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Happy Equinox and Seasonal Events

A Warm welcome to the Autumn Equinox and all the changes that it will bring. In the Naturopathic Nutrition approach the spring and Autumn Equinox are exciting times as this is when we see the positive effects of all the changes that have taken place with our diet and lifestyle working their magic.

Two weeks leading into the Equinox is a time of great change where the body and soul reminds us of what we need to pay attention too and how to align with our purpose. It’s a time of increased insight and psychic awareness.

This month of September 2015 is a very special time as we are experiencing not only the equinox but also we had the solar eclipse at the beginning of the month, mercury has gone retrograde from 17th September –October 9th and we end the month with a wonderful super moon solar eclipse .

There is focus during this Equinox of letting go of the old patterns that no longer serve us or others and stimulation to move in a direction that’s positive for our soul. There may be slight chaos and unrest during this process. However by the end of the month after the super moon eclipse if you are brave enough to embark on the changes that are needed in your life there will be a great break through with peace of mind.

This season in the Celtic healing system focuses on cleansing the colon, skin, lungs and focussing the mind. The foods that are helpful for this system are white foods, such as parsnip, celeriac, radish, pear, white grapes, turnip, as well as spicy soups, dhal and supportive foods for the colon such as brown rice, buckwheat and Millet.  Spices are useful especially as we need to bring warmth to the body, useful one’s for this season and astrology are nutmeg, cinnamon, mace, chilli, paprika, as well as vanilla. Herbs for the season are lemon balm, lemon verbena and skullcap.

As mercury is in a retrograde position, this will highlight communication issues that need to be improved on. It’s a good time to reflect on what doesn’t work in your communication style and find solutions that promote peace in the heart for you and others. Take extra time, care and attention with travel plans and when signing contracts until after October 9th.  Generally how you deal with this phase will affect other big decisions and will be the foundation of months to come.

During the equinox it is said that how we feel on the day will govern how we feel for the whole season. Therefore take advantage of time in nature, organise your season ahead and make plans for meditation so that you get the most out of the radiance of an equinox.

During this month do extra things to support cleansing and healing for your health such as:

  1. 4 Pints of water that has a pH of 7 plus and is as clean as you can find, filtered, Mineral or spring. This is the foundation of your health.
  2. Include fresh juice, ideally 250 ml of green juice or smoothie, this will nourish the cells and bring the body into an alkaline state.
  3. Include essential fatty acids such as Hemp oil, flax oil or Algae for nourishment of the brain and hormones. This is essential as the body can’t function without these on a cellular level. Recommended amounts are 2 tablespoons per day or 2000mg.
  4. Include soaked linseed or Chia for hydration, protein and good fats. Recommended is a minimum of 1 tablespoon.
  5. Cut out gluten found in Wheat, Rye, barley and Oats and include gluten free grains such as rice, millet, buckwheat, Quinoa, this helps the colon to cleanse and clears the mind .
  6. Avoid animal products and use plant proteins such as sprouted pulses and seeds, quinoa, or hemp. Only use Cow’s milk if you are completely sure that the milk is unpasteurised and from Ahimsa source re: the cows are well looked after and cared for.
  7. Increase your vitamin D intake by supplementing the diet, it’s recommended for an adult at least 3000 IU to 5000 IU per day.
  8. Increase B vitamins especially B 12 found in fermented foods such as Kombucha, Kefir, coconut yoghurt and fermented vegetables. (Maybe a supplement of a b12 spray would be useful if you are vegan).
  9. Increase Magnesium intake from green foods, juices and smoothies and increase uptake of magnesium through the skin such as using the spray or in Epsom salt baths.
  10. Take all processed foods especially white sugar out of the diet (even if it’s just for 1 month) to highlight how good food that is made with love and good intention is.

Naturopathic cleansing techniques such as Epsom salt baths or warm castor oil on an area of the body that needs attention can be healing and supportive especially around the lunar eclipse.

To end the month, organise a special gathering with friends and family for the welcoming of new things and the arrival of more positive, peaceful energy that will help us to move into Winter with a balanced mind and good intentions.
Wishing you well during this month, be the best person you can be and focus on a peaceful future.


Events coming soon

  • Special Guest
International speaker and Author His Grace Kripamoya Dasa is blessing us with his company at 6:30pm on the 27th Oct in Cardiff (Venue to be confirmed). 
He will be giving an inspirational talk full of ancient wisdom for modern day living and leading a Kirtan meditation, which will be followed by a delicious vegetarian meal for £10. Kripamoya Dasa Has over 40 years of spiritual experience to share with us, he is an initiating Guru and has just recently released his book "The Guru and Disciple". 
Please email us to reserve your space on this event, we anticipate that tickets will go fast. If you would like to read more about him please click here

Dates for the diary -
  • Pregnancy, Feeding and baby Weaning Workshop Sat 28th Nov
  • Update Session 19th Dec St Catherines Church - Preparing for the solstice and winter season - £30 prior booking required.
  • Please note there will be no Kirtan in Milgi on Sun the 25th Oct as we will be with Kripamoya Dasa in Aberystwyth for his program there.
Yours in Health,
Steve and Emma.

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