February 2020
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February 2020

Growing Up at Camp Ewalu

We left for Camp Ewalu every year on a hot, humid, or even rainy Sunday. By the time we got halfway to camp we were nearly through the Ewalu songbook. As we neared the roundabout a few miles west of camp anticipating the exciting week to come, we became anxious in the back seat and before we knew it we were going in circles! Our dad would drive around the roundabout at least twice to make us squirmy! We finally reached camp but that was just the beginning! Soon we got to meet our counselors, go to campfires, hike, swim, creek stomp, and most importantly learn about God! 

We saw love, compassion, grace, and faith at camp. It became a second home and the people there became a second family. Family is how camp started for us way back in the summer of 2004 at family camp when we were two years old and we have gone to camp every summer since. Each new year brought new excitement and new adventures, but what stuck out the most was the people. The Ewalu community has taught us that it is cool to love God and to read the Bible. We grew up with countless dedicated, talented counselors who not only kept us alive but helped us grow in our faith journeys. We were in several programs starting with Mini-Camp all the way to Rock and Raft our freshman year of high school. We went together each of those 16 years, and still recall so many fun memories, and how each year taught us something new. 

We continued our camp journey by becoming LT’s (Leadership Training Participants). We learned how to be strong Christian leaders over the past two summers spending countless unforgettable hours with our peers out in the beautiful woods! We also learned how to step outside of our comfort zone, try new things, and use our strengths while being aware of our weaknesses. Being LT’s is something we will never forget. It gave us friendships, memories, and experiences that will last us a lifetime. 

Ewalu has also taught us to take God’s amazing grace home with us. We can share his love with people outside of camp's borders. It has changed the way we live every day. From every exciting hello to each difficult goodbye camp is our favorite place to be. Each fun, healing, draining, itchy, faithful, and muddy week was way more than worth it. And we can’t wait to spend many more years in the kingdom of God that is Ewalu. 

Alyssa and Kristin Hoey 
Ewalu Summer Campers 
LT participants 2018 and 2019

New Summer Program: Grandparent Camp

Join us for this brand new program for grandparents and grandchildren! Make memories as you grow in faith and enjoy fun camp activities together. Stay in the comfort of the Stone Center and join with other families in Bible study, games, campfire, and other activities, all led by your counselors. You’ll also shuttle to Ewalu’s main site for swimming at the pool, visiting the farm, and the opportunity to participate in activities with other campers on-site.

Click HERE to learn more

Sign up for Summer Camp Now and Save!

Registration forms received or postmarked by March 2nd are eligible for the first early discount. Or, if postmarked by April 20th, registrations are eligible for the second early discount. See program descriptions for early discount amounts.

Visit our online registration site to register.

We're Hiring the 2020 Summer Staff

Are you or someone you know looking for a fun and meaningful way to spend your summer? Consider a youth ministry position on our 2020 Ewalu Summer Staff.

View the job description and apply online at

For more information contact Program Director, Dana Isaacson.

Phone: 563-933-4700

Nature Note: From Assistant Program Director, Ashley Gulrud
Who cooks for you, who cooks for you all? The classic and recognizable call of the Barred Owl has been oh-so prevalent these past few weeks at camp. Whether I’m sitting at my desk or lying in bed, I can hear the call crisp and clear any time of day.  

While the snow may make animal sightings less frequent, the signs of them are far from gone. As mentioned, the owls make their calls heard day and night. If you’re lucky, you’ll even see marks in the snow where their wings have brushed on takeoff. Any stretches of open land are broken up by the trails of deer. One morning I even woke up to one digging up the snow in search of food below it just outside my window.  The snow I have yet to brush off my porch is marked with the trails of mice and a few prints from my cat testing her limits in the cold.

Most beautiful to me, though, are the needled trees dusted in snow. A constant in this snowy season, the trees make the scenery of camp much more enjoyable to stare at. On warmer days when meals are served in Cedar, I bring my food to my favorite couch on the porch and take in the view. Sipping coffee to keep me warm, I watch the clouds drift by above the limbs of the Cedars. It’s best, of course, when the sun makes an appearance too and gives those trees and extra glow.
Thank you to our donors in 
November and December 2019!

