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No More Waiting – Your Time is NOW

Focus on the Future, and Leave the Past Behind

We went deep within throughout November, aided by Scorpio energy, to discover our heart’s true desires, as well as what fear exists within us that blocks us from taking action in service to those desires. Our work was emotional, exhausting, and downright frustrating at times. It was also a blessing, as it has allowed us to arrive here, in December, with greater clarity, and a burning need to change our lives. 

We will need that fire all throughout this month to supercharge our choices and fuel our actions. This is not a month to play it safe, or to hide from confrontation. This is a time to face up to the truths that exist right now. What is helping us and what is harming us? With discernment the time has come to remove what no longer serves, radically, mercilessly, and with the utmost trust that what we remove will be replaced by something far greater than we have ever seen.

For a month like this, we need help with our hearts. There is going to be a lot of focus on the mind this month as we analyze, make decisions, and then take action. When the mind is called upon with such vigor, the heart can be left behind. Yet, it is our hearts that contain the fire we need to move forward. 

To support yourself through this month, carry a piece of Danburite with you at all times. For greater heart activation and cleansing, wear a Danburite pendant around your neck at the higher heart chakra (a couple inches below the base of the throat).
Danburite is a sweet, high vibrational stone that aligns the mind and heart, while also balancing the crown chakra. This ensures that all parts of you are on board with the choices you make, and that you are making them from a place of grounded wisdom, not anxiety or ego-based need. Danburite seeks to support you as your solar plexus comes alive with confidence, purpose, and the will to succeed. Meditate with a piece of Danburite at your naval and breathe its loving energy directly into your core.

With danburite, you will find greater acceptance for yourself and others – a necessary gift as you navigate in and out of situations and relationships that either energize or deplete you. We are here to live our greatest lives, and sometimes that means accepting that another is on their own journey that may or may not align with ours. We need not cling to those whose paths are taking them in a different direction. With love, honor, and grace, let people, places, and things go. They may return, or they may not, but either way, we all must move forward on our own journeys. Danburite reminds us that to lose something is to gain space for something new. 

All throughout this month you will be called upon to act, create, and speak your truth. This is a bold month of change, a passionate month of radical decision making that reveals more of your authenticity, power, and desires. Let your light shine, Danburite whispers. No more hiding or pretending to be something you’re not or to want something you don’t want. You are who you are and who you are is amazing

With Danburite by your side, you are ready to face the final month of 2019 with confidence, open-heartedness, and the courage necessary to take the quantum leap into a new level of life. You’ve done the planning, you’ve done the soul searching. You know what you want. Now get out there and make it happen!
I believe in myself and the dreams I carry in my heart.
I deserve the life I desire.
I am through waiting – my time is now.

Find out more after the jump, in our Planetary Overview! 


Planetary Overview for the month of
November 2019

If you thought the last month of the year was going to be a breeze…think again! The entire year (and especially the last three months) has been prepping us for the grand energies of 2020. This first year of a new decade is power-packed and promises profound shifts on both the collective and individual levels. We’re about to hit several years of big, rapid change. 

The meeting of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn this month will define the energies of the next decade. They bring with them the power of destruction – but not world-ending devastation. Rather, they are aiding us in bringing forth systems and processes that serve us better than what currently exists. The focus here is on the macro level, but you can utilize these powerful energies in your own life by confronting hard truths about what needs to change, and then choosing to be proactive in making that change. 

December is the final push to get us where we need to be mentally and emotionally so that we are ready for what’s to come. That means facing the truth and breaking our lives down to the essentials. What do we really need and want to have around us as we take purposeful steps toward our dreams?

On the 2nd of December, Jupiter enters Capricorn. This is a great kick-off to the month as expansive Jupiter joins forces with grounded, practical Capricorn to provide direction in terms of business ventures, career path, and purpose. Odds are that at this point you know what you want to create, but you may not yet see how you can possibly do it. Or perhaps you see the path clearly, but you’re so overwhelmed with ideas, possibilities, and visions, that you find yourself paralyzed in the present when it comes to making decisions. Either way, this aspect is here to help you out. 

Capricorn says, “One thing at a time,” and Jupiter says, “Hold on to that grand vision and don’t compromise it for anything.” This allows you to feel confident in your present-moment choices, while at the same time instilling you with a perpetual fire to continue to move forward. Practice self-discipline, and self-respect to the highest degree during this time for optimal performance and results.

On the 9th of December Mercury enters Sagittarius, which activates conviction and optimism within you. If you’ve been feeling a little low, this is a time to pick yourself back up, look in the mirror and repeat the affirmations listed above. You truly deserve a life you love to live, and the best part is that YOU have the power to create it. Yes, you really, really do – even if it’s hard to believe at times. Give yourself some praise for how far you’ve come and realign with where you want to go. And then commit to going there no matter what. No more self-doubt. You’ve got this!

