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Happy New Year!

We wish you a Healthy and prosperous year ahead

In this newsletter we have the following exciting topics to help you through January and keep you inspired throughout the year. 

In this issue:

Look years younger in 28 days and kick start your health this January

There is no better time to start your health commitments than now....
This 28 day day programme will leave you feeling revivified and rejuvenated in just over a week and looking years younger after a month of commitment.

The secret to looking and feeling younger is taking great care of yourself from the inside out. We need to treat our body as a temple and be kind to ourselves and others. 

Try the healthy Jones Phillips January programme...
For the next 28 days you can make simple changes that take off years.

By exercising and eating only energy enhancing foods, fresh, raw fruits and vegetables, fresh juices, seaweeds and essential fatty acids.

Really pay attention to what you are thinking.  Be grateful for everything that enhances your life and also bless everything you eat and drink.

Try avoiding these most severe ageing and devitalising foods :

Animal products: They make the body acidic and congest the colon. Also they rob the body of antioxidants which are essential for keeping you young and healthy. There is also karmic and ethical reasons why avoiding meat is a good idea. Mainly it's adding to the worlds suffering when we use meat products.

Reduce or avoid Cooked  foods: If we eat too much cooked food the body lacks enzymes and vital nutrients and our food literally starts making us feel tired and de vitalised. Reducing cooked foods or just following a raw food diet can literally wake the body and mind up and transform your state of health.

Avoid Grains: there is lots of research coming out of recent years on the negative effect of grains on the blood sugar, brain and energy levels. Most of us are aware of the negative effects of gluten on the body found in Wheat, Spelt, Rye, Oats and Barley. However there is a lot of supporting evidence that grains such as rice and corn have equally detrimental effects on the brain and nervous system.Not only are they hard to digest but also have moulds and spores in them that can travel through the digestive tract and effect our mood and mental / emotional health.

Avoid Processed  sugar: Most people are aware of white sugar and it's deadly effect on the brain chemistry, causing addictive behaviour, psychological upset as well as many physical disorders. However with such an array of sugar substitutes out there we have been accustomed to feeling we need a much higher sugar content to our diet then is healthy or supportive for our well being. During these 28 days it would be a good test to just use the sweet flavour from fruits and vegetables and not rely on any form
of white sugar or sugar alternatives to temp your state buds. You will be surprised how well you do without it and how much more balanced you feel mentally.

28 day transformation program

1. Wake up early! Make your morning relaxed and make time to prepare for a great day. Be grateful the moment you open your eyes. Do a meditation routine every morning and love the life you have, looking for the positive in all things.

2. Eat clean and energy enhancing foods: Start the day with a fresh green juice with lemon or lime.
It is best to eat as simply as possible: preferably one type of fruit at a time or a salad of leafy greens with one or two other ingredients such as seeds or sprouted foods. Include fresh seaweeds and miso soup, these foods are anti-radiation foods. Some people are now calling radiation damage from mobile phones the rapid ageing disease. So the more iodine rich foods we eat the better we will look and feel.

3. Plan your day. List your goals for the day and prioritise them. See yourself at the end of your work day with your list complete and feeling great.

4. Exercise: Make sure that you allow at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise. Walk, dance, run,bike or  take a class. No matter how busy you are, you have time for this. Exercise will improve your blood and lymphatic movement assisting detoxification.

5. Play time: Remember to allow for play. Spend time with people  that you love and who uplift you  and play with your children . Do things that are fun, Laugh.

6. Rest and sleep: It is so important to get adequate rest. A good night’s sleep can definitely make you look and feel years younger. Before you go to sleep, take time to rest from the day. Think about all the good things that happened throughout your day and what you are grateful for. Go to sleep happy. No laptops or mobile phones for at least 2 hours before bedtime and no electrical equipment in the bedroom. This will not only help you have a good nights sleep but will enhance your brain power the next day.

7. Take daily supplements to help cleanse and detox internally such as probiotics, Aloe Juice and green powders such as chlorella / wheatgrass or blue algae. 

8. Try using Coconut Oil as a hair and face mask, leave on overnight for a hydrating treatment. You won't need any expensive skin products again.

