October 2020
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October 2020

Ewalu's First Honey Harvest

When we first began this project in January 2019, we had high hopes and low expectations as fresh beekeepers. We did as much research as we could, and yet there was still so much we knew we didn’t know. When fall came, and we were preparing to get our hives through winter, we were skeptical that our bees would still be there in the spring.

When we returned to them in the spring, we were delighted to see a few buzzing around as we approached. Both hives had survived! We continued to check-in on them throughout the spring, but naturally, the summer was a different story. They got very little attention during that time, as we turned our focus to the summer campers. Once again, we were a little surprised to see how well they were doing when we went out in the fall. It looked like we would be able to harvest!

We began researching what the best harvest method would be for our set up. We ordered the necessary supplies and waited in anticipation for them to arrive. Once the supplies arrived, it was just a matter of waiting for the warmest day.

As we headed out to Adventure Land, the excitement began to build. We suited up, grabbed our tools, and made the quick jaunt over to the table where the hives sit. After determining we would harvest only one super, ten frames from the top boxes, we set out to pick the very best frames. As it turned out, they all came from the stronger hive, so we brushed off a few bees and transported the frames back to our vehicle.

To begin the extraction of honey, we prepped our bucket with a honey gate and a filter. We cut out the comb into the filter, one frame at a time, and squeezed as much honey out of the wax as possible. We then saved the wax for another project and set in on the next frame. When all was said and done, we ended up with about 2.5 gallons of pure, raw honey. We had purchased a few classic bear-shaped honey bottles and quickly realized they would not be nearly enough to hold all we had harvested. Some of the fresh bottled honey will be available for purchase at the virtual quilt auction this year, so you may be able to share in our harvest!

Honey production was never our primary motivation in beekeeping, but it sure has been a fun benefit. Hopefully, this coming winter treats the hives nicely, and we can have another nice harvest next fall!

Fall Volunteer Work Day Recap

The first of our Fall Volunteer Work Days took place on September, 26th. Twenty-five volunteers came out for the beautiful fall day and got lots of work done. They built picnic tables, stained benches and tables, enhanced the garden fence, cleaned out the garden, hauled wood, and spread wood chips around the cooperative course.

A lot of work was done, and a lot of fun was had as well! Thank you to everyone who helped out! We have another work day later this fall on Saturday, October 24th.

Make a Difference This Season

We are thankful for the hard work of our incredible summer staff, parents, campers, and donors who made it possible to be one of the few camps to open this summer.

"you did a fantastic job keeping our kids safe this summer. You gave my daughter the happiest and most normal part of her summer. A million thanks and prayers for a more normal summer next year!" wrote a parent whose daughter attended camp at Ewalu this summer.

Because of your financial and prayer support:
  • 0 COVID-19 infections were contracted by campers or staff in the six weeks that our doors were open to summer ministry. Praise God!
  • 455 campers experienced Camp Ewalu and learned about Jesus's love for them, which continues throughout generations. This is about 43% of last year's attendance.
  • 41 summer staff members provided leadership and served as examples for youth exploring their faith. Thanks to the generosity of many donors like you, we were able to retain all staff and continue our development of future faith-leaders.
  • 58 "Camp in a Box" packages delivered Camp Ewalu's ministry across the nation to people unable to be with us physically this year.
Thank you for the prayers and generous gifts that carried us through the summer. While we have much to celebrate, Ewalu is still being impacted by the pandemic. Most school environmental education programs have been cancelled. This income is roughly a quarter of our yearly revenue.

We need your support more than ever this fall. Without your support, next summer's campers will fee the effects of significant budget cuts. We will need to minimize programming, raise staff-camper ratios, and delay project improvement. 

Please consider making a financial gift to Camp Ewalu this fall. Your donation means a 13-year old boy who struggles with low self-worth will experience unconditional love for the first time, and a 10-year old girl will start her quest to be a counselor, and even a pastor someday. Stories like these are commonly shared by our summer staff every year.

Your gift is an investment in the life of a young person and the future of the Church. Your gift to Ewalu will make a difference!
Make your gift online today!
Thank you to our donors in 
July and August 2020!

