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Seasonal Greetings and A Happy Solstice to you

Wishing you good Health for 2016

In this newsletter we have lots in store for you,

The Effects of Water on Our Health

Many of us know that water is essential for life and vitality. However as our water supply is more polluted then ever with false chemicals how can the body fully hydrate? When there are so many dehydrators environmentally and through our food chain.

Here is how... With the healthy Jones Phillips approach. 

Water is the liquid crystal of life, a connective force that allows every cell in the body to function normally and allows our brains to reach our full potential. It's understandable then that some people are not functioning at full capacity these days. Alzheimer's and memory issues are on the increase because firstly there is not enough water in the body and secondly we may not be able to absorb it. 

Ten Water facts:
  1. Tap water is not absorbable on a cellular level as it's laden with chemical pollutants. The pH of water is usually much below 7. We need a pH balanced water of at least a 7 to stay balanced. 
  2. If we are to hydrate on a cellular level, we require 4 pints of water minimum per day and the water has to be low calcium / sodium with a pH of 7 plus. This enhances the hydration process and it tastes nice. 
  3. Tea, coffee, alcohol, sugar and processed salt are all major dehydrators. A reduction of these substances with an increase in water is needed for energy and a healthy mind. 
  4. Water in plastic bottles is not sustainable for our planet or for our bodies as the plastic bottles can leach into our water and effect our hormones long term.Please see details of appropriate water filters at the end of the email. 
  5. Spring water is the most live water you will find. However not everyone has access to a spring , therefore you can mimic the spring effect of oxygenation if the water with the following filter: Panosun Water Vortex, please contact us if you would like to buy one.
  6. To absorb water in to the cell the body needs a level of essential fatty acids, these can be found in linseed, hemp, chia, coconut or algae. This enhances our use of water and helps with lubricating the cells. 
  7. To be able to hold fluid inside the cells we need the mineral magnesium. A lot of people can be short of this these days due to stress and use of alcohol, caffeine, sugar and drugs. Magnesium is also depleted throughout the food chain. Therefore if someone can't absorb water or is finding it difficult to drink then a magnesium supplement might be needed. You can screen your minerals with a simple hair analysis, please get in touch if you would like to know more.
  8. To be able to fully get the benefits of hydrating we need to incorporate a water rich diet as well as reduce major dehydrators such as processed food, gluten and animal products.
  9. When we are stressed we become more dehydrated due to the effect of stress hormones on the adrenals and kidneys. This has long term effects on the fluid level and the chemistry in the body. We have all felt that dry mouth under stressful situations. 
  10. Lastly we need to reduce external dehydrators such as non organic food that can be full of pesticides, along with reducing electro magnetic stress and use of mobile phone/Wi Fi technology as this all has an impact on our fluid levels. 

We may be asking what has all this got to do with the festive season? This season of winter starts December 21st - March 21st and correlates with the Chinese system of the water element, relating to the bladder and the kidneys. In the Chinese system they say that when water is deficient it can lead us to feel disconnected, lacking in strength and will power as well as anxious and fearful. Also excessive behaviour can be related to dehydration. 

If we consider that it's fear that stops us from achieving our goals and from moving forward then this could have a major impact on our health and well being. 

If on the other hand we use water as our medicine for the basis of our health, then everything seems to have a greater positive impact and we can feel that we are in the flow of life once more. 

Further reading :
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Seasonal Tips:

  • Eat smaller portions as your body slows right down in winter. Eat your largest meals for breakfast and lunch and only have a small snack in the evening.
  • Try to get more sleep this winter by getting to bed two hours before midnight for that deeper sleep. Sleep has a massive effect on serotonin, the mood enhancing chemical.
  • Increase your vitamin D with sun-dried products, chilli and nettle. As well as a d3 spray of at least 1000 iu. This boosts serotonin and melatonin, Enhancing energy and mood.
  • Increase iodine rich foods for a healthy metabolism and kidneys. Iodine is found in seaweeds and sea salt products.  
  • Boost up on vitamin C berries such as Rosehip, cranberry, pomegranate and Acai. This will help the immune system.
  • Drink more herbal mood enhancers such as lemon balm, lemon verbena, passionflower, hemp and rose tea. 
  • Increase your raw food with all your cooked meals to bring in more antioxidants and enzymes.
  • Take brisk walks and oxygenate your cells and get some extra vitamin D.
  • Keep a positive attitude and take a non judgemental, optimistic approach to life. Bad thoughts hurt us more then anyone else.
  • Choose love and forgiveness and adopt a spiritual approach to difficult situations. Look at the spiritual message behind a difficult problem. You may see a fresh insight or a different approach.
  • Tell your body it's youthful and healthy and be grateful for your life and your health, it's surprising how energising this is. 
The winter solstice is a wonderful time to detox and set your goals for the season. 
" When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around " William Nelson