9. Skin care should be about keeping your skin clean and feeding it with nutrients through your diet. So if gorgeous skin is your goal, be sure to get plenty of essential fatty acids and vitamins A, C, D, E.  Include natural Acai Powder in your diet for Vitamin A and C, and Baobab Powder for Vitamin C. Hemp Seeds are also a fantastic natural way to obtain those natural essential fatty acids and vitamin E. Choose to take a vitamin D spray to enhance your skin and balance your hormones.

10. Vitamin C: include at least 2000mg of vitamin C daily. If you have any health concerns then you may want to increase it to therapeutic dosages such as 5000mg - 10,000 mg, (it is advisable to do this under the guidance of a qualified practitioner). You know you have had enough vitamin C if your bowel starts to complain, then reduce it. You will be surprised how much you body needs and tolerates.

11. Msm: This form of sulphur is one of the most anti ageing substances on the planet. Amazing for healing the skin and recovering skin cells as well as purifying the body. At least 2000 mg is needed in raw / pine tree form in powder or capsule.

12. Linseed and chia seeds, use these soaked to improve bowel function and hydration as well as elasticity of the skin.

13. Put  Castor oil on the face and leave on 3 x per week at night. You will be amazed how this improves your skin and gives you that glow your looking for.

14. Pure water is essential for your cells and skin. Commit to 4 pints of the best quality water you can find.

15. Flax and hemp oil are wonderful skin tonics for the skin. Take 2 tablespoons of one or both oils in your salads to keep you looking young and healthy.

Eat when your hungry not when you are bored or upset. This will allow you to have a healthy weight with minimum food cravings.

Enjoy your life and make the best of your body.


Celtic Moon Wisdom For January

The square between Uranus and Pluto which has brought a difficult dynamic has set the mood since 2012. However during this month this will ease off and create a new mode of social networking and connecting together once more rather then working in isolation.

When Scorpio enters Mars on the 4 th January it brings a dynamic will power that is unmovable and will help break through difficulties and barriers.

Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius on the 5th January giving us 20 days of introspection, organisation, inner searching and focus. When mercury moved forward again on the 25th we have a new sense of structure, fortune and good opportunities are to be found.

As the new moon blesses us on the 10th. December make some new wishes for the future and for people who need our help. This a new start with extra energy to support us .

As we end the month with the full moon in Leo on the 24th. This moon brings a fiery creativity that can open us up to a whole new dimension of ourselves that we never new existed .

Enjoy the journey


10 Ways to Help you Stick to your New Years



It is that time of year again when we make our resolutions for the year ahead, we make an attempt to change our behaviours for the better. It is a time for reflection and honesty with ourselves and our actions and how they impact our lives and our general happiness.

We all know that many resolutions get made and then within a couple of days or weeks we have fallen off the wagon and are straight back into our old patterns of behaviour.

Why does this happen?

There are many reasons, but lets take a look at a few and how we can prevent them from happening to us, so that we can move forward and make 2016 the year that we made some positive changes to our lives and not only impacted us but helped our friends and family too.

