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Pictured: One of the Eastleigh boys enjoying a meal at the Paradise Lost outing. 
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Outings to Paradise Lost

What happens when you put together 175 street kids, a handful of MITS students and staff, the Pepperdine group, a beautiful park, and a a whole lot of God’s providence? We had the opportunity to find out exactly that when MITS hosted a group from Eastleigh at Paradise Lost in Nairobi, and it was a good thing.  
Earlier this month, the streets boys from Eastleigh were shuttled to Paradise Lost. With the help of MITS students, staff, and interns, as well as Hung Le’s Pepperdine group, the boys were able to enjoy a few hours in the sanctuary that boasts a waterfall, boating, and horses among other activities. This time, the students from Pepperdine put together a number of different games and science experiments for the boys to participate in. We won’t give too much away, but water balloons, mini water-powered rockets, and a color tarp were all involved. After lunch, the Pepperdine students also helped the boys craft crowns to remind them of their self-worth and faith in God.
This wasn’t the first time Made in the Streets has been able to do something like this, this having been the 4th time MITS has taken the street kids to Paradise Lost in the past month. We hope and pray that MITS will be able to continue activities like this that bring so much joy to everyone involved. Outings like Paradise Lost allow the boys a getaway from the rough day-to-day lives they endure on the streets. They leave with care packs, smiles, crowns, full stomachs, and fuller hearts. 
The newest additions to the MITS family. 

A Warm Welcome

We had the wonderful opportunity of welcoming 8 new girl students to our MITS family this month!  Please say hello to Mary, Lucy, Faith, Brenda, Regina, Magdalene, Tracy, and Yvone. Over the past few weeks, they’ve been able to find a home here in Kamulu.  They are all such incredible girls with smiles that light up a room.  Already, in their short time here, they have captured the hearts of the staff, interns, and visitors.  Not only are they full of joy, but they are also incredibly bright.  This may be the best English-speaking group of new students we have ever had, and we cannot wait to see where their precious hearts and bright minds take them as students here at Made in the Streets. Some of them are still awaiting sponsors so if you are interested in filling that role, please let us know! 
Made in the Streets is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is run on the generous donations of individuals and churches across the United States. Thank you for loving street kids.
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A MITS Success Story

Alumnus Chosen as President's Videographer 

One of the things we celebrate most here at Made in the Streets is when we get to witness a student come off of the streets, graduate from MITS, and then excel in the field they choose.  We are proud to say that we got to celebrate that happening this past month!  John Dennis Kamau, a former student, has grown to be a very talented videographer, and just recently, he got hired to be the official videographer for the President of Kenya!  Words cannot express how excited we are for John Dennis as he starts this exciting chapter in his life.  It is stories like this that remind us over and over why we do what we do here at MITS.  You can check out some of John's work HERE.

Kwaheri, Keb!

This past year, we have been beyond blessed to have had Keb Doak serve as our Student Sponsorship Coordinator.  Of all the amazing memories of Keb we have from the past year, none can compare to the memory of how he loved the kids with everything he had.  The size of Keb’s heart, love, and service truly cannot be measured, and we cannot imagine this year without him.  We thank Keb for all that he has done for MITS and for resonating the love of Jesus in everything he does.  We pray he has a blessed time back in the States, and we can’t wait to see him again. 
One of the best times of the year here at MITS is when Pepperdine University comes to visit.  Each year, they hold a huge soccer tournament for the kids, and it is always such a fun event to take part in.  This year, as expected, the kids had an incredible time, and we are very thankful for Pepperdine putting on the tournament.  The only person disappointed was our very own Francis Mbuvi when he had to settle for the 2nd place trophy.
We said another bittersweet farewell to Hung Le, his Pepperdine students, and his family after spending two weeks here at MITS. The students were certainly impacted by their help in the classes, activities planned, faith shared, and, of course, Hung's incredible dance moves. 
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A Word from Charles

June 2014


"The 20 Year Legacy fundraising continues. We are close to one-third of the way to the $1 million goal. Are you one of the 99? Please write me at and/or send donations to Made in the Streets, 409 Franklin Road, Brentwood, TN 37027. We need you, and the street kids of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, need you. MITS has made a real difference in the lives of many Nairobi youth. 

You may have heard about the midnight attack at Kamulu, when a corrupt city council employee led thugs to tear down the highway shops that we use in training youth. Now we need to set up a new place to cook for visitors and find new ways to give experience to students. Since Christ is Lord of all, we will find a way. Pray for our Team in Nairobi, that they will not be discouraged. And give praise to God for His constant love." 

Prayer Requests

- The country of Kenya and the political turmoil and terrorist activity that is happening here- a constant prayer request.

Continuation: 20 year legacy goals and the achievement of those.

- Blessed and safe travels for our interns on the Handmade Tour in the US.

- A good transition for Keb and the Pepperdine group returning to the States and new interns coming to Kamulu.

-The planning of MITS' 20th year anniversary celebration. 

-Graduates and their pursuit of a life outside of MITS and in Nairobi.
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