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How to spring into action this season

Happy spring equinox

In this issue:

Seasonal changes and how they affect us

Spring has finally arrived, after the winter months we welcome in the new energy of the season and a much needed new health regime to help us to embrace the season.

This month we have had a solar eclipse of the sun and a full moon lunar eclipse either side of the Spring equinox. When we experience eclipses it can have a profound effect on our emotional, mental and physical health. Highlighting what may need to change within our  lifestyle to be able to feel healthy and vibrant.

Leading into an equinox the liver needs extra help with cleansing as in traditional Chinese medicine in the spring season we focus on the liver and gallbladder and their ability to detoxify. In Naturopathic Nutrition we say that if you cleanse your liver in the spring season you will stay well for the following seasons and the rest of the year.

The astrology for this month is taking us in a direction where we are re-evaluating life and connecting with how we really feel on a deeper emotional level. It's a time where Neptune is bringing a much deeper Psychic connection so that we can be aware of our intuition and what we really need to thrive rather then just survive. Anything you do this month to enhance your spiritual connection will be highly effective. A perfect time to look within.


Emma's top tips for cleansing this spring

  • Eat sour foods such as juiced lemon or lime. Cider vinegar in salads, as well as fermented foods such as sauerkraut or kefir. They all help to detoxify and tone the liver.
  • Include 1-2 tablespoons of organic lecithin granules or organic cold pressed coconut oil daily. The phospholipids in these products help to rebuild and strengthen the liver.
  • Use 30-60 ml of aloe vera per day with 1 tablespoon of linseeds that have been soaked in water overnight. The combination of the omega 3 in linseeds and the aloe will lubricate and hydrate the body at a cellular level enhancing the skin and energy.
  • Use 1-2 tablespoons of organic hemp oil for salads. This will improve the blood sugar and brain function.
  • Use fresh wheatgrass in your juicer and have a shot a day. The chlorophyll in this heals and cleanses the body and acts like an antiseptic for clearing candida and toxins as well as improving energy. If you don't have access to fresh wheatgrass then dried wheatgrass is your next best option as it's high in magnesium and many other nutrients.
  • Include fresh vegetable juice daily with some lemon and something green along side carrots. Carrots are rich in beta carotene which is wonderful for the liver and the greens help to alkalise and detoxify. You could use celery, kale, lettuce, parsley or courgette.
  • Take an algae supplement which is rich in omega 3 and DHA such as blue green algae, Spirilina or chlorella. These boost the immunity and give your body a wide range of minerals along with a sufficient amount of iodine.
  • Increase your percentage of raw organic vegetables and fruits in your diet. Use a wide range of colour and seasonal foods for vitality.
  • Use cold pressed organic olive oil in your salads. This oil is great for skin, it's anti fungal and helps the liver to cleanse.
  • Include herbal teas such as milk thistle and dandelion for liver rejuvenation and cleansing.
  • Increase a vitamin C supplement to drive out toxins and for boosting immunity. Dosage 1000 mg 3 x per day.
  • Research liver cleansing techniques such as a castor oil compress on the liver area or book a colonic with a therapist. Talk to a Naturopath before embarking on this or join one of our training courses or seasonal workshops.

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Have a great spring,
Steve and Emma.

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