Message from the Chair
Tim Simpson

Every once in a while you come upon a story that takes your breath away, recently I happened on one of these and so the following is something I’d like to share with you.  This year I made it a goal to do my best to live up to the sentiments expressed in the following two songs:.

Always stay Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw 
“Hold the door say please say thank you 
Don't steal, don't cheat, and don't lie 
I know you got mountains to climb but 
Always stay humble and kind”
Today I’m gonna try and Change the World by Johnny Reid
I’m gonna say hello to my neighbor
Greet him with a smile
Shake the hand of a stranger
Sit and talk with them for a while.
Tell someone I love them
From the bottom of my heart
Today I’m gonna try and change the world.

I’m privileged to know a young fellow by the name of Will Storrie. He has a number of challenges but is likely one of the most determined young people I’ve met. I know his grandmother and father and through the magic of social media, I have followed him as he has grown from a child into a young adult.  Recently he has transitioned into High School, and was told that there are just too many challenges for him to go with his fellow classmates on their High School trip to Portugal / Spain in 2019. Despite this news, he has, of his own volition, decided to donate the bottles he has been collecting to help his classmates go on this trip. He did it on his own and so far has donated three massive bags.

I was incredibly moved by this.  Instead of “poor me” and “it’s not fair”, this young fellow promptly went about doing what he could for others and to help others do something he would have given anything to do. I need to learn this; instead of defaulting to “what’s in it for me” or even “why me” I need to work so that my actions are like Will’s. We all have a job to do.  How good for me if my first response can be how can I make it better for those I am working with, rather than thinking about how it impacts me? I am aspiring to live up to the lyrics in the two songs previously mentioned.  How inspiring it is to find a young person who is doing it!
October Meeting Notice
Radon: Are your countertops really radioactive?
On Tuesday, October 10th at the Winston Golf Club, 2502 - 6th ST NE Calgary, Karin Dumais from RadonWest will provide a quick introduction to radon, discuss building science basics, dispel some radon myths, tell us how to implement radon requirements based on the ABC 2014, discuss residential vs commercial rough-ins, and other things to think about. 
To register click RADON
Golf Tournament
Sylvie Dzikewich, CTR

The CSC 3rd Annual Golf Tournament was held at the beautiful Lakeside Golf Club in Chestermere on September 13th, 2017. Despite the rain and cold temperatures, and having to end the tournament after nine holes, the event was a success. 47 golfers endured the weather, with a few extras golfers that continued on, refusing to succumb to Mother Nature. We would like to recognize the golf course for extending to all the golfers a “rain check” due to the shortened round. We hope that you will all have an opportunity to utilize it in the future.

Congratulations to the first place team: Matt Girling, Wayne Yarjau, Adam Hordos and John Solland.

Sincere thanks to our sponsors, supporters, and attendees; without all of you accomplishing our mission simply would not be possible. 

A special thank you to our volunteers for taking the time out of their busy schedule to help make our event a success - Tom Newton, Tim Simpson and Kelsey Simpson.
  • Thank you MAPEI for providing the delicious mini donuts, they were well received by all
  • Thank you to IKO for BBQ in the rain, providing the golfers with hotdogs, hamburgers and drinks on the 17th hole.
  • Lunch sponsor: Soprema.   
  • Hole-in-one sponsor:  Investors Group
  • Hole Sponsors:  Hydrotech Membrane Corp, I-XL, Metro Glass, Nebco, Ardex, Alumicor, BASF, Flesher Marble and Tile, Tremco, and Dizal
  • Prize sponsors: Flynn, Soprema, Cast Supply, Alberta Roofing Contractors Association
We look forward to seeing you all again next September for our 4th annual golf tournament.

