October 2018
Message from the Chair

Trevor Devnich

While the scenery is changing outside from various shades of greens, reds, yellows and orange,  inside we are all so occupied with deadlines, meetings and schedules that we forget to take a moment to appreciate what’s going on around us and the colourful details that can make our lives more fulfilling.    
In the design and specification world most things seem black and white, however various colours and definitions are abundant if we take the time to look, listen and learn.  So many times we get bogged down with excess technical jargon and details that we overlook some of the simple items that can make a bigger difference.  As an example, in many specifications I see requirements for Class “A” Fire Rating as per CAN/ULC S107, and in most cases the products named in the specification do not meet this requirement.  We take time to research the various manufacturers' testing standards and qualifications and what makes one manufacturer’s product better or equal to another’s all in black and white, and yet we miss out on the important colourful details that really make the difference.  
If we all keep our blinds closed  and only see black and white, we are missing all the detailed colours around us!  I encourage us all to start looking for the colours we are missing out on and enjoy the beauty that this time of year brings.

“A smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again.  But a wise man finds
a smart man and learns from him how to avoid the mistake altogether.”

I am
October Meeting

Sustainability Programs - how are they changing the design and built world?

Please join us on Tuesday, October 9 to hear guest speaker Chris Bierschank, Sustainability Manager with Mapei Americas discuss the effect sustainability programs have on project stakeholders.
  • Flooring Installation systems of today are not the same as a few years ago.  Programs such as LEED v4, Living Building Challenge and Delos WELL Building Standard have challenged both the building product manufacturer and the installer to re-think the entire floor covering installation layering system. The trend away from recycled content and regional manufacturing to product ‘transparency’ (reducing hazardous ingredients and minimizing pollution and waste) requires manufacturers to effectively communicate this data by way of programs such as Health Product Declarations (HPD), Cradle to Cradle (C2C), Manufacturer Inventory (MI), Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) and ANSI A138.1 GreenSquared Certified  and VOC emission (In-house or third-party certified per CA-DPH; Section 01350). As ‘transparency’ becomes the ‘new norm’ for doing business,  it requires all stakeholders to make informed decisions —based both on performance and product transparency.
As a LEED Green Associate and member of USGBC National & Florida Chapter, the International Living Future Institute (ILFI), CSI and CSC, Chris assists the A&D community to ensure that products meet both performance and transparency requirements of a variety of sustainable design programs.  As a member of MAPEI’s Technical Services Department, Cris works closely with training and documentation to ensure our sustainable message is clearly conveyed to our customers.  In his 30+ years of experience in field engineering and training, he has collaborated on projects all around the world in the HVAC, Construction, Industrial sectors and for the past 15 years he has applied this knowledge to the flooring industry. 

Please invite a coworker or colleague and introduce them to CSC! Join us at the Winston Club, 2502 - 6th Street NE, at 5:30 p.m. for a meet and greet, followed by dinner and presentation. 
Happy Retirement, Steve Revay!
After 41 years with Revay and Associates Limited ("RAL") Steve Revay, FCSC, life member has decided to retire.

In August 1977, six years after graduating from university, Steve joined RAL in Montreal. Two years later Steve was transferred to Calgary to help Tom Watts establish the Calgary office of RAL. In 1988, Steve was named Branch Manager of the Calgary office. In 1990 with assistance from Al Morgan, Steve started the Vancouver RAL office. In the mid-nineties Steve was named VP Western Region, a position he held until his transition to retirement.

Steve is most appreciative of the firm's support that allowed him to be an active volunteer with Construction Specifications Canada.  This support enabled him to serve as Calgary Chapter Chair, Trustee CSC Alberta Section Training Trust Fund, Director and President 1995/1996. 
During his term as Vice-President - Education, Steve set up the Education Certification Committee and successfully launched the Certified Technical Representative program.  Steve says he is far richer in personal growth, industry knowledge and friendships as a result of those volunteer activities. Steve takes this opportunity to thank CSC for naming him to the College of Fellows and awarding him a Life Member, and says "I am CSC"!!

Editor's note: Personally, I will always remember Steve's generosity to CSC, his willingness to share his insight and expertise, and his sage advice to "RTFC" the FULL contract!