Whatever changes we make have a ripple effect on the people around us, if we can make changes and show strength in our character then it can inspire others to also make changes.
  1. Have we set our standards too high? We may have gone for unrealistic goals because they sound good and eventually we would love to be at that point but maybe we could, just for now, make some small achievable goals, be realistic and aim for things that we can do. This will then give us confidence to continue rather than be demoralising if we fail to achieve our high standards set and end up forgetting about goal setting all together.
  2. Being alone in your goals: It is a good idea to set goals with friends or family that inspire us to be more than we already are. We may have friends that are willing to go for it with us 100% but others that drag us down and deep inside we know that it is not going to work with them. Stick with people that give you inspiration to continue.
  3. Do you have a plan? If we fail to plan then we can plan to fail, goal setting requires the end goal and then possibly breaking that up into smaller daily or weekly goals, this puts less pressure on us and when things are down on paper it eases the mind it is almost like we have already achieved it and the sub conscious mind can then go to work to make it happen.
  4. Positive Self Talk: Even if we do not achieve our goals that we set, or have a slip up, how do we talk to ourselves? Do we beat ourselves up and feel that we have failed? We could focus on what we have achieved instead of lingering on the negative, remember it is not the amount of times we fall but the times we get back up again that matter.
  5. How much do we want our Resolutions? Remember that when we set intentions it is like challenging our old selves, many times situations will arise to test how serious we are about our new resolutions. Temptation will arise and people that do not wish to make any changes to their lives would like you to stop, because on a sub conscious level your transformation makes them feel pressured and feel that they too may need to make some changes. It is easier for them to get you to “fall off the wagon” than to look truly at themselves. We can help ourselves by recognising these temptations as they arise, look out for them and point them out either to yourself or to the person. These people are like angels in disguise helping us to reaffirm our new resolutions to ourselves and cement our new behaviour patterns.
  6. What are your Zinc levels like? Zinc deficiency is related to co dependant behaviours and addictions, if you are trying to beat addictions such as sugar, chocolate, alcohol or drugs then it maybe an idea to get your zinc levels tested or to increase zinc rich foods like pumpkin seeds. Zinc can also make make you less dependant on others, this new found independence may be just what we need to move forward and stand strong in our decisions.
  7. Got enough EFA’s? Essential Fatty Acids are very important for us to help curb addictions, maybe we could begin to take a good vegetarian omega 3 supplement to help balance blood sugars and brain chemistry therefore helping you to ward off cravings and have a clearer mind.
  8. Set goals that give you juice!! Set goals that are going to get you inspired, things that YOU would like to achieve, not ones that your parents or partners would prefer that you do. Without the necessary desire we will not achieve our resolutions.
  9. Make our goals enjoyable. If yours is a weight loss or a diet change related resolution, it is important to enjoy the process, try to find out new recipes and foods that you enjoy rather than depriving yourself of all the good stuff find healthy alternatives and if you do slip up occasionally focus on all of the good you are doing, this will simply attract more good.
  10. Do you know why you would like to achieve your resolutions? Many of us set resolutions because it sounds like a good thing to do, but if we can look deeper into the why? Then this helps the mind to make it happen. The why is what we are really doing it for and if we can focus on that then especially at tough times we can get through knowing the benefits it will give us after.
Are you up for making some lasting changes today that will impact not only 2016 but the rest of your lives?

What if we look at ourselves with true honesty?

There is something magical about humility and honesty, when we are humble we allow ourselves to be just the way we are, we also allow others to be exactly the way they are, however when we allow our egos to take over then it becomes everyone else’s fault.

Good luck with your resolutions, we would love to hear about them, you could join our Healthy Jones Phillips facebook group and share them with others that would be interested this may help to build inspiration. Or you could even keep a video diary of your progress, the simple act of sharing your resolutions with others who care can help you to be accountable for the resolutions you have committed to and therefore give you more of a chance of success.



Glastonbury Retreat 17-19th June 2016


For those of you that may hove missed this in the last newsletter.

We are running a retreat in the summer of 2016 in Glastonbury. The retreat will be incorporating our Naturopathic principles, and will include workshops, yoga, delicious organic plant based nutritious food all weekend. If you would like to secure your place on this retreat all we need is a £50 deposit for now, half payment by Feb and then full payments to be in by the end of April 2016. Spaces are limited.

Prices are just £300-350 depending on the accommodation, please email us with your interest. Our retreats are for people that have either studied or had sessions with Emma or at the very least for people that already have a good understanding of Naturopathic Nutrition.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Naturopathic Nutrition Diploma Sept 2016

Many more people are now looking to take control of their health naturally, would you like to become a part of the health revolution? 

We are now taking payments or deposits for our Naturopathic Nutrition Diploma starting in Sept 2016. If you would like more information on our diploma course or know of someone that is interested in studying nutrition either for themselves, to add to their current therapies or to start up business as a Naturopathic Nutritionist, drop us an email with your interest and we will send you the details.

Will 2016 be the time that you made a commitment to yourself for a future of good health? Not only for you but for your family, friends and clients too.

Reply to this message now for the details.
Yours in Health,
Steve and Emma.

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