🌕♉ December 12th brings us a challenging Full Moon in Gemini. What we say and think during this time has more power than at any other time this year. Choose your thoughts and statements wisely and put more energy into affirmations and positive thinking. You quite literally speak yourself into existence – what you evoke endures. 

While we all have those aspects of ourselves that we are healing, or are in a transformative process, we have, at our core, only love, beauty, and goodness. Speak from that place, as that place. Be the person who has the power to take responsibility for all parts of themselves and their life. State your ability to create a beautiful life, exclaim your incredible capacity for light, joy, abundance, and excellence. Say it over and over again and watch as those areas of your life that are not in line with what you are saying start to shift, fall away, or transform into that which does match the glorious truths you are speaking into the world. 

Be bold and honest, yet kind and compassionate with your words toward others during this time. You can share your truth without causing harm, but sometimes to do so requires more care and consideration. Practice mastery of your speech and your relationships – with yourself and with others – will flourish.

This Full Moon also offers us an opportunity to take a good look at our finances. This is a sticky, triggering area of many people’s lives, yet to master this area creates so much freedom. It is worth the short-lived discomfort of direct confrontation with the state of our financial health. If you’re struggling financially – perhaps with debt, over-spending, or lack of income – that’s okay! There is no need to practice shame around your finances. Instead, grab a piece of soothing, uplifting Danburite, take a deep breath, tell yourself it’s all going to be okay (because it is!) and dive in. 

If your finances are on point – great! Use this time to set financial goals for a special trip, or to invest in a new venture. If you’re working to balance your finances, create a budget, ask for help from a financial advisor, look to see where you have monthly expenses that aren’t necessary, and start making some changes. Abundance belongs to us all. With every step you take in the direction of financial mastery you open the door to increased prosperity. The work you do today will pay dividends in the future – literally!

On the 20th, Venus moves into Aquarius, placing the emphasis on friendship and deep, heartfelt communication. This is also a time to be more social, as new and exciting connection can be made at this time. Put yourself out there in settings that you enjoy – perhaps a class, concert, or networking event. You never know what beautiful souls you might meet!

December 21st is the solstice. Venus in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus enter into an exact square on this day. This triggers a core-level desire to remove yourself from all those who do not understand you and to deepen the bond with those who really “get you.” 

While it is important to remain open to other points of view than your own, this is a time to manage your inner circle to only include those who give you space to be yourself, speak your mind, and follow your dreams. Without this strong infrastructure of personal relationships, you may struggle to trust yourself, your ideas, and your decisions enough to generate the required momentum to create the business, artistic work, or lifestyle that wants to come forward now. While your own internal compass is still the only thing you really need to listen to, life is far easier when surrounded by those who uplift you instead of those who only seek to question you or play devil’s advocate every time you present a dream, idea, or desire. 

The Sun enters Capricorn on the 22nd. Now it’s time to get serious about what you’re going to manifest in the new year. As a master co-creator with the Universe, you are specially designed to bring to life all those things that live within your imagination. You have the power. You do. If you set a big goal for yourself, do so with the deep inner knowing that it will come to pass. You shall make it so. 

We have a Capricorn New Moon and Solar Eclipse on the 26th. This is a great time to make your 2020 vision board – go nuts! Put it all on there. Every dream, every idea that seems fantastical or impossible. Let yourself really feel the possibility of a dream so grand it would transform your whole life for the better. Don’t tell yourself you can’t have it, do it, create it. Instead look at your magical board every day and tell yourself that you are manifesting the life you love to live. Remember that your belief in yourself, in the universe, and in the loving force that guides all of creation is what opens the doors of manifestation.

To close out 2019’s final month, Mercury enters Capricorn on the 29th. This planetary placement says to us, “get your mind right!” Now is not the time to question all the hard work you’ve done to create clarity, face truth, release old attachments, and align yourself with a powerful vision of creation. Now is the time to focus your mind solely on the steps you need to take to get where you want to go. The path has already been paved – you need only walk it. End all distraction, release all doubt, and place every ounce of energy you have behind your vision. 

At the end of the day, excessive thinking will only drag you down. If you want something, go for it. Life is too short to wait too long for what you desire. It will come to you as you move toward it. No more waiting. Your life is right now. Live it – fully, passionately, bravely!

Happy holidays and have a very happy new year. See you in 2020!



The world is waking up one person at a time. As this shift from unconscious to conscious, you may find yourself looking for guidance, clarity, and like-minded people. The Crystal Shrine seeks to provide classes, workshops and events to support your soul no matter where you are on the path. Come join us as we explore the depths of consciousness, open our hearts and come into greater alignment with our true selves. 

