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Pictured: Esther from the orphans' feeding center playing jump rope. 
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Exam Week:
A Look Inside the Classroom

Here in Kamulu, our students are celebrating a successful week of exams! After learning, revising, and practicing, they tackled their exams one by one leaving their eraser shavings, pencil smudges, and stress at the desks.
To give you a vision of the week, the literacy students set up in the courtyard of the learning center and take tests on subjects ranging from Ishna (Kiswahili composition) and Bible to mathematics and science. The students are well prepared and spend the days leading up to it reviewing with their teachers and asking all the last minute questions right before the test that they think will be the deciding factor to passing or failing.
Down in the Skills Center, students are experiencing exams a little differently…and many of us are benefitting from it! Skills students have a combination of written tests and practicals to really test their skills and passions. After asking teachers, interns, and students to be their clients, catering students cooked a delicious meal consisting of battered fish, steamed vegetables, tomato soup, and turmeric rice with a refreshing fruit salad to end the lunch. They set a beautiful table and served their clients an unforgettable meal. A few classrooms down, the Salon students were hustling and bustling around in an environment that truly looked like any salon you would see in the city. Manicures and pedicures were happening all around with the smell of nail polish filling the room. Clients relaxed for facials and chose hairstyles to test the students’ skills.
Here at MITS, we know how important education is both in the classroom and outside—exam weeks are a little taste of the education that happens inside the classroom. In regards to what these students are learning in their lives, we can look to how God is working through the team members, visitors, and interns providing His love as an example of how we were meant to serve and care for others.

A Cry for David 

A personal account by visitor Larry Ulrich.

"Today, my heart wept. After leaving morning Chapel, I was accompanied by a young man named David. During our long walk in three inches of mud, he expressed his story on how he ended up in the program. He shared that his mother suddenly died of an unexpected death when he was 13 years of age and then his father immediately left the community and abandoned David. As a result, David ended up on the dangerous streets of Eastleigh with other street kids. Later, MITS representatives were recruiting street kids that would not only represent the mission and vision of the organization but would greatly benefit from its services. After attending the required six months of orientation and completing the required development classes, David was accepted in the MITS program in Kamulu.

As we continued our walk and as David continued to share his story, he held my hand. Astonished, I was perplexed based on the respect for the Kenyan culture…for example, a father would express his love for his son in other ways as opposed to hugging. As we arrived to the Learning Center, I walked David to class and cried. I wept based on the history of this street kid who doesn’t know or understand anything about my character, but somehow developed a sense of trust. Was it something I’ve done or said that convinced him I’m trustworthy? I never knew my words could be so powerful.

At the end of the day, I hope I’m changing lives across the world. I taught several classes at MITS and didn’t realize my demeanor carries an enormous of amount of weight…David is my “mentee” and I will continue to write him after my departure from MITS. Little did he know, he changed my life as well."  
Made in the Streets is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is run on the generous donations of individuals and churches across the United States. Thank you for loving street kids.
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A Very Kamulu Thanksgiving

On November 26, the Pope was in Kenya! Unfortunately, he didn't make it to Kamulu to see MITS, but that didn't mean we wouldn't celebrate. There was a country-wide holiday that meant all work was closed and play was to be had.

Our American interns and visitors got to celebrate Thanksgiving as a holiday even if everyone else was celebrating for the Pope. Chapel was delayed, giving everyone the chance to sleep in and feel refreshed for the day. The Learning Center was set up as a fun-filled place with board games, movies, reading, and good fellowship. Visitors got to spend quality time with the students and everyone was in great spirits, thankful for their lives just like everyone in the states was celebrating their gratefulness too. We are thankful for MITS! Happy Thanksgiving from Kamulu to you!
Pictured: Onesmus performing for the MITS community. 

Students' Corner

Just as we do in Kamulu, we hope to make a space for our students to express themselves and share a piece of their stories firsthand, by poem, story, drawing, or otherwise. The following song is by 15 year-old literacy student, Onesmus Odero. Expressing himself through songwriting is a passion for Onesmus.

Usife moyo, manake maisha ni marefu mungu amekupa kupa nayaki usife moyo (x2)

Verse 1
Wengi tunawaza sauna mbona maisha ngumu, ngumu (x2) 
Ni wewe tu unaweza fanya maisha iwe ngumu na rahisi (x2)
Majaribio nikwamuda, usife moyo. 

Verse 2
Maisha ikiwa ngumu usife moyo kama yobu aliteseka saana kwa maisha yake (x2)
Lakini hukufa moyo, moyo, moyo. Sheria alizifuata zake mola eeh (x2)

Verse 3
Mola anakupenda sama usife moyo, mwanzo ana sababu njema kwako wee (x2)
Never give up on your life (x2)

Representing for Jesus. 


Don't lose heart because life is long and tough.
God has given you life.
Don't lose heart. 

Many of us may be discouraged
because life is tough, life is tough.
You are the only one who can decide to live
a hard or easy life.

Trials are for a short time. Don't lose heart.
When life is tough and hard don't lose hope.

Job suffered a lot in his life too be he did not lose hope. He followed God's commands. 
God loves you so don't lose hope.
He has a good plan for you.
Never give up in your life. 
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A Word from Charles

November 2015

"Blessings keep coming...rain for our crops, 7 students prepared to do a Sunday school training seminar for 15 churches, Team from Kamulu (Eliza, James, Terron, Phillip, Stella) doing a great job going in to serve on the streets.  
Christmas is coming - our kids do not "go home" - they are ours! We need to do special events for these 100 and for about 200 who are on the streets. It takes about $5,000 to do that. Please help us bring those holiday blessings! 
A World Bible School student who was baptized 10 years ago and still lives at Kamulu - Samuel Mburu - was married in our backyard last Saturday. 
We are happy!! We had a party for the team yesterday - 39 were in our house - complete with macchiato, popcorn, candy, nuts, cookies, tea and soda. There was a small bowl of popcorn left over...Darlee had collected enough books and gifts for them all. 
Happy Holidays!!!

Prayer Requests

-The country of Kenya and the political turmoil and terrorist activity that is happening here- a constant prayer request.

-Continuation: 20 year legacy goals and the achievement of those.

-The spiritual and professional development of our team as they complete their courses with World Bible School. 

-A happy, abundant, and spirit-filled Christmas season.

-Our skills students bearing MITS graduation– that they be encouraged and achieve their goals. 

-Graduates and their pursuit of a life outside of MITS and in Nairobi.
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