Liz Albertson 
American Lutheran Church, Grundy Center
American Lutheran WELCA, La Porte City
Pr. Keith & Pr. Virginia Anderson Larson
Michael & Kathryn Babcock
Kimbra Bader
Paul & Michelle Bahe
Roger & Sue Bahe
Gary & Bev Bahls
Clark & Shiloy Baldwin
Dr. Joy & Rev. Joel Becker
Paul & Betty Bendixen
Pr. Donald & Barbara Berg
Bethany Lutheran Church, Elkader
Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran WELCA, Lost Nation
Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Cedar Falls
William & Darlene Biedermann
Donald & Janet Biermann
Big Canoe Lutheran Church, Decorah
Edwin Bishop
Anita & Don Blaker
Everett & Jean Blobaum
Harry & Elle Blobaum
Kenneth & Harriet Blockhus
Stephanie & Jay Boeding
Glen & Sally Boie
Edward & Connie Brinton
Marilyn & Leroy Brocka
Burr Oak Lutheran WELCA, Decorah
Rochelle Busch
Janet Butikofer
Calmar Lutheran Church, Calmar
Canoe Ridge Lutheran WELCA, Decorah
Christ the King Lutheran Church, Iowa City
Keith & Dawn Christensen
Robyn & Dan Clark-Bridges
Darlene Clausen
Stephen & Maren Coates
James Compton
Chuck & Barbara Corr
Larry & Barb Croghan
Crowning Revelations, Houston, TX
Alan & Rebecca Crump
Ty & Crystal Cumberland
John & Barb Dahlby
Janet & Joseph Daley
Mike & Pam Dau
Scott & Barb Davidson
Decorah Lutheran Ch - Ruth Circle WELCA, Decorah
Pr. Trish & Vince Decker
Kristi Dienst & Alan Allbee
Pr. Kristine & Jon Dohrmann
East Clermont Lutheran WELCA, Clermont
Elaine Dove
Emanuel Lutheran WELCA, Strawberry Point
Lee Embretson
Faith Lutheran WELCA, Andover
First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Manchester
First Lutheran Church, Conroy
First Lutheran Church, Decorah 
First Lutheran Church, Maquoketa
First Lutheran WELCA, Cresco
First Lutheran WELCA, Decorah
First Lutheran WELCA, Maquoketa
Lucille & David Fober
Kelley Foehrkolb
Kara Franke
Karen Franks
David & Merry Fredrick
Russell & Marie Freerking
Pr. Susan & Norman Friedrich
Susan & Mark Frommelt
Frank & Eulyn Frostestad
Mark & Julie Frye
Pr. Kenneth & Barbara Gamb
Katherine Gibson
Julie & Kurt Gleason
Glenwood Lutheran WELCA
Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Cedar Rapids
Dale & Susan Goodman
Grace Lutheran WELCA, Tripoli
Richard & Linnea Graen
Daniel & Allie Grainger
Larry J. Gregory
Doug & Jana Grimm
Lye & Andrea Griner
Dr. Randy & Jo Groth
Cassie & Charlie Gruman
Neoma Guenther
Norman & Gwen Gunderson
James & Julie Haage
Darvin & Norma Hacker
Jim & Sue Haemker
Dean & LaRue Hagen
Connie Halvorson
Chryss & Mike Hartman
Wilma Hartman
Hauge Lutheran WELCA, Decorah
Erhart Hehr
Kevin & Wendy Helgerson
Randy Helgerson
Amy & Amy Henry
Paul & Lucille Hereid
Hesper Lutheran WELCA, Decorah
Darrel & Marlene Hicks
Highland Lutheran WELCA, Decorah
Elaine Hillery
Tom & Susan Hoey
Tyler & Miranda Hoey
Gerald & Marlene Hollander
Kathy Holt
Madelyn & Mark Holtzclaw
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Dubuque
Hope Lutheran WELCA, Elkader
Richard & Sandy Hyman
Immanuel Lutheran Church, Cresco
Kyle Jaeger
Elizabeth & Steve Johnson
Gerald & Linda Johnson
Karri Johnson
Keith & Lori Johnson
Krista Johnson & Brian Gehlbach
Pr. Kevin & Amy Jones
Pr. Tom & Jeralyne (Kaye) Jones
Candace Kamper
Edna Kamper
Norma Kappmeyer
Matthew & Julianna Kaschmitter
Dale & Frances Kittleson
Dave & Lisa Kittleson
Elsie Kittleson
Judy Kittleson & Michael Wilker
Ruth Kittleson
Jesse & Pr. Miranda Klosterboer
Kendall & Evelyn Knospe
Gordon & Mardelle Koch
Pr. Dan & Nova Kolander
Rosemary & Charles Kreb
Tempest & David Kuykendall
Neil & Cindy Landt
Tony & Julie Langasek
Pr. Amy & Pr. Matthew Larson
Zachary & Kristin Larson
Steven & Sherri Lauritsen 
Reginald & Jerilyn Laursen
Carolyn Laxson
Joanne Laxson
Gary & Geraldine Lee
Mark & Karen Lehmann
Pr. Robert Lehmann
Donna Lein
Mark Lemke
Susan Linner
Doris Lompe
Jim & Martha Ludeking
Lutheran Church of the Resurrection, Marion
Joel & Laurie Mackereth
Madison Lutheran Ch - Ridgeway Parish, Decorah
Madison Lutheran (Ridgeway) WELCA
Marion Lutheran Church, Gunder
Carrie & John Martin
Doug McKechnie
Sheri McKechnie
James & Janet McLaren
Archie & Heidi McNeil
June Mehlhaus
Cheryl Melchert
Virginia Mitchell
Emma Jean Moore
Phyllis & David Morgan
Alan & Colleen Moritz
Dale & Jo Ellen Mueller
Sheri Muench
Leota Nacke
NAPA Auto Parts, Strawberry Point
Nazareth Lutheran Church, Cedar Falls 