Marcia Adix
Bev Ager
Liz Albertson
Orville and Juan Alitz
Candace (Candy) and Richard Altorfer
Roxie and Dr. Chris Anderson
Pr Keith and Pr Virginia Anderson Larson
Ascension Lutheran Church, Goose Lake, IA
Michael and Kathryn Babcock
Kimbra Bader
Lisa and Joseph Bahe
Roger and Sue Bahe
Clark and Shiloy Baldwin
Adam Barkema
Rachel Barkema
Randy and Alta Barkema
Renee and Todd Barkema
Dennis and Doris Barnaal
Rhonda and Bruce Bemis
Sarah and Jonathan Bengtson
Lori and Chris Berry
Kati and Jim Besler
Bethany Lutheran Church, Elkader, IA
Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Cedar Falls, IA
Ann Black and Joel Ziegelbein
Robert and Jeanne Blahnik
Everett and Jean Blobaum
Harry and Elle Blobaum
Stephanie and Jay Boeding
Barbara Broffitt
Jill and Robert Buck
Lacy and Shane Butterfield
Amy and Peter Calhoun
Calmar Lutheran Church, Calmar, IA
Erin and Doug Campbell
Ellen Cannon
Patrick Cannon
Katie and Josh Cantu
Jennifer and Pr Mark Carr
Christ the King Lutheran Church, Iowa City, IA
Keith and Dawn Christensen
Sarah and Carl Christensen
Citizens State Bank, Strawberry Point, IA
Robyn and Dan Clark-Bridges
Darlene Clausen
Kevin and Nancy Clefisch
Pr. Nathan Clements and Emily Nelson
Jen and Leo Clougherty
Naomi Craft
Crowning Revelations, Houston TX
George and Diann Curtis
Marvin and Annette Dahling
Scott and Barb Davison
Decorah Lutheran Church, Decorah, IA
Donna and Dan Dennis
Marcia and Leon Dibble
Pr Donald Dovre and Gloria Keiser Dovre
Merlyn Duffy
Irene and Paul Dymerski
Vicki and Dana Edwards
Elgin Lutheran Church, Elgin, IA
Elim Lutheran Church, Marshalltown, IA
Kendra Elwood
Emanuel Lutheran Church, Strawberry Point, IA
Robert and Linda Erlandson
Darlene Esmoil
Mari and Shawn Eyestone
Janet and Randy Falck
Christine Faust
Lisa Smith Fiegel
First Lutheran Church, Cedar Rapids, IA
First Lutheran Church, Decorah, IA
First Lutheran Church, Maquoketa, IA
Glenn and Gail Fenneman
Joel and Margarita Flack
Jackie and Mark Fober
Lucille and David Fober
Clark Foehrkolb
Kelley Foehrkolb
Robert and Karen Fossum
Kara Franke
Karen Franks
Paul and Julie Frantsen
Russell and Marie Freerking
Adam and Carissa Froyum Roise
Mark and Julie Frye
Wayne and Lois Garms
Mike and Cindy Gibbs
Katherine Gibson
Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Cedar Rapids, IA
Kara and Christopher Godwin
Daniel and Allie Grainger
Jack and Marie Gregersen
Dr Randy and Jo Groth
James and Julie Haage
Jim and Sue Haemker
Steve and Debbie Haller
Darlyce Hamann
Charles and Janice Hamlett
Dr. William Hamm
Kathleen and Wayne Harmsen
Matthew Harper
Barb Harre
Mark and Cynthia Hedge
Erhart Hehr
Darrel and Marlene Hicks
Sarah and Eric Higgins
David Hill
Dr. Randy and Marcia Hinrichs
Rich and Marylu Hoefer
Susan and Tom Hoey
Tyler and Miranda Hoey
David and Kathi Hoisington
Holy Redeemer Lutheran Church, Cedar Rapids, IA
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Dubuque, IA
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, North Liberty, IA
Molly and Kurt Hoover
Hope Lutheran Church - Littleport
Madelyn and Mark Holtzclaw
Linda and Ronald Hougen
Sally and Jim Hubka
Jan and James Hylko
Immanuel Lutheran Church, Cresco, IA
Sally Immerfall
Dana Isaacson
Keith and Pamela Jaben
Kyle Jaeger
LaDonna Jetter
Aaron and Lindsay Johnson
Becky and Erik Johnson
Pr Dennis and Susan Johnson
Nancy Jones Hovland and Mike Hovland
Norman Jones
Pr Tom and Jeralyne (Kaye) Jones
Lisa and Jon Kammerer
Edna Kamper
Matthew and Julianna Kaschmitter
Pr Ken and Debbie Kimball
Elsie Kittleson
Ruth Kittleson
Mark and Laura Klingner
Sara Klosterboer and Brian Brandsmeier
Roger and Mary Knehans
Pr. Dan and Nova Kolander
Don and Elaine Koss
Rebecca and Mike Kramer
Dennis and Holly Kruger
Carma Kvidera
John Lane
David and Sharon Lapka
Pr. Amy and Pr. Matthew Larson
Zachary and Kristin Larson