Our class schedule changes regularly. Read on to discover this month’s powerful, soul-nourishing offerings.

Psychic Development

Intuition #1 Starts: Tuesday, November 12th - 7pm - 9pm
Intuition #2 Starts: Saturday, November 16th - 12 noon - 2pm
Each course is 4 weeks/clasess: $140/ $160 at the door



Next class: Wednesday,December 11th
7m - 9pm
Cash or Venmo.

Spiritual Awakening support group.

Full Moon Reiki Circle

Wednesday, December 11th
7.30pm - 9pm
Payable through Venmo (@sarahtsaraht) or Cash at the door. 

Please RSVP if you can, as space is limited:

This supportive circle includes non-dual wisdom teachings, a burn ritual for release, and a guided meditation with healing Reiki energy support for women. Open to all who identify as female. Please bring a yoga mat, pillow, and blanket.


Moonseed Soundbath Meditation

Next class: Thursday, December 19th
7pm - 8pm
Cash only, please.

Crystal Singing Bowls and Tarot


Readers Schedule

This is the Schedule for December 2019.

Our readers are on location, but they are also available for phone readings. Call the store (818 955 5114) to schedule an appointment. Walk-ins are welcome!

We are always open to expanding our family of readers, so If you are interested in reading at the store, or know someone who might, do not hesitate in contacting us!


Heather - Heather is following in the tradition of cartomancy, which is a cousin to Tarot that uses the playing cards. She provides various angles of insight offering solutions by using her intuitive and channeling skills to receive messages in order to provide spiritual and practical guidance to get you where you're supposed to be.


Heather - Heather is following in the tradition of cartomancy, which is a cousin to Tarot that uses the playing cards. She provides various angles of insight offering solutions by using her intuitive and channeling skills to receive messages in order to provide spiritual and practical guidance to get you where you're supposed to be.


Patti - Psychic Tarot Reading and Metaphysical / Spiritual Guidance
Divine insight into Love, Career, Prosperity and more.
Karina - Intuitive Psychic. Having been born in the Gypsy Forest region of the Czech Republic, Karina draws on her life's experience to help people find intimate connections in their daily lives. These include a personal understanding and expression of joy, connection to their heart and soul's purpose, and spiritual community in daily life.


Lainey Grace - Psychic and Medium who experiences precognitive dreams and visions. Lainey can connect with friends and loved ones in spirit, including pets offering messages of peace, hope, love and healing and the ability to tap into your aura with the use of the pendulum and automatic drawing to accurately answer direct life path questions relating to the past, present, and future.
Gitana - Gitana uses the means of karmic and medical astrology, tarot, archetypes, journeywork-hypnotherapy, and indigenous spirituality to support people with life goals, eco-spiritual healing and cultivating healthy relationships.


Wendy - Tarot reader, was drawn to the healing arts 20 years ago and is a Reiki master as well as a practitioner and teacher of many other forms of energy healing, including polarity balancing, chakra balancing, acupressure and the EMF Balancing Technique.

Don't miss her complimentary 3-card reading available to get a taste of her Tarot.
Gitana - Gitana uses the means of karmic and medical astrology, tarot, archetypes, journeywork-hypnotherapy, and indigenous spirituality to support people with life goals, eco-spiritual healing and cultivating healthy relationships.


Lainey Grace - Psychic and Medium who experiences precognitive dreams and visions. Lainey can connect with friends and loved ones in spirit, including pets offering messages of peace, hope, love and healing and the ability to tap into your aura with the use of the pendulum and automatic drawing to accurately answer direct life path questions relating to the past, present, and future.
Mr. Malone - Automatic writing medium. Automatic Pen Writing is a form of channeling,  where you allow a higher power to create or guide the words that you write. Answers come through the process of tuning in to what is being written or drawn out onto the paper through the pen.


Lee Scrimmager - Tarot | Reiki | Akashic Records. With the help of her ancestors and spiritual team, she is here to help others identify the energy within and around them so that they can feel empowered to walk in their divinity.
Holly Stanford-Brown - Intuitive tarot and oracle card reader, hones in on your unique circumstances and channels healing messages from spirit that will leave you feeling calm, empowered, and inspired. A reading with Holly is like sitting down for a chat with your best friend.



Walk-ins are welcome, but to guarantee a spot, appointments are recommended.

You can  make an appointment by calling the store phone 1-818-955-5114 or in person.
Standard readings times and rates are:
15 min ($40)
30 min ($60) 
45 min ($80)
1 hour ($100)
Cash preferred.

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