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Building Strong Foundations

Hello March & an energy shift!

Can you feel the change? March is ushering in less intense energy than what we’ve collectively been experiencing for many, many months. All planets have gone direct, leaving us ready for our Spring Forward time change this month (March 14th). All systems are a go to move forward with our lives, especially if you’ve been willing and reassessing what has and hasn’t been working in your life over the last six months.

This leads us to the theme of March: Building Strong Foundations

March brings with it opportunities to redefine, replace, or restructure the areas of your life that have been asking for your attention the most. What parts of your foundation in your career, relationships, or lifestyle are not on solid ground?

Collectively we’ve been undergoing reflections showing us how convicted we are with our values and morals. If you’ve been experiencing roadblocks in life, have you been honest with yourself and others around what no longer feels in alignment for you?

Let’s take relationships, for example. Is there a friendship, partnership, parent, or child in your life that has been a struggle for you for a while? Despite your best efforts to communicate, are you finding yourself in a familiar pattern that you recognize is no longer working for you and causing you not to be your best self when interacting with this person?

Here is where we have the opportunity to strengthen our foundation with someone. Let’s first acknowledge that no relationship is perfect, easy, always happy, and without areas of improvement.

Now, take a look at the pattern you find yourself in. What need of yours is not getting met? Has someone you love done something hurtful and are you having a hard time getting through it? Maybe the need is not for someone to be perfect but for someone to validate your experience and genuinely apologize or to take the time to understand your viewpoint.

Once you can identify the core value of yours (ex: honesty, curiosity, personal responsibility), then you can clearly communicate what the underlying need is for you and in what ways you are supported or can shine more brightly once that need is met.

Also, notice that part of a strong foundation is to be open to hearing and understanding those around you. The above must go both ways for a relationship to be respected and honored.

It’s easy to get caught up in the layers surrounding the issue at hand, and yet that’s the process. Our wounds are like an onion. We can instantly point a finger and blame an external problem or person, but once that problem gets addressed, is it truly resolved for you? If the answer is yes, great! If the answer is no, then another layer of the onion is there to peel back and reveal. This is the process of healing. Each layer shows us something new about ourselves. A deeper understanding of why we operate the way we do presents itself. In accepting our truth and finding any support needed around it, internal shifts can begin to occur. A lightness can step in, alignment occurs, and expansion invites us to a new experience to move forward.

Sometimes we can meet these needs ourselves once we identify them, sometimes we need to ask for support.

What is out of your control is how people will respond to you. What is in your control is staying convicted to your values because maybe you’ve seen the pattern enough in your life and how it’s no longer serving you. Maybe you are ready to step forward into what breaking that loop will look like for you in the next phase.

There is the discomfort of staying in your patterns, and there is the discomfort of breaking your patterns. Ultimately, it is your choice. Trust your process and timing. Healing is not linear. Building your foundation is not straightforward. Each layer of your onion brings depth and complexity. Each building block becomes more grounded with strength and courage.

Be extra kind and gentle with yourself while you integrate and deepen your foundation as you spring forward this month.

Whether it’s in relationships, career, or another area of your life, the same principles apply as you navigate and strengthen your understanding and stand strong in your values with respect of others and theirs.

To further support you with building stronger foundations, we recommend working with our stone of the month: Emerald.

Emerald is known to promote communication through truthfulness. It is a stone that is connected to the heart. It can be highly supportive to help you identify your values.

Emerald aids in mental clarity, intelligence, and discernment. It can bring ease to a troubled mind and enhance intuition. It can help you appreciate life and bring harmony to the path ahead.

Physically, Emerald aids with the sinuses, lungs, and muscles and can support the recovery of infectious diseases. It is also said to have a detoxifying effect on the liver.

It’s a great stone for cleansing, love, and ushering in more joy.

We are currently open daily from 12 pm -5 pm for all of your Emerald wants and needs.

Readers Schedule

This is the Schedule for March 2021.

Our readers are on location, but they are also available for phone readings. Call the store (818 955 5114) to schedule an appointment and for rates. Walk-ins are welcome!

We are always open to expanding our family of readers, so If you are interested in reading at the store, or know someone who might, do not hesitate in contacting us!


Taylor - Taylor specializes in connecting with the high-vibe guides around you, that she calls angels. Her readings are perfect for anyone who needs guidance, clarity, or to move forward out of a rut. She is an intuitive that helps you reconnect on your path of highest good with no judgment, only love. You can come to her with any question, ask about any relationship, or inquire about any area of life. Or, you can keep it open and see what your angels have to say. 


Wendy - Tarot reader, was drawn to the healing arts 20 years ago and is a Reiki master as well as a practitioner and teacher of many other forms of energy healing, including polarity balancing, chakra balancing, acupressure and the EMF Balancing Technique.

Don't miss her complimentary 3-card reading available to get a taste of her Tarot.


Mr. Malone - Automatic writing medium. Automatic Pen Writing is a form of channeling,  where you allow a higher power to create or guide the words that you write. Answers come through the process of tuning in to what is being written or drawn out onto the paper through the pen.

Call the store to schedule a phone reading with Mr. Malone.


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