Carolyn Laxson
Joanne Laxson
Karen Lee
Mark and Karen Lehmann
Nancy Linzmeyer
Shawn and Carrie Livingston
Cathy Loughead
Amy and Barry Lovseth
Neal and Clara Ann Lovstuen
Pr Katie Lowe-Lancaster
Brita and Tim Loynachan
Cyndy Ludeking and Eric Ryan
Dr Lowell and Joan Luhman
Richard and Karen Lundberg
The Lutheran Church of the Resurrection, Marion, IA
Marcella Luxa
John and Mary Manson
Becky and Paul Martin
Carrie and John Martin
Katherine Martin
Caleb and Demery Maughan
Bruce and Grace Maurer
Amanda and Daniel McCurley
Debbie and Patrick McGeough
Sarah and Jim Meehan
June Mehlhaus
Stephanie and Greg Meier
Kyrsta (Hokanson) Miner
Virginia Mitchell
Dr. Bridget Monaghan
Tremaine Monshizadeh
Tawanda Murinda
Marija-Lisa and Eric Musselman
Michele Myrom
NAPA Auto Parts, Strawberry Point, IA
Kenza and Matthew Nelson
Carol Nicol
Dona and Carey Noble
Crystal Nodurft
Derek Norland
Norway Lutheran Church, Saint Olaf, IA
Old West Paint Creek Lutheran Church, Waukon, IA
Kathryn and Lynn Olson
Kerri and Brian Olson
Janice Ott
Sarah and John Ottesen
Carol Patterson
Barbara and Kenneth Pitt
Leah Plotz
Mindy Potter
Thomas and Carol Raithel
Tate and Hannah Randall
Joan and Jon Rasmussen
Lyle and Carol Rasmussen
Victor and Dianne Rathje
Kari and Paul Rea
Cheri and Jamie Reider
Morganne Reinboldt
Tara and Pat Reisinger
Richard and Annita Rettig
Michael Roepke
Richard and Barbara Roepke
Myrna Ross
Rebecca and Christopher Rothfuss
Pr Kathy and Robert Roys
Doug and Marcia Rueber
Margaret and Jonathan Runaas
Gina and Perry Russett
Ruth Schabacker
Edwin and Rennie Scharlau
Rich and Linnae Scheffel
Jack and Marietta Schemmels
Susan Schmidt
Mary Schmidt-Luhring
Cary (Carolyn) Scott
Aaron and Allison Schutte
Bob and Sadie Sersland
Audrey Smith
Dennis and Amy Smith
Frank Snell
Pr Connie Spitzack and Pr Mark Youngquist
St. John Lutheran Church, Arlington, IA
St. John Lutheran Church, Farmersburg, IA
St. John Lutheran Church, Olin, IA
St. John Lutheran Church, Sumner, IA
St. John Buck Creek Lutheran Church, Sumner, IA
St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Dubuque, IA
St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Readlyn, IA
St. Paul Lutheran Church, Hampton, IA
St. Paul Lutheran Church, Volga, IA
St. Peter Lutheran Church, Greene, IA
St. Peter Lutheran Church WELCA, Garnavillo, IA
St. Sebald Lutheran Church, Strawberry Point, IA
St. Stephen's Lutheran Church, Cedar Rapids, IA
Bill and Joyce Steffenson
Tim Steffenson
Daniel and Kimberly Stieler
Rebecca Steines and Lowell Blikre
Laurie and Kent Stock
William and Janet Striepe
Betty Sutton
Sherri and Keith Swartz
Swedesburg Lutheran Church, Swedesburg, IA
Robert and June Swenson
Darryl and Shelly Syverson
Mary Techau
Dean and Karen Teslow
Pr. William and Marilyn Thalacker
Ron Tiedemann
Richard Tiegs
Billie Jo and Martin Timm
Corrine and Ed Timm
Trinity Lutheran Church, Burlington, IA
Trinity Lutheran Church, New Hampton, IA
Trinity Lutheran Church, Waterloo, IA
Sue and Mark Tull
Anita and Craig Van Dyke
Lance and Ellen Vanderloo
Edna and Paul Versteegh
Jill and Dan Wagner
Cyndy and Randy Ward
Wayne Zion Lutheran Church, Monticello, IA
Janis and Tom Weatherford
Amy and Andre Wehe
Sheena Wendt
Dr. Gilbert and Mary Wessel
West Clermont Lutheran Church, Clermont, IA
Pr Bill and Sally White
Madge White
Rev. Mary Wiggins
Tracy and Brent Wilker
Cheryl Wilms and Ron Versteegh
Roger and Audrey Wilms
Don and Nancy Wolfe
Liz and John Wuertz
Tim and Janet Wuest
Pr. Margaret and Dr. Mark Yackel-Juleen
Carol and Carl Zander
Colleen Zietlow and Allen Walter
John and Vicki Zietlow
Nathan and Meredith Zietlow
Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, Waterloo, IA
Zion Lutheran Evening Circle WELCA, Readlyn, IA
Zion Lutheran Church, Oelwein, IA
Zion Lutheran Church, West Union, IA
Kathleen Zwanziger
Virtual Quilt Auction

