Joint Learning Initiative on Faith & Local Communities

Spring 2016 Updates

JLIF&LC: The Next Three Years

JLIF&LC's Steering Committee approved a new Plan of Operations for 2016-2018. We're moving towards:
  • Equipping JLIF&LC members to communicate knowledge about faith groups' activity and contributions to sustainable development
  • Supporting active Learning Hubs, while morphing inactive ones to "thematic resources"
  • Responding to policymakers' and practitioners' specific evidence needs
  • Developing an "Expert Referral Network" of academics, policymakers, or practitioners by expertise, region, and more
  • Making it easier to search for resources and to link to the source organizations and experts
  • Strengthening governance for increased accountability and broader governance

JLIF&LC support for Religious Engagement at the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS)

JLIF&LC is actively supporting religious engagement at the WHS, Istanbul, May 23-24: 
  • The Resilience, Peace & Conflict, and Gender-based Violence Hubs are collaboratively producing five Policy Briefs on the evidence for religious activity and contributions to humanitarian response. Under the leadership of Alastair Ager, Chair of Resilience Learning Hub, each policy brief is linked to one of the five Core Responsibilities outlined in the Secretary General’s Report One Humanity, Shared Responsibilities.
  • JLIF&LC will host a WHS Side Event, spotlighting the five evidence-based Policy Briefs. The JLIF&LC Peace & Conflict Scoping Paper will also be launched at the Side Event. Side Event co-organizers include: Soka Gakkai International, Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network, Islamic Relief, Order of Malta, Religions for Peace, World Evangelical Alliance, and World Vision.
  • JLIF&LC has served as an advisor to the UN Inter-Agency Task Force on Religion & Development preparation of the WHS Special Session on Religious Engagement, as well as a Pre-Meeting of Religious Leaders and FBOs on Sunday, May 22
For more information, please visit: Please note that attendance for the WHS is by invitation only and registration is closed. 

Opportunities & Events

Apr 22 - Call for photographers from different religious backgrounds to participate in GIZ workshop: "Value the Value of Religion for Development"

Apr 25 - Call for papers or presentations on topic: “The Role of Religion in Defining and Realising the SDGs”, DSA conference on Sept 12-14, 2016. Helen Stawski, co-chair of the Resilience Hub, will be speaking. 

May 29 - Peacebuilders in the Middle East, hosted by Tearfund. Please disseminate to individuals in your networks who may be interested in attending.

Sep 30 - Call for papers to the Yearbook of International Religious Demography 2017

Partnership on Religion & Development 

The Partnership on Religion and Development, a bilateral coordinating mechanism, was launched by the German and US governments, and other bilateral and multilateral partners, in February 2016 in Berlin. More information is available here. The application to join as an associate member will be available soon.

Please continue to share information relating Faith and Local Communities!

We encourage submission of new resources and events to the JLIF&LC Website.

Want to join or learn more about JLIF&LC?

Please contact:

  • Jean Duff, Coordinator,
  • Helena Manguerra, Web Administrator,

Peace & Conflict Learning Hub Scoping Study 

The Peace & Conflict Learning Hub, launched last year with over 130 members, is collaboratively producing a Scoping Study on multi/interfaith programming in conflict settings and faith-based approaches to peacebuilding and conflict mediation. The Scoping Paper will be launched at the World Humanitarian Summit Side Event on the evidence for religious contributions to humanitarian and conflict responses, which is led by JLIF&LC and a number of other partners. The Peace & Conflict Learning Hub is led by Sarah Pickwick, World Vision, Lucy Salek, Islamic Relief, and Alpaslan Ozerdem, Coventry University. Lead authors for the Scoping Paper include Christopher Shannahan and Laura Payne of Coventry University.

Review of Faith & International Affairs

With funding support from DFID, Dr. Jill Olivier on behalf of JLIF&LC is editing a series of papers on religions and development, many building off materials from the Religion & Sustainable Development Conference last July, co-hosted by JLIF&LC. The series of papers will be published in the September 2016 issues of Review of Faith and International Affairs.

New GBV Hub Co-Chair

A warm welcome to Dr. Shereen El Feki, the newest Co-Chair of the Gender-based Violence Learning Hub!
Shereen El Feki (@shereenelfeki) is a Senior Fellow with Promundo and Co-Principal Investigator of the International Men and Gender Equality Survey Middle East and North Africa (IMAGES MENA), a ground-breaking study of men, masculinities and gender roles in Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and the Palestinian Territories.  Shereen is also a Professor of Global Practice at the Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto, as well as an Associate Fellow of Chatham House. She is an internationally-recognised expert on the intersection of gender, sexuality and politics, and author of Sex and the Citadel: Intimate Life in a Changing Arab World (Penguin Random House, 2013). 


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