February 2021
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February 2021

A Thousand Hours,
A Thousand Memories

Each summer, Camp Ewalu serves as a place outside. Counselors and campers do almost everything outside. We cook, eat, play, pray, sing, swim, hike, sleep, laugh, and sometimes cry. Usually, it’s a combination of them at the same time. Ewalu is in a unique position to be as spread out as we are, which allows us to do almost everything outside. We are close to nature, which fits perfectly with our summer theme, “Creation Renewed.” 

As a former counselor, coordinator, and now full-time staff, I was able to appreciate how being outside can enhance our spiritual experience. Being outside, however, has more positive benefits that can possibly fit into one article. One project is trying to increase the amount of time we spend outside.

1,000 Hours Outside is a project that is designed to have people spend 1,000 hours outside in a year. The hours can include any activity that takes place outdoors. This project was started to be a counterweight to the amount of time people spend in “screen time.” The negative effects of too much screen time are well documented and impact people of all ages. By spending more time outside, people will increasingly see benefits physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. That is where I believe Ewalu can come into play.

As easy as it can be to spend time looking at screens, it can also be surprisingly easy for us to spend time outside. As part of the 1,000 Hours Outside project, it is my goal to keep track of Camp Ewalu’s “time spent outside.” By looking at the programs that are running each week and the amount of staff and campers at camp each week, we can accurately estimate the hours that we spend outside by the end of the summer. Additionally, the amount of time that is spent outside is enhanced because each camper spends ZERO hours on a screen while they are at Camp Ewalu.

Anyone can participate in the 1,000 Hours Outside project. I will include a link at the end of this article that will lead you to the website. I realize the irony of going on the screen to find out more about a project that promotes going outside. There are materials that can be used to keep track of your hours outside, as well as links to other outdoor lifestyle and educational websites. Any activity will count towards the goal of 1,000 hours and I believe it’s easier than one would initially think to see the hours add up. Even if you aren’t able to get to 1,000 hours on your own, you can attempt this project as a family. Remember, the goal is to spend more time outside.

If you were a camper, counselor, coordinator, supporter, or maybe you have worked here full time; you have had many fond memories here. I am willing to bet that the majority of them were outside. A cornerstone of Camp Ewalu’s ministry involves the outdoors. More time that can be spent outside will further create new connections and positively grow that ministry.

1000 hours outside link:

Maury Landt
Environmental Education Director

Sign Up Now For Summer 2021

Registration for summer camp 2021 is now open!

Forms received or postmarked by March 1st are eligible for the first early discount. Or, if postmarked by April 19th, registrations are eligible for the second early discount. See program descriptions for early discount amounts.

Visit our online registration site to sign up!
Help Us Upgrade Our Linens.

We have purchased new mattresses for our Walnut Cabins and Lodge to upgrade our hospitality options for our Fall, Winter, and Spring Retreat Seasons. We hope to offer an optional linen service in these cabins once we have enough sheet sets in hand. If you would like to help us make this a reality you can order a set of sheets from our Amazon wish list and have it sent to camp. We would like each sheet set to be the same. If you have questions on how to order from the wish list please call our office.

Currently, we need twelve cot sized sheet sets ($40) and seven full-sized sets ($25).

Buy Now
Thank you to our donors in 
November and December 2020!

