eye, overturns your plans just enough to wake you up into new possibilities. Stay true to who you are but allow for what comes with as much grace and excitement as you can muster. Everything will work out for your highest good – even if it looks a little unlikely at first!

We also celebrate Chinese New Year on this day and welcome the year of the Yang Metal Rat. The Rat is the first symbol in the Chinese Zodiac, meaning it is a year of fresh starts, new beginnings, and inspired action in the direction you’ve always wanted to go but have been holding yourself back from…until now! Take a step forward in that direction on this day, even if it’s a baby step and applaud yourself for the effort – it’s all happening!

To close out the month, Venus is conjunct Neptune on January 27th. This sweet alignment fuels us with newfound inspiration and joy for what’s to come. While we continue to take action, we can also rest in the knowing that all is working out exactly as it should in accordance with our intention. On this day, state your intention out loud, with confidence and clarity. Let what you want be heard by your own ears and those of the Universe. Evoke the power of the Universe to guide and assist you and it will do so. Perhaps it won’t show up in the way you expect, but it will show up for you over and over again in service of your highest fulfillment. 

May 2020 bless you, uplift you, and grace you with abundant opportunity to bring more of yourself into ecstatic expression through your glorious and irreplaceable form. You are truly, deeply, infinitely divine.

Happy New Year!



The world is waking up one person at a time. As this shift from unconscious to conscious, you may find yourself looking for guidance, clarity, and like-minded people. The Crystal Shrine seeks to provide classes, workshops and events to support your soul no matter where you are on the path. Come join us as we explore the depths of consciousness, open our hearts and come into greater alignment with our true selves. 

Our class schedule changes regularly. Read on to discover this month’s powerful, soul-nourishing offerings.


Next class: Wednesday, January 8th
7m - 9pm
Cash or Venmo.

Spiritual Awakening support group.

Full Moon Reiki Circle

Saturday, January 11th
7.30pm - 9pm
Payable through Venmo (@sarahtsaraht) or Cash at the door. 

Please RSVP if you can, as space is limited:

This powerful circle supports you in awakening, healing, and thriving with a burn ritual for release, and a guided meditation with Reiki energy. This is nourishment for your body, mind, heart, and spirit and a chance to re-set in a transmission of potent healing energy and presence. 
Please bring a yoga mat, pillow, and blanket.


Moonseed Soundbath Meditation

Next class: Thursday, January 16th
7pm - 8pm
Cash only, please.

Crystal Singing Bowls and Tarot


Vision Board Workshop

Sunday, January 19th, 2-5 pm
$40 per person

Register by emailing

Vision Boards are a great way to have a visual reminder of your goals and desires. They can guide you, and bring clarity about what you want to manifest in your life. Choose your focus for 2020 and create your future! All supplies provided, and feel free to bring your own additions.

Taught by Tamara Brown, life long Visual Artist and Vision Board Nerd. 


Readers Schedule

This is the Schedule for January 2020.

Our readers are on location, but they are also available for phone readings. Call the store (818 955 5114) to schedule an appointment. Walk-ins are welcome!

We are always open to expanding our family of readers, so If you are interested in reading at the store, or know someone who might, do not hesitate in contacting us!


Heather - Heather is following in the tradition of cartomancy, which is a cousin to Tarot that uses the playing cards. She provides various angles of insight offering solutions by using her intuitive and channeling skills to receive messages in order to provide spiritual and practical guidance to get you where you're supposed to be.


Heather - Heather is following in the tradition of cartomancy, which is a cousin to Tarot that uses the playing cards. She provides various angles of insight offering solutions by using her intuitive and channeling skills to receive messages in order to provide spiritual and practical guidance to get you where you're supposed to be.


Patti - Psychic Tarot Reading and Metaphysical / Spiritual Guidance
Divine insight into Love, Career, Prosperity and more.
Karina - Intuitive Psychic. Having been born in the Gypsy Forest region of the Czech Republic, Karina draws on her life's experience to help people find intimate connections in their daily lives. These include a personal understanding and expression of joy, connection to their heart and soul's purpose, and spiritual community in daily life.


Lainey Grace - Psychic and Medium who experiences precognitive dreams and visions. Lainey can connect with friends and loved ones in spirit, including pets offering messages of peace, hope, love and healing and the ability to tap into your aura with the use of the pendulum and automatic drawing to accurately answer direct life path questions relating to the past, present, and future.
Gitana - Gitana uses the means of karmic and medical astrology, tarot, archetypes, journeywork-hypnotherapy, and indigenous spirituality to support people with life goals, eco-spiritual healing and cultivating healthy relationships.


Wendy - Tarot reader, was drawn to the healing arts 20 years ago and is a Reiki master as well as a practitioner and teacher of many other forms of energy healing, including polarity balancing, chakra balancing, acupressure and the EMF Balancing Technique.

Don't miss her complimentary 3-card reading available to get a taste of her Tarot.
Gitana - Gitana uses the means of karmic and medical astrology, tarot, archetypes, journeywork-hypnotherapy, and indigenous spirituality to support people with life goals, eco-spiritual healing and cultivating healthy relationships.


Lainey Grace - Psychic and Medium who experiences precognitive dreams and visions. Lainey can connect with friends and loved ones in spirit, including pets offering messages of peace, hope, love and healing and the ability to tap into your aura with the use of the pendulum and automatic drawing to accurately answer direct life path questions relating to the past, present, and future.
Mr. Malone - Automatic writing medium. Automatic Pen Writing is a form of channeling,  where you allow a higher power to create or guide the words that you write. Answers come through the process of tuning in to what is being written or drawn out onto the paper through the pen.


Lee Scrimmager - Tarot | Reiki | Akashic Records. With the help of her ancestors and spiritual team, she is here to help others identify the energy within and around them so that they can feel empowered to walk in their divinity.
Holly Stanford-Brown - Intuitive tarot and oracle card reader, hones in on your unique circumstances and channels healing messages from spirit that will leave you feeling calm, empowered, and inspired. A reading with Holly is like sitting down for a chat with your best friend.



Walk-ins are welcome, but to guarantee a spot, appointments are recommended.

You can  make an appointment by calling the store phone 1-818-955-5114 or in person.
Standard readings times and rates are:
15 min ($40)
30 min ($60) 
45 min ($80)
1 hour ($100)
Cash preferred.

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