Cy & Ramona Nelson
Harland Nelson
John Nelson
Kenza & Matthew Nelson
Lisa Nelson-Nguyen
Katy R. & Marc Niehus
Mark & Donna Nielsen
Wilbur Nielsen
Dale & Sonya Nimrod
Dona & Carey Noble
Marissa & Scott Nordschow
Jeff & Heidi Olinger
Tom & Dixie Olmstead
Kenneth & Therese Olson
Sarah & John Ottesen
Peace Lutheran Church, Ryan
Peace Lutheran WELCA, West Burlington
Dan & Denise Philippi
Arlyn & Connie Picken
Ron & Dorothy Pietscher
Mark & Lesley Pries
Matt & Heidi Pries
Joan & Jon Rasmussen
Douglas Reck
Redeemer Lutheran Church, Waverly
Pr. Lin & Walter Reichstadter
Richard & Annita Rettig
Jan & Steven Rippentrop
Rebecca Robert
Michael Roepke
Richard & Barbara Roepke
Paul & Darlys Rogers
Myrna Ross
Dean Ryerson
Salem Lutheran Church, Andrew
Pr. Warren & Sonja Salveson
Richard & Teresa Sass
Helen Schaeffer
Anna Mae Schlatter
Joel & Susan Schlatter
Pr. Curtis & Dr. Jean Schneider
Wayne & Linda Schroeder
Aaron & Allison Schutte
Jim & JoAnne Schwarz
David & Tammy Schweitzer
Cary (Carolyn) Scott
Bob & Sadie Sersland
Steve & Mary Sheppard, Coggon
Dennis & Amy Smith
Nick Smith
Frank Snell
Pr. Ron & Patricia Spears 
Paul Specht
Craig & Jeanette Spilde
Springfield Lutheran Church, Calmar
Springfield Lutheran WELCA, Calmar
St. James Lutheran Church, Allison
St. John Lutheran Church, Arlington
St. John Lutheran Church, Dundee
St. John Lutheran Church, Farmersburg
St. John Lutheran Church, Olin
St. John Lutheran Church, Stapleton
St. John Lutheran Church - Rock Township, Osage
St. John Lutheran NALC - Vilmar WELCA, Greene
St. John Lutheran Rock Township WELCA, Osage
St. John Lutheran WELCA, Arlington
St. John Lutheran WELCA, Bellevue
St. John Lutheran WELCA, Farmersburg
St. John Lutheran WELCA, Nashua
St. John Lutheran WELCA, Sumner
St. John's Lutheran Church, Dubuque
St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Dubuque
St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Monticello
St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Readlyn
St. Paul Lutheran Church, Cedar Falls
St. Paul Lutheran Church, Hampton
St. Paul Lutheran Church, Lime Springs
St. Paul Lutheran Church, Maynard
St. Paul Lutheran Church, Monona 
St. Paul Lutheran Church, Volga
St. Paul Lutheran WELCA, Guttenberg
St. Paul Lutheran WELCA, Hampton
St. Paul Lutheran WELCA, Maynard
St. Paul Lutheran WELCA, Monona
St. Paul Lutheran WELCA, Volga
St. Paul's Lutheran Church & School, Waverly
St. Paul's Lutheran Kettner Circle WELCA, Waverly
St. Peter and St. Paul Lutheran Church, Monticello
St. Peter Lutheran Church, Garnavillo
St. Peter Lutheran WELCA, Eldorado
St. Peter Lutheran WELCA, Greene
St. Sebald Lutheran WELCA, Strawberry Point
St. Timothy Lutheran Church, Hudson
Stavanger Lutheran WELCA, Ossian
Bill & Joyce Steffenson
Daniel & Kimberly Stieler
Gerhard O. Strohmer
Waldemar (Wally) & Marie Sundet
Betty Sutton
Swales Precast Inc., Strawberry Point
Kenneth & Linda Tellberg Turnquist
Charles & Lois Tempus
Pr. William & Marilyn Thalacker
Jon & Peggy Thoms
Joyce Thurn
Richard Tiegs
George & Bonnie Tobiason
Trinity Lutheran Church, Burlington 
Trinity Lutheran Church, Pleasant Valley
Trinity Lutheran WELCA, Hawkeye
Trinity Lutheran WELCA, New Hampton
Trinity Lutheran WELCA, Pleasant Valley
Lance & Ellen Vanderloo
Dave & Brenda Versteeg
David & Anabeth Voigts
Roger & Alice Wagner
Meridith & Ambrose (Jay) Wardle
Ruth Warmanen
Washington Prairie Lutheran Church, Decorah
Washington Prairie Lutheran WELCA, Decorah
Lawson & Anni Waterman
Shirley & Kenneth Wellnitz
Dr. Gilbert & Mary Wessel
West Clermont Lutheran Church, Clermont
West Clermont Lutheran WELCA, Clermont
Pr. Norm & Kaye White 
Pr. Karla Wildberger & Dean Boles
Cheryl Wilms & Ron Versteegh
Sarah & Shane Wicks
Wicks Construction, Lamont
Rev. Mary Wiggins
Roger & Audrey Wilms
Don & Nancy Wolfe
Lilly Womeldorf
Liz & John Wuertz
Tim & Janet Wuest
Pr. Margaret & Dr. Mark Yackel-Juleen
Edward & Dianne Zaiser
Edgar & Verona Zelle
Burkard & Marina Zellner
John & Vicki Zietlow
Nathan & Meredith Zietlow
Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, Waterloo
Zion Lutheran Church, Iowa City 
Zion Lutheran Church, Oelwein
Zion Lutheran Church, Princeton
Zion Lutheran Church, West Union
Zion Lutheran WELCA, West Union
Zion Lutheran WELCA, Wyoming
Kathleen Zwanziger
Elementary Retreat 
"Teach Us to Pray"