Liz Albertson
Candace (Candy) and Richard Altorfer
Pr Keith and Pr Virginia Anderson Larson
Michael and Kathryn Babcock
Roger and Sue Bahe
Gary and Bev Bahls
Raymond and Avelda Bahr
Dennis and Doris Barnaal
Robert and Jeanette Becker
Edwin Begalske Estate
Betty and Paul Bendixen
Mayme Benson and Steve Johnson
Elenor Bentrott
Jennifer Berge and Robert Morgan
Patricia and Stanley Besler
Bethany Lutheran Church, Elkader
Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Cedar Falls
Donald and Janet Biermann
Don and Mary Lou Billhorn
Dick and Marlene Bishop
Everett and Jean Blobaum
Harry and Elle Blobaum
Donal Boie Estate
Kenneth and Harriet Blockhus
Jay and Stephanie Boeding
Dolores Boehm
Marilyn and Leroy Brocka
William and Elaine Brown
Jill and Robert Buck
Geneva Buhr
Burr Oak Lutheran WELCA, Decorah
Calmar Lutheran Church, Calmar
Canoe Ridge Lutheran WELCA, Decorah
Sandy Caya
Christ the King Lutheran Church, Iowa City
Citizens State Bank, Strawberry Point
Lorna and Dennis Christeleit
Keith and Dawn Christensen
Robyn and Dan Clark-Bridges
Steve and Leta Clausen
Richard and Joann Cole
Chuck and Barbara Corr
Larry and Barb Croghan
Dennis and Kendra Crooks
Crowning Revelations
Chad Cumberland
John and Barb Dahlby
Marvin and Annette Dahling
Janet and Joseph Daley
Mike and Pamela Dau
Caleb and Callie Davidson
Mark and Dr. Jill Davidson
Decorah Lutheran Church, Decorah
Marcia and Leon Dibble
Kristi Dienst and Alan Allbee
Dwight and Bev Diercks
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Amelia and Jeremy Driscoll
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East Clermont Lutheran WELCA, Clermont
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Faith Lutheran Church, Andover
Faith Lutheran WELCA, Andover
Glenn and Gail Fenneman
First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Manchester
First Lutheran Church, Andover
First Lutheran Church, Conroy
First Lutheran Church, Decorah
First Lutheran Church, Maquoketa
First Lutheran WELCA, Cresco
First Lutheran WELCA, Decorah
First Lutheran WELCA, Maquoketa
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Blake Flores and Kaela Bemis
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Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Decorah
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Grace Lutheran WELCA, Tripoli
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James and Julie Haage
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Hesper Lutheran WELCA, Decorah
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Darrel and Marlene Hicks
Sarah and Eric Higgins
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Dr. Randy and Marcia Hinrichs
Tyler and Miranda Hoey
Gerald and Marlene Hollander
Hope Lutheran Church - Littleport, Elkader
Madelyn and Mark Holtzclaw
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Dubuque
Hope Lutheran WELCA, Elkader
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Lucille Hubbard
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Richard and Sandy Hyman
Immanuel Lutheran Church, Cresco
Immanuel Lutheran Church, Independence
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Pr. Tom and Jeralyne (Kaye) Jones 
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Rosemary and Charles Kreb
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David and Sharon Lapka
Pr. Amy and Pr. Matthew Larson
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Steven and Sherri Lauritsen
Carolyn Laxson
Joanne Laxson
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Mark and Karen Lehmann
Dale and Joan Lehmkuhl
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Shawn and Carrie Livingston
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Marion Lutheran Church, Saint Olaf
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Dona and Carey Noble
Norway Lutheran Church, St. Olaf
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Emma & Larry Olk
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Orleans Lutheran Church, Ridgeway
Orleans Lutheran WELCA, Cresco
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Peace Lutheran WELCA, Hopkinton
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Arlyn and Connie Picken
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St. James Lutheran Church, Allison
St. John Lutheran Church, Farmersburg
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St. John Lutheran Church - Rock Twp., Osage
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St. John Lutheran WELCA, Bellevue
St. John Lutheran WELCA, Farmersburg
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Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, Waterloo
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Zion Lutheran Church, West Union
Zoom Annual Meeting

Sat. March 20,
1:00 p.m.

Our 2021 Annual Meeting will be held on March 20th at 1:00 p.m. over Zoom.

Agenda items include an update on capital campaign planning and a review of constitutional bylaws.

Anyone may attend the meeting. Each Ewalu member congregation can send two voting delegates to the meeting.

More information, PDF copies of the annual report, and the Zoom link will be found on our website under events in the next few weeks.

We're Hiring Our 2021 Summer staff
Are you or someone you know looking for a fun and meaningful way to spend your summer? Consider a youth ministry position on our 2021 Ewalu Summer Staff.
View the job description and apply online at
For more information contact Program Director, Dana Isaacson.

Phone: 563-933-4700
Creation ReNEWed Summer Theme '21 Introduction

And the one who was seated on the throne said, “See, I am making all things new.”
Revelation 21:5

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth and saw that it was good. But it wasn’t finished. This was just the starting point. God shares the creative impulse with everything and everyone and invites us to take part in making something new.
We witness this in the cycles of nature as life springs from life, grows, ages, and returns to the ground from which we come, making way for new life. Creative arts and sciences rise up from within us seeking expression. Our circle of friends and communities ebb and flow as we connect with new people or find ourselves separated.
Even now, God is at work in Christ making all things new! When we struggle to see signs of hope, when we feel like we have lost too much, when we are tired, when we are sick, when we are grieving, God promise is to be at work restoring and renewing us and all of creation. This is the good news of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection! This is the promise of baptism!
Join us at Ewalu this summer to experience Creation Restored! Let God renew a right spirit within you as you grow friendships, dwell in nature, learn about yourself, sing, play, and explore Bible passages of God’s amazing work of restoration now and always.
Service Camp
New this summer for grades 9-12 is our "Service Camp!"

Service Camp Campers will stay in cabins onsite and help with projects like clearing trails and moving wood. Then they head into local communities to help neighbors in need. Their group will plan a project throughout the week to leave their fingerprint on the world. They will also participate in favorite camp activities like swimming, faith conversations, and campfires.

Click HERE for more information
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Camps like Ewalu are always in need of a few extra kitchen supplies, maintenance tools, or even vehicles for transporting canoes and campers in the summer. 

Check out Ewalu's wish list online to see if you can help us out; even if you can't make the donation yourself, any leads on potential donors are greatly appreciated!
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