On behalf of CSC Calgary, we wish Steve and Janine many years of good health and happiness, many enjoyable trips to Palm Springs, and much fun as grandparents.
Tidbits from a recent ARCA
technical meeting

Tom Newton, CCCA

ARCA will be holding its second Rooferama for design and specification consultants at the ARCA on November 21, 2018.  For those not familiar with Rooferama it is speed dating but more fun because it is about roofing.  Consultants are divided into small groups and paired with various roofing suppliers and manufacturers.  The manufacturers/suppliers make an approximately seven minute presentation and then there is a short discussion/question and answer session then each group of consultants moves on to the next presentation.  This is a great opportunity to learn about a number of roofing systems and products in half a day with breakfast and lunch included and it’s free to consultants.  If you haven't registered call ARCA today at 403-250-7055.
A heads up:  The British Columbia construction health and safety government organization has started to review MSDS for various products used in some types of roof assemblies.  The word on the street is that some products contain chemicals that may be carcinogenic or have other ill effects and thus the contact time for installers and PPE requirements may be regulated in the near future.  As you can imagine this could have many implications for our choice of roof systems and installation methods.  If the trend is set in BC it will probably spread to the rest of the country eventually.
The 2015 National Building Code has adopted CSA A123.21, A Standard Test Method for the Dynamic Wind Uplift Resistance of Membrane-Roofing Systems.  As the new Alberta Building Code will follow the 2015 National Building Code, this will be a new requirement.  Once released, the ARCA will be able to provide educational sessions on the new standard.
The National Research Council is currently working on a new standard for Photovoltaic Roof Assemblies (PVRA).  The consortium consists of members of the roofing community and solar industry from across Canada, whose collaborative goal is to produce a new CSA standard.  There will be more on this subject in the future.
Updated CSC Chapter Website

Please check out the revamped CSC Chapter website at  for information about upcoming events, education and sponsorship opportunities, and more.  There are links to the Chapter executive if you want to get in touch, and links to the latest and archived newsletters.  Let us know what else you'd like to see!

Thanks to webmasters Matt Girling and Peter Hiebert for their work!
4th Annual CSC Calgary
Golf Tournament

It was cold and windy, but 49 golfers braved the weather made the best of it.  Congratulations to Sylvie Dzikewich for longest drive, and longest putt.  Thank you to our volunteers: CSC members Peter Hiebert, Pamela Jenkins, Tim Simpson, and Kim Clark; and CCA members Rob Cote and Terrence Patrick.   Thanks to the following sponsors for supporting our golf tournament! 

Continuing Education
Adam Develter, CTR

Calgary Chapter is hoping to host the Technical Representative (TR) course this fall.  If you're interested, please contact Adam Develter for more information.  

The TR course  will provide a better understanding of contract documents and bidding procedures, product representation, professionalism, and ethics, and will provide a new depth of understanding and explanation of concepts beyond what was previously introduced in the PCD course.

The course is designed for the individual involved in the supply section of the construction industry such as manufacturer representatives, agents or distributors of products. Prerequisite: Successful completion of the PCD course.

Member News and New Members
Peter Hiebert, FCSC CTR

CSC Calgary Chapter membership is 131 members. 

Welcome back, William Thompson, instructor at SAIT.  Will was previously a member from 2006 to 2012, and can be reached at
Don’t forget to take advantage of networking with the industry at the next CSC Event.

Membership has its benefits:
  • Networking at chapter meetings
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Education courses
  • Certification programs
  • Subscription to Construction Canada magazine
  • CSC Directory of Members
  • Member rate at annual conference
  • Advertising and promotional opportunities
  • Group insurance rates
  • Access documents including master specs, CCDC contracts and guides, and more
Did you know, for every new member a CSC member sponsors, a $10 credit will be put towards the sponsoring member's annual dues?  It's a win-win!
Updated ASTM F2170 Reflects the Newest Science about RH Testing

For years now, the in situ relative humidity (RH) test for measuring the moisture condition of concrete has been shown to be the most reliable, accurate test available.
As far back as the 1960s, laboratories at the Portland Cement Association conducted controlled tests that verified the accuracy of RH testing. This research was followed by years of additional testing at Lund University in Sweden and elsewhere. In 2002, ASTM International first established the F2170 standard for conducting RH tests on concrete slabs..
The research confirmed two key discoveries:

  • An RH test’s accuracy is dependent on taking a measurement of the moisture below the surface of the slab.
  • The RH percentage at a specific depth indicates the actual amount of moisture that the finished floor product will “see” once the flooring installation is completed.

 Other methods typically involve taking measurements only at the surface of the slab. As the research has found, a surface-based moisture test can’t provide an accurate measure of a slab’s true moisture condition. That’s because it doesn’t account for the moisture conditions deeper within the slab, and those conditions are typically quite different than conditions at the surface.

