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Pictured: Student Isaac and Abdallah preparing for the anniversary.

20th Anniversary Celebration

MITS is abuzz as the big day quickly approaches.

As we are inching closer and closer to the Made in the Streets 20th Anniversary Celebration, students and staff are hard at work preparing for August 1st. The Anniversary Committee meets at least once a week planning out the Celebration to the last detail.  The MITS staff is often found painting rooms, cutting shrubs, and making the entire property look spotless. Each day, students are hard at work practicing their roles for the celebration, including singing, reciting lines, playing the drums, etc. One can feel the excitement and anticipation in the air. 
It’s so amazing that Made in the Streets has been in existence for 20 years now, and it is only by the grace and faithfulness of God. So many wonderful children have passed through Made in the Streets on their way to a better future, and we pray that Made in the Streets will have the same impact on many more students in the upcoming years. We thank God, and we also thank YOU reading this for playing your special role in MITS that you do, whether that is working for MITS, sponsoring a student, visiting over the years, or being a fervent prayer warrior for all that is going on with MITS. Made in the Streets wouldn’t be the same without you.

New MITS Staff Member
Meet Rose- our newest skills staff! 

         MITS is pleased to announce that we have a new staff member, Rose!  Rose has come to MITS to teach the skills students in cosmetology and beauty.  She formerly taught at Pioneer College, a college MITS would often send its graduates to, and she decided that she enjoyed the MITS children that she encountered over the years so much that she wanted to come teach at MITS.  When asked about what Rose is like as a teacher, students have endless amounts of good things to say.  They have said that one of the things they love about Rose is that she teaches them about life, not just beauty.  She teaches them how to succeed in life, how to overcome trials, and how work hard to pursue their dreams.  Now, Rose has been teaching at Made in the Streets for about one month, and she is already a beloved and valued part of the MITS family.
Made in the Streets is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is run on the generous donations of individuals and churches across the United States. Thank you for loving street kids.
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Three Eastleigh Deaths

         This month, there was a callback on a certain type of alcohol in Nairobi. It turns out that there was a certain ingredient in the alcohol that was behaving similar to a poison. As a result, the majority of the alcohol was thrown out into the streets. The MITS team in Eastleigh strongly advised the people living on the street to avoid drinking any of the alcohol, but there were a few older men that ignored the advice. John, John, and Aoron were three of the men who had been drinking the alcohol, and they passed away as a result. 

They had been a part of the MITS program for a while. They would regularly be found at the MITS church on Sundays in Eastleigh or hanging out nearby the Eastleigh center throughout the week. After their passing, the Eastleigh team made sure that their bodies were properly taken care of. It is very unfortunate news, but we are glad that Made in the Streets was able to be a part of their lives. Prayers for the friends and family of these men, as well as prayers for the Eastleigh team that dealt with the situation are greatly appreciated. 

Highlight: Visitor Season

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A Word from Charles

July 2015


"The time has come and we are all excited. Made in the Streets has completed 20 years of service to street children. We have developed from visiting on the streets to a whole life ministry and "family" that serves all the needs of these young people. We continue to visit on the streets, but today we have programs at our Eastleigh Center, we range all over this city of maybe six million, we teach a full literacy program, we introduce youth to Christ, we have housing for 100 teenagers.. We have a skills training program business classes to prepare them for life as adults. And we get them ready to share Christ and the Bible with others in their own apartments. Some of them stay and work with us in the ministry. Others are cooking, hairdressing, sewing, or repairing autos in various places in Nairobi.   
We are CELEBRATING- on August 1 in Nairobi at our Kamulu Center. This week we will put up tents to seat 300+, we will decorate our property and practice dances and poems and set up a "Living Museum of the Years 1992 to 2015. The way it works is that you come up and touch one of our students who is standing very still and he/she says, "Hello, I am 199. In that year we..." It should be very interesting.

We are also CELEBRATING in Tennessee, on September 10. YOU ARE INVITED! Write me if you are interested in coming- I'll put you in touch with the organizers."

Prayer Requests

-The country of Kenya and the political turmoil and terrorist activity that is happening here- a constant prayer request.

-Continuation: 20 year legacy goals and the achievement of those.

-The joyful execution of the Anniversary celebrating on August 1st.

-Charles and Darlene are back in Kenya. We are thankful for their safe passage and a fruitful time with them!

-Providence and a good adjustment for our newest girls, some of whom are still awaiting sponsors. 
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