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Mongol Horde have made a mess of announcements today in one fell swoop. They launched a new website, announced a new album with pre-order links, put out a video and said tour dates would be coming next month. And if that's not enough, the new album is out next week. Talk about invasion!

The band is comprised of Frank Turner, Matt Nasir (from the Sleeping Souls) and Ben Dawson (from Million Dead, Palehorse), but don't expect to hear pretty quiet songs about hometowns or rock and roll romances. If you miss Million Dead this is the closest thing to it that you'll get from Frank and Ben.

I hope you're excited, because I definitely am. Onto the next big mission:

Join the ranks of the Mongol Horde.

I'm sure you already know what I'm gonna say: spread the invasion! Share the links to the bands website, to buy the album, and to the music video. There's no limit on the points you can earn here, and being creative with your sharing is definitely encouraged! Remember to use your own voice when you write about the band - say why you're excited, if you pre-ordered, or if you caught their shows last year - and to space out your posts so they're not seen as annoying or spam.

Each screenshot is worth one point, and if you pre-order the Mongol Horde album and send me a screenshot of your receipt / order confirmation you'll earn five points right there! Learn how to screenshot here.

Tools: This mission starts today, Monday May 19th and ends Friday May 30th. You can send in your shots every few days or all at once at the end but please have them all in to me by Sunday, June 1st. Send everything in to with the subject line "Make Way for Mongol Horde", or just reply to this email.


Thanks a lot guys! Don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions. I'm just gonna be here with the video for "Make Way" on loop all week.
- Valerie Gritsch
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