Bringing The Spirituality Back into Christmas

During such a special time of year, it may be a good idea to focus on bringing the true essence of why we celebrate Christ – mas  back into our hearts. 

At such a time where we extend our good will and love for one another, why not deepen our own belief system and share the feeling with others.

How can we put the spirituality back into Christmas?

Perhaps we could take a look at some of Christ’s teachings, a nice way we did that recently was to watch a film about him and his life. It was fantastic and very powerful to see and hear of all that he did in his life, the amount of humility and compassion he expressed whilst forgiving those that were doing most harm to him.

Maybe we could go to midnight mass somewhere locally. Learn from the priests that have lived their lives according to Christ’s teachings and see what realisations they have to share with us to improve our lives.

Can we help each other this Christmas to achieve a more peaceful community? Where we are focused on increasing kindness and compassion to each other.

Or perhaps we could do it in our own way, more recently in the West we have a wide variety of religions and spiritual practises out there, perhaps this could be an opportunity to delve deeper into our own faiths. Whilst we have the extra time during the holiday’s maybe we could meditate each day for a longer period, get out our yoga mats, walk in nature and discuss what we would like spiritually from 2016.

It is a fantastic time to re-evaluate our goals on every level, to take stock of where we are at now and where we would like to be. So that we can see what we need to do in order to get there. A deeper spiritual faith and/or practise can help us achieve more.

If in the New Year you would like to explore mantra meditation a little deeper keep an eye out for our Kirtans, we run these monthly in Cardiff. Kirtan meditation is the chanting of sacred mantras along with melodious musical instruments. Why not come along and give it a try.

Hare Krishna.


Recipe: Cashew Butter and raspberry Cookies

You will need…

½ cup cashew butter
½ cup of cold pressed coconut oil 
1 organic orange (zest) 
1 tbsp orange juice
Frozen berries, to put in the bottom of your chocolate mould
2 tbsp coconut sugar
2 tbsp purple corn or maca


Melt the coconut oil in a double bowl in boiling water. Zest the orange add all of the ingredients except the berries to a blender and blend to incorporate.
Put the berries in the moulds and pour the chocolate over. Place in the freezer to harden. These need to be refrigerated before you can eat them. ENJOY.

Water Filter Man Details

Here is the web site for the water filters we recommend If you call Nigel direct on 07765020442 and tell him that Steve and Emma from Wales recommended you.

Nigel will advise you to your needs, we had a basic whole house water filter with a bypass valve so that you can change the filters without switching the mains water off, along with an Ultra under sink filter with unit tap (this one is not on the website and is only available to those who ask). We have found that our bathing and drinking experience has been upgraded to a high standard and it is a relief to go straight to the tap again for healthy, great tasting water. We have found that this is the most economical system on the market.


Glastonbury Retreat 17-19th Jun 2016


We are running a retreat in the summer of 2016 in Glastonbury. The retreat will be incorporating our Naturopathic principles, and will include workshops, yoga, delicious organic plant based nutritious food all weekend. If you would like to secure your place on this retreat all we need is a £50 deposit for now, half payment by Feb and then full payments to be in by the end of April 2016. Spaces are limited.

Prices are just £300-350 depending on the accommodation, please email us with your interest. Our retreats are for people that have either studied or had sessions with Emma or at the very least for people that already have a good understanding of Naturopathic Nutrition.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Emma Taking Maternity Leave

Emma is now taking maternity leave from her practise.

Stacey lewis will be taking over for 5 months. Her details are :
Emma will be teaching as normal in the School of Naturopathic Nutrition.
Keep an eye out for our New Year newsletter where we will be offering special deals for our September Naturopathic Nutrition Course, how to look years younger in 28 days and more tips for detoxing after the party season.

Happy Festive Season,
Steve and Emma.

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