August 2022

Be part of the big plans for Cedar Lodge!

Ewalu is excited to announce a $2 million capital campaign to renovate Cedar Lodge, the 60-year-old building at the main camp site that serves as the hub of activity for campers, summer staff and visitors, and to strengthen the organization’s ministry.

“For 60 years, Cedar Lodge has served us well, but its layout no longer meets our needs, and its aging infrastructure is in need of overhaul,” said Frank Johnson, executive director. “Our plans to renovate Cedar will improve both the look and function of the lodge so that we might serve our guests, our campers, and our staff more fully.”

Updating Cedar Lodge will help the camp minister to the needs of the wide variety of groups that use the facilities, including newer programs like Grandparent Camp and Hope Camp, which ministers to children with an incarcerated parent. Now, more than ever, accessible and adequate facilities have an impact on who can experience camp and how Ewalu can serve them.
The campaign aims to strengthen the camp and retreat center’s ministry in four key areas:
  • Greater hospitality, by creating ADA-accessible restrooms on the main floor, adding space for gatherings, adding air conditioning and upgrading technology for retreats and conferences. An addition will also enhance the main entrance to the building.
  • More efficient food service and dining experience, by remodeling and expanding the commercial kitchen and streamlining the food preparation and serving areas.
  • Enhanced living conditions for summer staff, with a new HVAC system to address moisture issues in the lower level of the building, remodeling the lower-level restroom and shower areas and remodeling the summer staff break room.
  • Improved environmental stewardship, by increasing energy efficiency in the building and installing new solar energy collectors.
Campaign co-chairs Harry and Elle Blobaum of Waverly, Iowa, are excited to kick off the public phase of the campaign. “We have had a strong tie with Ewalu since the early days of Cedar Lodge in 1961 and have seen it serve thousands of youth and adults in many ways; it is tired and in need of plumbing, electrical, HVAC, kitchen and accessibility updates,” they said. “We are proud of this ‘place apart’ and encourage all donations to help us attain our $2 million goal as soon as possible.”

Mark and Jill Davidson of Onalaska, Wisconsin, also serve as co-chairs of the Cedar Lodge campaign and have been connected to Ewalu for decades. Mark grew up at the camp while his father was an executive director, and later both he and Jill were campers and then summer counselors at Ewalu; their children have also been campers and summer counselors. “Our family's Ewalu roots span three generations. We are excited for our fourth generation and future generations to experience Ewalu,” said the couple. “We know that this project is vital for ensuring a commitment of quality service for this camping ministry.”
The Ewalu Board of Directors has already pledged to meet 10% of the $2 million goal, and donors may give a one-time gift or pledge over a three-year period. The campaign plans to break ground when 90% of the goal has been committed. Building plans, details about the renovation and a donation link can be found at the link below.

Farewell to Ashley

All of us at Camp Ewalu would like to thank Ashley Gulrud for their dedication and service to the camp as Interim Program Director this last year. Ashley has served at Ewalu as a year-round staff member since 2018. Therefore, it is with great sadness that we announce that Ashley will be leaving us to pursue new things this fall. We are excited that they will be utilizing their passion for health as an EMT and pursuing some new learning opportunities. Thank you so much, Ashley, for all you have done! 

 — Frank Johnson, executive director

A summer at camp doesn’t come without its own unique challenges. This is a lesson I have learned well over six summers here at Ewalu. However, with any challenge we learn to improvise, adapt, and overcome. Ultimately, I never could have done all of this without such an amazing summer staff to support. This summer, we had one of the best staffs, if not the best, I’ve seen in my time. The sense of community felt between the staff is evident in every interaction. It’s hard to come by 38 people that truly love and care about each other, but it’s the standard at camp. Not only that, but I’ve found this staff to be full of incredibly adaptable problem solvers. Dedicated folks that keep going until the job is done. Passionate people driven by the same mission. Individuals that bring their own strengths to the table. The list of accolades and praise for the staff seems never ending. And for that I am very grateful: to have been a part of something much larger than myself.

Overall, camp has taught me to find joy in the little things and brought me to some good people who provide that joy to me. Through cards in my mailbox, ice cream with friends, or even just the knowledge that it could have been worse, I am able to get through the biggest and toughest situations. The many memories made here will never leave, as I’m sure is true of all summer staff. The joy stays even when the tough stuff comes around. And with that, I will carry myself forward to the next challenge.