The Standard Evolves as the Science Tells Us More
The initial ASTM F2170 for in situ RH testing was established in 2002, after continuing research at Scandinavian universities in the 1990s identified the exact specifications for conducting a reliably accurate RH test—placing the test probe at 40 percent depth for slabs poured on grade or 20 percent for slabs drying from both sides. After these scientifically-validated specifications were firmly established, ASTM International published a usable standard.
Until now, the ASTM F2170 standard has required a 72-hour waiting period between drilling the test holes where the RH probes are placed and taking official RH measurements. In practice, readings are often taken before the 72 hours has passed, so contractors have an idea of how things are trending. But because the official readings couldn’t be taken before 72 hours, that meant all decisions and work were basically on hold for those three days. Full stop.

Yet we’ve seen how the research on the RH test method has helped to refine our understanding of how best to use it. This trend continues. In 2014, a Precision and Bias (P&B) study, commissioned by the ASTM committee, tested for differences in RH readings at various intervals within the 72-hour period. In part, the idea was to assess if it is actually necessary to wait the full 72 hours for an accurate, actionable moisture readings.
The P&B study results clearly documented that readings taken at the 24-hour mark were statistically equivalent to those taken at the 72-hour mark. They weren’t identical, but the differences were statistically insignificant.
This is big news.
So big that the P&B results motivated the ASTM F2170 committee to revise and publish an updated F2170 standard reflecting these new findings.
Two Full Days Shaved Off Your Project Schedule

Now instead of putting things on hold for three full days while waiting for test results, contractors and flooring installers can take action in a day and be in full compliance with the F2170 standard. After properly inserting the RH probes into the concrete slab, general contractors and flooring professionals can expect to make decisions on how to move forward in just 24 hours.
If the 24-hour reading shows the concrete slab is still retaining too much moisture, mitigation steps can be taken immediately to accelerate the drying process. If the 24-hour reading shows that the slab’s moisture condition is within manufacturer specifications for the finished floor products, then the flooring installation can begin right away. Either way, no more sitting on your hands an extra 48 hours to satisfy the ASTM F2170 requirements.
With the updated ASTM standard, contractors can now shave two days off any project schedule, just by ensuring the RH test is specified for the project. No other test method is as fast or as reliable. As we’ve seen, surface-based tests don’t yield reliable results because they don’t take into account the moisture conditions deeper down.

The science validating the RH test as the more accurate and reliable test for concrete moisture continues to pile up. And now, with the updated ASTM F2170 standard reducing the RH test time by a full two days, your project’s timeline can benefit from the science too.  

Editor's Note: This article, written by Jason Spangler, was originally published in Concrete Contractor (June/July 2018 issue) and on the Wagner Meter's Blog as 'Updated ASTM F2170 Reflects the Newest Science about RH Testing' 

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For only $125 you receive:
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To book your sponsorship, contact Pamela Jenkins, or Jen Metcalfe
Other industry events
Interior Designers of Alberta
The 2018 Urban Encounters - Calgary
Thursday, October 4, 2018 - 4:00 - 8:00 pm
BMO Centre Stampede Park, Calgary

CSC Edmonton
Tuesday, October 9 - breakfast meeting - same as CSC Calgary's dinner meeting on the same date

Professional Interior Designers Institute of Manitoba
Manitoba Design Expo
Thursday, October 11, 2018
Centennial Ballroom
Victoria Inn Hotel and Convention Centre
1808 Wellington Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Terrazzo, Tile & Marble Association of Canada (TTMAC) 
Meet and Greet Mixer

Chop Steak House - 6605 MacLeod Trail SW Calgary Alberta
October 25, 2018, from 5:30 to 10 p.m.

Alberta Roofing Contractors Association (ARCA)
ROOFERAMA is back! Wednesday, November 21, 2018 from 8:30 to 12:30 at the ARCA training centre at 2380 Pegasus Road NE.  To register click here: ROOFERAMA
Chapter Events

September 11, 2018
LED Lighting vs Traditional Lighting

September 12, 2018
4th Annual Golf Tournament

October 9, 2018
Sustainability Programs - how are they changing the design and built world?

November 13, 2018
Calgary Construction Association - what the CCA can do for you!

December 11, 2018
Christmas Social

January 8, 2019
ARCA - standards manual, roof warranties and more - breakfast meeting

February 12, 2019
Stay tuned

February 27, 2019
Connections Cafe and Ignite Orientation

March 2019
Ignite Student Design Awards Night

April 9, 2019
Joint meeting with ABEC and GAMA

May 14, 2019
Annual Chapter Meeting

Meeting dates and topics subject to change

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