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Pictured: Visitor Jack Judkins, student David Ochola, and the book of Matthew. 
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MITS 20th Anniversary Kamulu
Anniversary Highlights: A video commemorating 20 years of serving Nairobi's street children and witnessing transformation. 

Expanding the MITS Impact

Check out how MITS is making moves to transform even more lives.

Hours of dictation-practicing, skirt-weaving, goat-roasting, dance-rehearsing, and rainy day setting up culminated on August 1st here in Kamulu for the 20th Anniversary Celebration. Can you believe it's been 20 years since the inception of this ministry that has been a part of so much positive change? The hundreds in attendance, especially its speakers, were standing testaments the scope and reach of the MITS impact. World-travelling and business owning graduates, the founding leaders, the orphans from the feeding station, students dressed to the nines– all there to celebrate the same thing. Watch the highlights by clicking the link above!  

That impact is not exclusive. Just last week, Made in the Streets held a Vacation Bible School centered around the story of Esther right here in Kamulu. Over the week, numbers of children from the community in attendance grew from 60 to well over 100. 

Just before that, MITS held another camping VBS in Nziu, about a three hour drive from Kamulu. While they were there, another Church of Christ was opened in Nziu. Meanwhile, back in Nairobi, a group of graduates picked up a Devotional Bible Study to be held every Sunday in the city. 

If you haven't heard, MITS is looking to acquire a space in the peaceful Mountain View, Kenya that could be used for retreats and future VBS'. Even more exciting is the prospect of starting a new street mission in Ethiopia. Check out what our team saw on their trip to Addis Ababa on our Vimeo.

From Kamulu to Nziu to Ethiopia and back to Nairobi, big things are on the horizon for MITS! Thank you for being part of an ever-growing story of change and growth as MITS continues to transform the lives of others as it transforms itself. We can't wait to see what the next 20 years has in store for us! 

Kenyan Visa Changes
Planning a visit? Follow these steps:

Kenya has changed their policy on visas.  Instead of being able to get a visa on arrival at the airport, they require that people get visas online. The procedure is as follows:
  1. Go to
  2. Click on "Register"
  3. Go to "EVisa - Visitors" to create an account
  4. After that, apply for and pay for a visa (there are options - most get "single entry") 
Visitors will print a copy of the approved visa and present it at passport control in Nairobi airport. Safe travels! 
Made in the Streets is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is run on the generous donations of individuals and churches across the United States. Thank you for loving street kids.
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Literacy students SO excited to start exams. 

A Turning of Seasons

With the end of a season comes the beginning of a new one. As we said hug-filled goodbyes to the Lipscomb group and thus brought visitor’s season to a close, the MITS students and staff gladly welcome all that the coming time has to offer. In August, that has meant exam week, home visiting day, and a week’s break before school begins again.
Exam week isn’t so bad, especially when you’re a client for the skills students! For example, the catering class was given an allotted time to cook a delicious meal of chicken pot pie, roasted potatoes, Italian dressing salad, and Black Forest cake for the clients that they market themselves to beforehand. Meanwhile, salon students had similar practical exams, in which they tested skills-- from braiding to pedicures—on their clients.
The last week of August is a respite for the students and staff, with a more relaxed schedule. A typical day starts with chapel at 10 am, class about friendship led by Irene, outdoor games, and a shortened farm time. The students are also given an opportunity to visit their homes with MITS staff on Visiting Day.
Although this is a time for rest, transformation at MITS continues as always. We look forward to what each new day brings, thankful for the uniqueness—trials and victories alike—of each new season. 

Student's Corner
"A Single Step" by Mark Johntay

Just as we do in Kamulu, we hope to make a space each month for our students to express themselves and share a piece of their story firsthand, by poem, story, drawing, or otherwise. The following is a short story by student and spoken word poet, Mark Johntay.

"A long time ago, there lived a boy called Mark. He stayed with his mother, father, and two sisters, but Mark was a bad boy in his home area. Because of his rudeness, his father told him he must not go to anywhere in his neighborhood or any of his family members' houses, but he never listened to what his dad said.

There were always misunderstandings between them, so Mark was chased away from home and that is how he joined street life. His mom would try to take him out of that life but he was addicted to drugs. So one day Mark was asked if he wanted to change his life. That was 2007. He said ye. He was told that he should attend some program.

He started attending until 2012 but still he wasn't ready. So one day, his friend told him that to change his life, he must choose to start with one step. Mark remembered how many times he had escaped death, so he decided to change. 

That's how Mark's life in the streets was. Now he is a catering pro and has skills. Remember it starts with a single step; everything is possible through Christ. Just believe and have faith."
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A Word from Charles

August 2015


"Every day is exciting when you work with street kids!  Sometimes the excitement is a problem, but usually it comes with joy.  And we have excitement on the Western side of the world just now.  Francis Mbuvi and Moses Okoth are in the USA with us - they are in Midland, Tx, now and will go to Malibu, Ca, next week, then on to Nashville for our 20 Year Celebration with the Otter Creek Church and other friends.  We held two receptions for them in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with 41 at the first and 20 at the second.  
Friends are responding to the call for "the 99" - the safe ones at home with Jesus, but also the 99 who know where Jesus is - standing at the giving edge of human need - and wanting to be there with him.  Three more friends said they want to give $10,000 this week, which will put us almost one-third of the way to our goal.  If God has blessed you, you can be the next to join "the 99" in the quest to export our brand of street ministry to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and to construct a Christian Camp in Nairobi.  
We received a shipment of jewelry made by our former student Zuhura.  We hope you will want some of that too.  Let me know."

Prayer Requests

-The country of Kenya and the political turmoil and terrorist activity that is happening here- a constant prayer request.

-Our runaways: that God keeps them and continues to guide them on the streets.

-The health, wellness, and peace of our students and staff as they enjoy time off. 

-That the beginning of a new term is met with renewed strength and blessings for all of Kenya's students, as strikes occur throughout the country.

-Graduates and their pursuit of a life outside of MITS and in Nairobi.
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