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October Newsletter

Welcome to our October newsletter which is packed full of top tips to help keep you be at your best for this season. Keep an eye out for up and coming events and feel free to get in touch for more info.

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Healthy Jones Phillips News

Keisha Karika, our daughter is 1 years old on October 16th
Look out for November 28th workshop on pregnancy, breastfeeding and weening where I will be sharing all my tried and tested knowledge and tips of how to keep your baby and toddlers healthy the naturopathic way. It’s been a very rewarding and educational year nurturing Keisha.

Look out for the November newsletter where I am giving my personal experience and first aid Naturopathic food, techniques and Homeopathy for babies and toddlers. 

Fertility workshop

October 31st 10-2pm @ 1 field’s park road, Pontcanna, Cardiff,CF119JP. booking is essential.

Learn how diet and lifestyle has a huge impact on fertility and how you can resolve fertility issues through change in diet, correcting deficiencies and looking at key environmental factors for this area of your life. This workshop is for anyone who wants help with fertility or practitioners who want to expand on their knowledge...  
For more info or bookings get in touch by email or telephone.


Special Guest - Kirtan and Talk

International speaker and Author His Grace Kripamoya Dasa is blessing us with his company at 6:30pm on the 27th Oct at Cardiff Steiner School.

He will be giving an inspirational talk full of ancient wisdom for modern day living and leading a Kirtan meditation, which will be followed by a delicious vegetarian meal for just £5 Early Bird (before 13th Oct) and £8 General Admission. 

Please click here to buy your tickets for this event 

Kripamoya Dasa Has over 40 years of spiritual experience in Bhakti Yoga to share with us, he is an initiating Guru and has just recently released his book "The Guru and Disciple Book".

We anticipate that tickets will go fast. 

If you would like to read more about Kripamoya Dasa please click here


Give your immune system the help it deserves this Season 

After a seasonal change in September, the change in temperature and light there is often more colds, flu's and symptoms of the body detoxing in October. The first thing to say is that a cold or flu can been a very useful thing for clearing toxins and mucous from the body. As Naturopaths we say it takes a lot of energy to produce a cold and a huge amount more for flu.

We rarely see full flu these days as people often don’t have the energy to produce a fever or temperature which in my line of work can be really helpful for clearing deeper toxins. If managed naturally a cold or flu will only last 3 – 10 days maximum. However if we try to prevent it by using medication then this can leave us with a weak immune system and low energy long term .  If we manage colds, flus and chest problems naturally then they will strengthen our immune system and help us to feel strong all year round. 


Top 10 tips for a cold free year ahead and a fully functioning immune system

  1. Fresh Lemons and ginger, warm drinks that have a boosting effect on circulation and have a high antioxidant level.
  2. Avoid sticky mucous forming foods such as gluten, processed dairy, sugar and bananas as they will add to congestion and acidity in the body. The theory is bacteria’s and viruses cannot survive in an alkaline environment in the body.
  3. Natural anti-bacterial agents and antivirals such as Propolis, bee pollen, local honey, all which are high in B vitamins, antibacterial agents and have huge immune system boosting benefits.
  4. Colloidal silver is a wonderful natural antibiotic that can be used safely for any condition in babies to the elderly and can be such a great alternative to antibiotics. Dosage varies with age and symptoms, average adult dose, 5 ml twice per day.
  5. Fresh juice with seasonal vegetables and fruits can alkalise and boost energy, try pumpkin, pomegranate and cinnamon for a boost.
  6. Warm ginger baths with fresh ginger, boil your ginger beforehand and pour 1 pint into the bath water, you can have this mild or super strong.
  7. Friendly bacteria from kombucha, kefir and fermented vegetables, start making your own cultures for immune boosting probiotics and B vitamins, especially B12.
  8. Extra vitamin C min 2000MG per day for cleansing and healing.
  9. Pure Msm powder from pine tree extract can be wonderful for clearing a cold and helping the lungs, it’s a form of sulphur which purifies the lungs. Average dosage 2000mg per day, Super foods that are rich in vitamin C. zinc and iron such as elderberry, camu camu, baobab, and pomegranates, add to smoothies or juices.
  10. Epsom salt baths, this gives the body high dosage of magnesium and its recommended 1kg per bath. However not to be used in pregnancy, with high blood pressure or varicose veins.
Remember that having health symptoms may not be a bad thing as it’s an indication that you may need a detox. It’s managing it naturally that’s the most important thing and staying away from unnatural suppressants.
Find out more about how to keep your children healthy and happy during my November workshop.


Video - Emma's top tips for Oct
Wishing you a health boosting month, 

Yours in Health,
Steve and Emma.

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