— Ashley Gulrud, interim program director

Reflections from summer staff

We asked members of our summer staff to share their thoughts and reflections of their summer at Ewalu, where the theme was "Boundless: God Beyond Measure." 

NOAH TIEGS, Day Camp Coordinator: 

Although we are bound by time and space to the joys of camp, 2022 has been an awesome summer for learning about our Boundless God. As this year's Day Camp Coordinator, I was thrilled to hear so many stories from counselors and church volunteers about our ministry beyond the boundary of Ewalu. Nothing has shown me as much as Day Camp how blessed Ewalu is to be surrounded by a welcoming, generous community. To our counselors' host families and the pastors, youth directors, and volunteers who supported our Day Camps: thank you for making space for us in your congregations!

As a returning staff member, it is easy to wrap oneself in camp traditions, but as a part of our Boundless: God Beyond Measure theme, we were called to expand our worship practice and vocabulary this summer. Thanks to the creativity of our Chaplain, Hannah Bockbrader, we praised God in a silent worship service, offered beautiful confession and forgiveness through the burning of our written sins, and built a faith community while building a puzzle. Support staff Bible Study is another favorite time of mine to explore God's love and goodness. Led by many people this summer, we saw a dialogue sermon, competed in trivia, connected the Good Samaritan with passages across the Old Testament, and learned that God can handle our anger and frustration. In each of these sessions we saw our God Beyond Measure from a new angle. 

My personal study this summer included much reading, including Bonhoeffer's Life Together. Bonhoeffer's text opened my eyes to the true miracle of a group of young people willing to devote ten weeks of their summer to this ministry, and challenged me to practice healthier living within it. It is always difficult to step away from that miracle of Christian community, but the distances does not diminish our blessings or call to show the grace of God. I cannot wait to celebrate, pray, and worship together again soon.

Soli Deo Gloria!

MICHAELA DEHLI, Trailroom Coordinator:

Camp EWALU has been home to me for many years. I first came here as a mini camper and continued all the way until I was an LT. After that I began counseling and coordinating, leading me all the way to my role this summer as Trailroom Coordinator (pack-out meal master). I worked alongside my fellow coordinators to provide nourishing and exciting campfire meals that bonded cabin groups as families and left them telling stories about the delicacy of muff fluff.

I look back on this just-ending summer with fondness and lots of laughter. From game nights, to coffee on the roof, and all the meaningful moments that happened in between this summer was nothing short of a dream and I am so thankful I got to experience it alongside these folks.



The Ewalu sign on Alpha Avenue evokes a variety of emotions driving into camp, but more importantly for me, it always signals that regardless of the emotions, the next adventure is about to begin. That signal had faded after spending week after week, summer after summer in my college years. Now, that sign greets me as a new welcome and reminder that for a few days I get to be part of the wonder that is an Ewalu summer. Being able to chat with and observe campers and summer staff while helping here and there is something I’ll never take for granted.

In simpler terms, I supported the staff as a volunteer for a few days during Weeks 4 and 7—but like any good camp week, you can pack a lot of fun into a few days. Setting up a teepee and treehouse here, some vehicle and trailer maintenance there, cleaning up a fallen tree here and there were wonderful escapes from daily work to the peaceful solace that I’ve come to love at Ewalu.

On the other side of the coin is the community—similar to a time when I was a wide-eyed camper in awe of the counselors, coordinators, and LTs—conversations with summer staff frequently left me inspired and filled with peace. Experiencing a new “generation” of summer staff has been a reminder the same spirit is present and active.

While I’m no longer the mind-blown teenager finding role models every summer, I felt privileged to watch former campers knock it out of the park as summer staff. Witnessing the results of young adults putting their hearts, souls, bodies and minds into creating fun and foundational experiences for all involved just never gets old.  

ASHLEY GULRUD, Interim Program Director:

This year, as with the last few, an obvious challenge going into the summer was Covid. This quickly became apparent as 15 staff tested positive during staff training. I ended up struggling to figure out how to get through staff training with just over half a staff left to train while also spending some time in the kitchen making sure people got fed with our food service director being one of the many out of commission.

Even though it was not without challenges, I was grateful for the outbreak to have happened when it did. We made our changes for the first week of camp and prepared to move at full steam ahead as staff started trickling back in after their quarantines. This would, of course, only be the first challenge of the summer, and boy was it a doozy.