Fri-Sat Mar. 14th-15th 

Are your elementary students ready for an awesome adventure at Camp Ewalu?  Youth will explore their faith while learning about prayer, prayer practices and different ways to tune in and talk to God.

Time will fly by with fun games, meaningful Bible studies, yummy meals, and even a campfire! Enjoy a sleepover in cool cabins with your new friends and caring camp counselors.

For Grades 3-6,

Click HERE to learn more

Ewalu Annual Meeting
Sat. Mar. 17th, 1:00 p.m.

Mark your calendars for the 2020 Annual Meeting.

The meeting will be held at 1:00 in the Creation Center Chapel on Ewalu's Main Site.

We want to remind you that each NE Iowa or SE Iowa Synod church can send two voting delegates to the meeting.  

Do you want Ewalu to visit your Church? 

We would love to help your church build energy for summer camp and retreats. Let us know if you would like a personal visit to your worship service, church council, adult forum, or Sunday School.

Contact Dana Isaacson, Program Director to set up a visit. 

Phone: 563-933-4700

Dirty Feet Retreat
Fri-Sun April 17th-19th 

Recharge your Middle School/ Junior High youth at the Dirty Feet Retreat!

Enjoy two nights of lodging in cabins, relevant Bible Studies, quality meals & snacks, energetic camp counselors, active praise music, the High Ropes Course, epic games, a crazy Talent Show, outdoor campfire worship, fun skits, and memorable adventures. 

Click HERE to learn more

Clergy Retreat
Sun-Tues April 19th-21st

We invite you and your families to relax and renew at Camp Ewalu’s beautiful Stone Center after the busy Easter and Lent Seasons. Come any time after 1:00 p.m. Sunday and stay through Tuesday. Ewalu will provide dinner, worship, and camp updates on Monday evening. The rest of the time is yours to connect with your peers, family, and God’s creation.

Click HERE to learn more

Summer Camp Theme

This year's summer camp theme is Lutheran Outdoor Ministries' "From Generation to Generation." Bible studies will focus on how the enduring love instilled in the promise to Abraham and Sarah continues through Old Testament characters, to Jesus, to the early church, and on to campers today!

Theme Verse: For the Lord is good; his steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations. (Psalm 100:5)

Spring Volunteer Work Weekend
Fri-Sun April 17th-19th 

This weekend you will join other volunteers, families, and church groups to help Ewalu get ready for the summer season. We hope you take time to explore camp in your free time, get to know some of the camp staff and other volunteers, and return home renewed and refreshed from your time in this special place in God’s kingdom.

Click HERE to learn more

Church Bulletins

Please feel free to share the events listed in this column with your church's newsletter or bulletin. Thank You!
Wish List
Right now we need donations of new or gently used 1" binders. Each summer nearly 50 binders to be used for our summer staff manuals. These manuals hold the summer Bible study curriculum, bedtime stories, and so many more important tools for our summer staff.

Visit our wish list to see if you can help us out; even if you can't donate yourself, any leads on potential donors are greatly appreciated!
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Phone: 563-933-4700

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