Save the date!  Connections Café will be Tuesday, March 20.  Are you interested in helping out the Connections Café committee, or do you have ideas and suggestions? If so, please contact Larry Shoesmith, Trevor Devnich or Johnathon Greenland.
Education Update
Adam Develter

Another Principles of Construction Documentation course is underway with 10 students.  Classes are being held at S2 Architecture.  Are you interested in the CSC Construction Contract Administrator course, or the Specifier course?  If so, let me know by emailing me at

Membership News
Corinne Golding
New coordinates:
Ignite Student Competition
Kirsten Janes
The CSC IGNITE Committee is in the early stages of planning for this year’s Student Design Competition with hopes to make it bigger than last year with even more support from CSC Calgary Chapter Members.
This year, MRU's Department of Interior Design will be hosting the competition events in January 2018.
So far, this year’s committee includes the following CSC Calgary Chapter Members:
  • Kirsten Janes, Acorn Design Concepts, Committee Chair
  • Kelsey Simpson, Strathcona Ventures, Committee Member
  • Christina Sgaggi, Park Digital, Committee Member
  • Peter Hiebert, Construction Specialties, Inc., Committee Member
  • And, seven students who participated last year will be joining CSC and will serve as Student Ambassadors
We are looking for sponsors, mentors and judges from a variety of industry roles and will be reaching out to each of our members. In the meantime, should anyone be interested in joining our committee, or wish to learn more about last year’s competition, please feel free to contact me at 403-606-5611 or via email at

The website will be updated soon for this year’s event where updates will be posted as they become available. Please visit it at: to view what last year’s competition was all about.
Calgary Construction Association
Liaison Report

Larry Shoesmith, CTR
As most of us small business owners are aware there is an extensive amount of focus on the federal government's new tax initiative. This has also made the agenda of discussion at your CCA.

Historically, there has been a CCA and City of Calgary meeting in the summer but this summer, it did not occur. While the City has been engaged with the CCA in permitting meeting opportunities, results in the form of action from the City continue to be short of oxygen. The most recent meeting was scheduled for Sept 28/17 and was attended by Fabrizio Carinelli.

Stephanie Roll reported on the front of Women in Construction. The annual summer golf tournament was attended by ~100.  This committee is looking for committed members for a time commitment of 5-6 meetings per year.

The Young Construction Leaders are looking to have three sub-committees that consist of Social, Outreach and Education. They are made up of some 35 yr and older members and some 34 yr and under members to participate. Members of YCL are at the count of ~500.

The Alberta Construction Association is getting further notice and attention with the AB gov’t., due to active dialogue and leadership. The ACA has discussed WCB rebate issue where they have been cancelled and the revenue is being rolled into general revenue for the current gov’t. OH&S has become a policing agency. The labour code by current gov’t is changing things so that whatever changes it makes cannot be rolled back should there be a change in the provincial gov’t. Be aware of what your gov’t’s agenda is.

Future Events:
  • The Canadian Construction Association is celebrating its 100th anniversary and will mark this occasion by hosting its annual meeting in Banff on March 12-17 2018.
  • Your CCA Industry Forecast Night will be held at the Sheraton Cavalier Nov 23/17.
CSC Edmonton Chapter

If you have plans to travel to Edmonton in the next couple of months, CSC Edmonton's breakfast meetings in October and November might be of interest:

For more information go to: 

Interior Designers of Alberta events
Chapter Events
September 12, 2017
TTMAC Update

September 13, 2017
3rd Annual Golf Tournament

October 10, 2017
Radon: Is your countertop really radioactive?

November 14, 2017
LEED v.4

December 2017
Christmas Social

January 9, 2018

February 13, 2018
Wood Construction and the ABC

March 13, 2018

March 2018
Connections Café

April 10, 2018
Joint meeting with ABEC and GAMA

May 8, 2018
Annual Chapter Meeting

Chapter Executive
Sylvie Dzikewich, CTR
Tim Simpson
Trevor Devnich
Officer - Spec Writer:
Corinne Golding, FCSC, RSW
Officer - Interiors:
Kirsten Janes
Officer - Manufacturer/Supplier:
Matt Girling
Officer - Trade Contractor:
Tim Simpson
Officer- Education:
Adam Develter, CTR
Calgary Construction Association Liaison:
Larry Shoesmith, CTR
Jonathan Greenland
Sylvie Dzikewich, CTR
Membership Officer:
Corinne Golding, FCSC, RSW
Program Chairman:
Glenn Trost
Jason Gensey
Newsletter Editor:
Corinne Golding, FCSC, RSW
Debbie Lucas
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