Sat-Thurs, Oct. 10th-15th

Join us online for the Quilt Auction this year! Quilt viewing, bidding, and recorded worship service will take place on a secure online silent auction.

Bidder registration and quilt viewing is now open! A recorded opening worship will be posted at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, October 10th and a thanksgiving and prayer devotion will be posted when bidding closes at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 15th.

Click HERE to view the Quilt Auction website, register, and learn more.

Volunteer Work Day

Sat, Oct. 24th 

Join other volunteers, families, and church groups to help Ewalu get ready for the winter season. We hope you take time to explore camp in your free time, get to know some of the camp staff and other volunteers, and return home renewed and refreshed from your time in this special place in God’s kingdom.

Click HERE to learn more
Fall Cabin Rentals

Come escape to Ewalu for a week or weekend! We have several cabins open this fall that are perfect for small group rentals.

Visit our website for more information and booking instructions.

Quilt Pick Up Days

Fri & Sat, Oct. 23rd & 24th, 1:00 - 5:00 p.m.

We will be hosting two Quilt Pick Up days at Camp Ewalu on Friday, October 23rd, and Saturday, October 24th from 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Coffee and cookies will be provided for people who would like to come pick up their quilts during these times. Free-will donation shipping is also available for most items.

Click HERE to learn more

COVID-19 Free Summer

We are thrilled to announce that the summer of 2020 at Ewalu was a safe, successful, and Christ-centered one. No COVID-19 infections were contracted by campers or staff this summer!

Huge thanks to all parents, staff, campers, and donors who helped make this summer possible.

We’re thankful for all who were able to come to camp this summer, and we hope to see everyone back at Camp Ewalu next summer!

Farewell to Ashley Gulrud, Program Assitant

After four summers spent at camp, it feels like my time to go. Despite this and the anticipation of a new adventure, there is so much I leave behind and will miss. From beekeeping to low ropes elements, I’ve had my hand in many new things here.

I like to think I’ll leave behind some sort of legacy, so to ensure that I carved my name into the picnic table I pulled out of the river by the A-Frame. Realistically, I know any legacy I leave is not my own individually but through the community, we’ve all helped to perpetuate. It’s the amazing sense of welcome and inclusion that brought me back not just for my years as staff but as long as I’ve been a camper.

Ewalu has always been home to me, long before I ever lived here, and I know it will continue to be long after I’m gone. I am more grateful for my experiences here than I’ll ever have the words to express. And as I move on to something different, I will always look back on my time here with joy.
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Join the Holy Folders
Are you looking to get more involved at Camp Ewalu? 

Consider joining the "Holy Folders", a lively group of Ewalu supporters that put together camp's bulk mailings. Holy Folders meet 4-5 times a year on weekdays. There are no commitment requirements for joining the Holy Folders. Come on days that work for you!

Call the office at 563-933-4700, or email if you are interested in joining the Holy Folders.
Wish List
Camps like Ewalu are always in need of a few extra kitchen supplies, maintenance tools, or even vehicles for transporting canoes and campers in the summer. Check out Ewalu's wish list online to see if you can help us out; even if you can't make the donation yourself, any leads on potential donors are greatly appreciated!
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