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Pictured: The boys from the Eastleigh Boys' Program linking arms in prayer. 
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How to Stay Engaged

Not in Kamulu right now? Wish you were? Here are a few tips.

  1. Write a letter to a student! The students in Kamulu love writing and sending letters to their sponsors and visitors they’ve met over the years. Have a MITS kid you want to get in touch with? We have a resource on our website HERE for you to send messages that Moses Okoth will receive here in Kamulu and distribute to the student. 
  2. If you are a sponsor and have moved since beginning your sponsorship, please send us your updated mailing address. Our Student Sponsorship Program Coordinator has over 100 letters to send out when she returns to the States in a couple weeks and we want to make sure your letters get into the right hands! 
  3. Send your student a photo HERE! The kids absolutely cherish these photos and it helps them remember and pray for you even in absence. 
  4. Get your campaign game face on! MITS has tons of resources for people wanting to get involved in the States, including these awesome marketing pieces found HERE. These handy-dandy pieces of literature are sure to spark a conversation. 

If you're ever in doubt of how you can be involved and be an integral part of Made in the Streets, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask. There are a million ways, and each makes a world of difference to our team, ministry, and students. 
Magdalene, one of our newer students, getting baptized amongst her friends

MITS Baptisms 
"Now, I feel like I am free." 

Every morning, the students in Kamulu shuffle into the chapel at 8 AM to start the day in worship and praise. Song books, newly printed, are passed around. But if you've ever visited, you'll know it seems like somehow these children know all 300-odd songs by heart, harmony and all. So, students choose the morning's songs by calling out numbers of their favorites. Often you'll hear, "NUMBER 163!" called out:
I am mine no more
I am mine no more
I've been bought with blood
I am mine no more.

It's at MITS baptisms that these words of praise take form by the same students. Just last Sunday, eight of our young ladies– Faith, Lucy, Vero, Zipporah, Maggie, Regina, Yvonne, and Tracy– chose to be baptized after the service. The support and emotion was tangible, with the girls all smiles and hugging each other afterward. Here is what some of them had to say about their experience: 
Tracy: I felt good being baptized. I got into the family of God. It's good because your sins have been washed away. Before, I was taking communion and Mama George said you’re not supposed to drink that if you haven’t been baptized because it is the flesh and blood of God! I decided to be baptized and know God more than I knew Him before. 
Regina: The reason I was baptized was because I wanted to wash my sins and be born again and be part of God’s family. I wanted to repent. Before I was baptized, I heard that people who were baptized had to repent their sins and become good people. Thats why I was baptized. 
Yvonne: I felt well. To be baptized is not just a job, it is a serious thing. I wanted to declare that I believe in God. I felt like I was born again, and like Jesus has accepted me. So I felt good. Before I was baptized I felt like I was carrying a heavy load. Now I feel like I’m free. 
Made in the Streets is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is run on the generous donations of individuals and churches across the United States. Thank you for loving street kids.
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We're Building!

If you've been with us for some time, you'll know or would have seen how we're constantly developing here in Kamulu. At the beginning, the village had barely anything beside what Made in the Streets developed. Now, while it's far from bustling, the village has shops, homes and apartments, kiosks, and neighboring schools.

So, in true MITS fashion, we're staying one step ahead. We are currently building staff homes near the Skills Centre at 19 Acres and also in the "Mitsville" neighborhood. This will mean more space for visiting groups and use of school land and facilities. While MITS is developing as far as Ethiopia, the commitment to our students and programs here in Kenya remains as strong as ever.


Students' Corner

Just as we do in Kamulu, we hope to make a space for our students to express themselves and share a piece of their stories firsthand, by poem, story, drawing, or otherwise. The following photos are by 18 year-old catering student, Moses Ndungu. Moses likes photography to remind him of friends and to make it easier to remember good memories. 
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Know a high school student who plans to change the world? (You know who we're talking about.) The Front Line is our high school leadership and advocacy program. Don't wait until you're older to start improving the lives of others.
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A Word from Charles

October 2015


"Rejoice with us on the baptism of 8 of our young ladies who came from the streets to us. They have studied with Mauryn Mbuvi and others and have been in Chapel, MITS literacy Bible and in Bible study groups.The work continues...
And the Lord really needs you and your friends to enable us:
   1) we need 60 more of the "99" - people safe with Jesus who have been blessed and can give $10,000 to the campaign.
   2) "Help for the Holidays" - we need about $5,000 for clothing, food, trips to bless kids who are not with family for the holidays. 
   3) "Monthly funds" - we need to make our budget - just now we need $7,250 in new gifts monthly. 
There are more kids on the streets. Some of them will come...and change...and desire to know Christ. Thanks for helping us find them." 

Prayer Requests

-The country of Kenya and the political turmoil and terrorist activity that is happening here- a constant prayer request.

-Continuation: 20 year legacy goals and the achievement of those.

-The addiction recovery of our brothers and sisters on the streets of Eastleigh. One who had been addicted for 20 years has quit!

-A fruitful time with the Coulstons as they stay in Kamulu.

-The continued spiritual development of our students who have been baptized.

-Our skills students nearing the end of their time at MITS– that they be encouraged during this transition. 

-Graduates and their pursuit of a life outside of MITS and in Nairobi.
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