Comparatively, the rest of the summer went along without any major hitches, just the little things that pop up along the way. Not only was this my first year in the program director role, but I also took on the role of health officer as well. This put me in the position to smooth over all of the biggest bumps in the road. The staff were well equipped (even after the Covid thing) to deal with a lot of situations, but some are just too big or require my help in some way or another. From homesick campers wanting to go home to more urgent trips to the ER, I am the go-to person when situations escalate.

As a result, I’m usually not the person seeing campers at their best but at their most vulnerable. It’s not necessarily a position I like to be in, but one I’ve learned to accommodate well. Ultimately, the biggest reward is to help a camper through their situation and hear they still want to return next year. It takes patience and compassion, but that’s not too hard to come by around here.


We’re still accepting donations of quilts, quality hand-made items, and other items UNTIL FRIDAY, SEPT. 2, for our 35th Annual Fall Festival & Quilt Auction, held online Sept. 19-25 and in person at Camp Ewalu on Saturday, Sept. 24, this year. All proceeds from this event support the year-round ministry at Ewalu. Please have donations delivered to camp by Sept. 2 so they can be included in the online auction and in-person auction booklet. For more information and to fill out the Item Donation Form, visit


Friday, Sept. 2
Deadline to donate items to the Fall Festival & Quilt Auction

Monday, Sept. 19
Online Quilt Auction begins

Saturday, Sept. 24
Fall Festival & Quilt Auction at Ewalu's main site

Friday, Sept. 30 to Sunday, Oct. 2
Dirty Feet Retreat for grades 6-9

Friday-Saturday, Oct. 28-29
Fall Work Day on Saturday, with a grill-out and campfire Friday night. Contact the camp office to RSVP! 

Friday-Sunday, Nov. 11-13
Lutheran Men in Mission "One Year to Live" men's retreat

More gatherings coming up

So far, Ewalu friends and alumni have hosted gatherings in Decorah, Dubuque and the Twin Cities... and there are more to come! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and watch your mailbox for an invitation to join us at future events to meet our new director, Frank Johnson, and to learn more about what's happening at Ewalu, including the exciting plans for Cedar Lodge. 

We love bringing a bit of Ewalu to you!

Use an Action Team to benefit Ewalu

Thrivent is a financial services organization with Lutheran roots. Those with Thrivent financial accounts can direct funds to Ewalu through Thrivent Action Teams or Thrivent Choice. Learn more at

Contact Steph at if you are eligible for a Thrivent Action Team grant that we could use for our upcoming Fall Festival & Quilt Auction. 

Thank you for supporting the bridge appeal

When construction costs for the new bridge to replace the iconic A-Frame Bridge went way up, we knew we needed to reach out to our supporters to help us go the "Final Mile" to get the job done. THANK YOU for answering our appeal and supplying our need! 

We'll be starting construction of the new bridge sometime this fall, just a bit upstream from the old A-Frame. Check out the plans at this link, and click here to see some drone video of the old A-Frame taken this summer. 


Interested in seeing what's new at Ewalu? Check us out on our Facebook page and Instagram page!

We're hiring! 

Part-time ropes course worker for fall
Ewalu is looking for part-time seasonal help (about 6 weeks starting in September) for our Outdoor Education Program. Work will consist of taking part in the high-ropes and low-ropes course for middle school aged youth and up. On-site housing available!
➡️No experience necessary, training is provided.
➡️Must be 18 years or older to apply.
➡️If interested please call our office at 563-933-4700 or email Maury at
➡️Pay: $12.00/hour + housing or $100/full day, $50/half day for commuters.

To apply, submit your application and current résumé by email or mail. For more information, call 563-933-4700 or email Maury. Click here for the application form.

JUST POSTED: Program Director
The Program Director works closely with the Executive Director and Program Committee to manage the direction of adult and youth ministry programs for Ewalu, including the recruitment, hiring, training, and supervision of seasonal camp staff. Click here to learn more about this full-time, year-round position, and please share with anyone who you think would be interested! 
SAVE THE DATE! Ewalu's biggest fundraiser is coming up and will again be a hybrid event, as it was so successful last year:

Online Auction will go from Monday, Sept. 19, to Sunday, Sept. 25
Live Auction at Ewalu will be Saturday, Sept. 24. 

Click here for details! 

Dirty Feet Retreat is back!

Calling all junior high students! For the first time since the start of the pandemic, our Dirty Feet Retreat is BACK! This junior high ministry retreat for grades 6-9 will be Friday evening, Sept. 30, to Sunday, Oct. 2, at Ewalu's main site. Cost is $90 per student and $65 for chaperones. Click here for details and to register! Be sure to share with your youth ministry director. 
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